White House Office of Records Management Subject Files: Personnel Management (PE)

This primary category contains material relating to the general subject of Federal Government employees and the Federal Civil Service such as the merit system, investigations, standards, nepotism, personnel activities, incentive awards program and separations. (Partial)

File Code Description Research

Employee Relations – Activities (Federal)

PE001-01 Political Activities by Federal Personnel Partial
PE002 Employment – Appointments Partial
PE002-01 Nominations, Federal Partial
PE002-01 Schedule C Appointments Partial
PE003 Health – Safety Partial
PE004 Hours of Duty, Federal Employees Partial
PE005 Insurance, Federal Employees Partial
PE006 Investigations, Federal Personnel Partial
PE007 Leave, Federal Employees Partial
PE008 Salaries – Wages Partial
PE008-01 Cabinet Salary None
PE008-02 Congressional Salary Partial
PE008-03 Federal Civil Service Employees Salary Partial
PE008-04 Judicial Salary None
PE008-05 Presidential Salary None
PE008-06 Vice President’s Salary None

Separations, Federal Personnel

PE010 Training - Orientation Partial

Research Availability:
Open - all records in the subject category have been processed and are available for research
Partial - some of the records in the subject category have been processed and available for research
None - no records in the subject category have been processed nor made available for research