Nancy Davis Reagan’s first acting roles were on the stage, the most notable as Lady-In-Waiting Si-Tchun in the Broadway musical Lute Song. She moved to Hollywood to pursue a film career and in 1949 began to appear in television and movie roles.  Even after her marriage to Ronald Reagan, she was credited as Nancy Davis, her screen name. Below is a list of all of her known professional acting appearances, 1949-1962. 

The Philco Television Playhouse - Ramshackle Inn (Season 1: Episode 14). Starred: Zasu Pitts (Belinda Pryde) and Joe Downing (Patton).  Nancy Davis had a small role in this production. Aired: 01/02/1949. A spinster librarian saves her money for 20 years and buys a dilapidated – and haunted – hotel by the ocean.  Adapted from the George Batson play, which originally ran from January-July 1944 at the Royale Theatre (now the Jacobs), starring Zasu Pitts. 

The Dr. and the Girl. Released: 09/29/1949.  With Glenn Ford (Dr. Michael Corday), Charles Coburn (Dr. John Corday), Janet Leigh (Evelyn “Taffy” Heldon), Gloria DeHaven (Fabienne Corday), Warner Anderson (George Esmond), Nancy Davis (Mariette Corday Esmond).

East Side West Side. Released: 12/22/1949. With Barbara Stanwyck (Jessie Bourne), James Mason (Brandon Bourne), Ava Gardner (Isabelle Lorrison), Van Heflin (Mark Dwyer), Cyd Charisse (Rosa Senta), Nancy Davis (Helen Lee).

Shadow on the Wall.Released: 05/19/1950. With Ann Southern (Dell Faring), Zachary Scott (David Starling), Gigi Perreau (Susan Starling), Nancy Davis (Dr. Caroline Canford), Christine Miller (Celia Starling).

The Next Voice You Hear.  Released: 11/11/1950. With James Whitmore (Joe Smith), Nancy Davis (Mary Smith), Gary Gray (Johnny Smith)

Night into Morning. Released: 06/08/1951. With Ray Milland (Philip Ainley), John Hodiak (Tom Lawry), Nancy Davis (Katherine Mead), Jean Hagen (Girl Next Door)

It’s a Big Country: An American Anthology. Released: 11/20/1951. Cast included Ethel Barrymore (Mrs. Brian Patrick Riordan), Gary Cooper (Texas), Nancy Davis (Miss Coleman), Van Johnson (Reverend Adam Burch), Gene Kelly (Icarus Xenophon), Janet Leigh (Rosa Szabo), Marjorie Main (Mrs. Wrenley), Fredric March (Joe Esposito), George Murphy (Mr. Callaghan), William Powell (Professor), S. Z. Sakall (Stefan Szabo), James Whitmore (Mr. Stacy), Keenan Wynn (Michael Fisher).  The movie spotlights eight episodes covering a cross section of the American experience.  Nancy Reagan starred in “Four Eyes” (episode 8) as Miss Coleman, an elementary school teacher who notices her student may need glasses.  The boy’s father, Italian-American immigrant Joe Esposito resists the notion.

Shadow in the Sky. Released: February 1952 and 07/18/1952 (NYC, NY). With Ralph Meeker (Burt), Nancy Davis (Betty Hopke), James Whitmore (Lou Hopke), Jean Hagen (Stella Murphy).

Talk About a Stranger. Released: 04/18/1952.  With George Murphy (Robert Fontaine Sr.), Nancy Davis (Marge Fontaine), Billy Gray (Robert Fontaine Jr.)

The Ford Television Theatre – The First Born (Season 1: Episode 19). Aired:  02/05/1953. With Ronald Reagan (Dr. David Glenn), Nancy Davis (Laura Glenn), Tommy Rettig (Robin Glenn).

Donovan’s Brain. Released: 09/30/1953. With Lew Ayres (Dr. Patrick J. Cory), Gene Evans (Dr. Frank Schratt), Nancy Davis (Janice Cory).

Schlitz Playhouse – Twenty-Two Sycamore Road (Season 2: Episode 40). Aired 06/05/1953. With Willard Parker (Ron Gage), Nancy Davis (Nan Gage).

Schlitz Playhouse – The Pearl Street Incident (Season 3: Episode 37). Aired: 05/14/1954. With Nancy Davis (Helen), Ted de Corsia, Bill Kennedy, Maudie Prickett.

Climax! – Bailout at 43,000 Feet (Season 2: Episode 15). Aired: 12/29/1955. With Richard Boone (Col. Hughes), Charlton Heston (Lt. Paul Peterson), Lee Marvin (Capt. Cavallero), Nancy Davis (Carol Peterson), Bart Burns.

General Electric Theater – That’s the Man! (Season 4: Episode 29). Aired: 04/15/1956. With Ray Milland (Russel Kent), Nancy Davis (Evelyn Kent).

Hellcats of the Navy. Released: May 1957. With Ronald Reagan (Cmdr. Casey Abbot), Nancy Davis (Nurse Lt. Helen Blair), Arthur Franz (Lt. Cmdr. Don Landon), Harry Lauter (Lt. Wes Barton).

Crash Landing (Working Title was Rescue at Sea). Released: July 1958. With Gary Merrill (Capt. Steve Williams), Nancy Davis (Helen Williams), Roger Smith (John Smithback), Sheridan Comerate (Howard Whitney), Jewell Lain (Ann Thatcher), Irene Hervey (Bernice Willouby), Lewis Martin (Maurice Stanley).

General Electric Theater – A Turkey for the President (Season 7: Episode 10). Aired: 11/23/1958. With Ward Bond, Joanne Davis, Tom Nolan, Nancy Davis, Charles Seel, Warren Wade.

General Electric Theater – The Playoff (Season 9: Episode 9). Aired: 11/20/1960. With Dana Andrews (Carl Anderson), Denny Miller (Bud Hastings), Ryan O’Neal (Art Anderson), Nancy Davis (Betty Anderson), Carl Benton Reid (Clyde Thompson), Vin Scully (Sports Announcer).

Zane Grey Theater – The Long Shadow (Season 5: Episode 15). Aired: 01/19/1961. With Ronald Reagan (Maj. Will Sinclair), Nancy Davis (Amy Lawson), Walter Sande (Sgt. Luke Muldey), Scott Marlowe (Jimmy Budd), Roberta Shore (Laurie Lawson).

The Tall Man – Shadow of the Past (Season 2: Episode 5). Aired: 10/07/1961. With Barry Sullivan (Pat Garrett), Clu Gulager (Billy the Kid), Nancy Davis (Sarah Wiley), Charles Aidman (Ben Wiley), Barbara Parkins (Sue Wiley), Mark Tapscott (The Deputy).

General Electric Theater – Money and the Minister(Season 10: Episode 11). 11/26/1961. With Ronald Reagan (Rev. Theodore Carlisle), Nancy Davis (Vicky Carlisle) Sally Dwight (Jaye P. Morgan), Fay Wray (Mrs. Bassett), Gary Merrill (John Dwight), Lillian Bronson (Mrs. Willard).

The Dick Powell Theater – Obituary for Mr. X (Season 1: Episode 18). Aired: 01/23/1962. With Steve Cochran (Obie Roberts), Gary Merrill (Harry Sellers), Dina Merrill (Carol Manson), Nancy Davis (Flora Roberts), John Ireland (Earl Green), Eduard Franz (Prisoner).

87th Precinct – King’s Ransom (Season 1: Episode 21). Aired: 02/19/1962. With Robert Lansing (Det. Steve Carella), Ron Harper (Det. Bert Kling), Gregory Walcott (Det. Roger Havilland), Norman Fell (Det. Meyer Meyer), Charles McGraw (Douglas King), Nancy Davis (Diane King).

Wagon Train – The Sam Darland Story (Season 6: Episode 15). Aired 12/26/1962. With John McIntire (Christopher Hale), Frank McGrath (Charlie Wooster), Terry Wilson (Bill Hawks), Art Linkletter (Sam Darland), Nancy Davis (Mrs. Baxter), Billy Mumy (Toddy), Rusty Stephens (Johnny), Steve Ritch (Red Cloud).