Azusa Pacific College May 5, 1973
Ben-Gurion University Honorary Doctoral Degree June 10, 1987
Eureka College1957
Galway College, National University, Ireland Honorary Doctor of Laws June 2, 1984
Georgetown UniversityHonorary Doctor of Humane Letters1988
Halas University Honorary Doctoral Degree in Professional Football 1985
Hastings College Doctor of Communications Honoris Causa 1988
Lewis University Honorary Doctor of Humanities October 16, 1984
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters May 18, 1990
Notre Dame Honorary Doctor of Law May 17, 1981
Pepperdine University Honorary Doctoral Degree 1970
Seton Hall Honorary Doctor of Laws March 21, 1985
St. John’s University Honorary Doctor of Laws March 28, 1985
Tel Aviv University Doctor of Philosophiae Honoris Causa February 25, 1990
Tuskegee University Honorary Doctor of Laws May 10, 1987
University of South Carolina Honorary Doctor of LawsSeptember 20, 1983
Weizmann Institute of Science Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa October 17, 1985
Westminster College Honorary Doctor of Law1990
World Academy of Arts and Culture Honorary Doctor of Humanities 1982
Yeshiva University Honorary Doctoral Degree December 18, 1986