Nancy Reagan attends a "Just Say No" Rally in California in 1985.


May 16, 1981Mississippi Christening of Guided Missile Cruiser
June 18-19, 1981New York City Prince Charles Visit
July 23, 1981LondonRoyal Wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles
October 20, 1981New York CityAnti-drug Program; Attend Joffrey Ballet


Febraury 16, 1982Florida, TexasVisit Elementary School re Drug Program; Visit Straight, Inc; Texan’s War on Drugs
March 2, 1982Los AngelesVisit Children's Hospital
April 1, 1982Georgia Visit Elementary School re Drug Program; attend Parents Conference re Drug Program
May 10, 1982IllinoisGateway House Drug Program; Address Northwestern University
May 17, 1982New York CityAttend Premiere of Annie
August 5, 1982Iowa, TexasYouth and Shelter Services; Parents Groups; WHO Broadcast; Palmer Drug Abuse Program Conference
September 18, 1982Monaco Attend Funeral of Princess Grace
September 27, 1982Mississippi, Alabama, ArkansasAttend First Annual Governor’s Conference on Drug Awareness; Meet with Drug Research and Education Association of Mississippi
October 5, 1982Los AngelesPromote her Book To Love a Child
October 22, 1982Missouri Attend Funeral of Bess Truman
October 28, 1982New YorkFoster Grandparents Program
December 1, 1982New YorkHonored for Involvement in Anti-Drug Program and Foster Grandparents Program, Salvation Army Luncheon


Date TripEVENT
January 3, 1983Los AngelesDedication of Exceptional Children Foundation Headquarters
January 24, 1983New YorkAttend “Treasures of the Vatican” Exhibit
February 7, 1983New YorkAttend Newsweek Anniversary Party
February 27, 1983California Visit by British Royal Family
March 10, 1983Los AngelesTaping of Diff’rent Strokes TV episode re Anti-Drug Program
April 13, 1983PittsburghChemical People Taping re Anti-Drug Program
May 1, 1983CaliforniaReceive Honorary Degree from Pepperdine University, Malibu
May 4, 1983New YorkReceive Award from Phoenix House, re Anti-Drug Program
August 11, 1983 Denver Visit CENIKOR, re Anti-Drug Program
August 23, 1983Los Angeles Visit John Tracy Clinic, re Anti-Drug Program
September 10, 1983PhoenixAssociation for Retarded Citizens Event
October 11, 1983New YorkCo-host Good Morning America re Anti-Drug Program; Unveil Ad Campaign against Drugs
December 15, 1983New YorkVisit Korean Children Recovering from Heart Surgery


February 14, 1984 Seattle, St. LouisVisit Elementary School re Anti-Drug Program; “Chemical People” Luncheon; Care Unit Visit
February 21, 1984 New YorkHonored by Rotary International
March 12, 1984 Texas, Los Angeles Houston Magic Circle Women’s Republican Club; Tape HOUR Magazine Show re Anti-Drug Program
April 12, 1984 Louisiana, Michigan, PennsylvaniaAttend National Association of Elementary School Principals; Alcohol Abuse Discussion and Lunch
May 22, 1984 New YorkHonored at Girls Club of New York Dinner; Interviews
June 19, 1984 Nevada, ArizonaFoster Grandparents Event; PTA Convention; Kiwanis International Convention
July 4, 1984 California Vsit Elementary School re Anti-Drug Program; Lions Club Event re Anti-Drug Program
July 10, 1984 New JerseyVisit YMCA Camp re Anti-Drug Program
September 4, 1984 California, Colorado, Oregon, WashingtonVisit High School and Elementary Schools re Anti-Drug Program; Visit Drug Clinic; Dedication of Care Unit
September 17, 1984 Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, PennsylvaniaLions; Straight Inc.; Visit Junior High School; Visit High School
October 10-12, 1984 South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, TexasVisit Elementary Schools re Anti-Drug Program
October 15, 1984 New YorkVisit International Center for the Disabled
October 22, 1984 California1984 Campaign Events; Visit Children’s Hospital
October 29, 1984 Tennessee, Illinois, IowaAnti-Drug Program Events
November 3, 1984 Kentucky, Georgia Louisiana, MississippiVisit to Handicapped Children’s Hospital


January 8, 1985 New YorkDo Public Service Announcement for Cerebral Palsy; Meet Poster Child
March 12, 1985 Oklahoma, Los AngelesOperation Aware Event; Drug, Alcohol, and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Field Trip; Honored at USO Dinner
April 15, 1985 New YorkReceived Award from National Fitness Foundation
April 25, 1985 GeorgiaTravel with 18 other First Ladies from Various Countries, as Part of First Ladies’ Conference on Drug Abuse
May 2, 1985 RomeAudience with Pope John Paul II
June 17, 1985 New YorkCovenant House Event re Anti-Drug Program; Opening of Harlem Dance Theater
July 17, 1985 VirginiaOvernight Stay on USS America, for Tour and Anti-Drug Briefing
July 25, 1985 OhioAnti-Drug Program Trip; Attend Second Annual Youth to Youth Conference
August 8, 1985 MassachusettsAnti-Drug Program; Bentley College Rap Session with Peers Educating Peers Seminar
September 6, 1985 CaliforniaTape Public Service Announcements; Receive Award from Entertainment Industry Council
September 23, 1985 MexicoVisit Earthquake Victims
October 20, 1985 New YorkFirst Lady to First Lady Conference on Drug Abuse, at United Nations (President Joined Her)
November 5, 1985 New YorkReceive Award from United Cerebral Palsy Foundation
November 24, 1985 California“Just Say No” Rally; Pros For Kids Dinner (President Joined Her)


February 11, 1986 MissouriVisit CENIKOR (Following Time with President at Ranch)
March 20, 1986 GeorgiaAttend Annual PRIDE Conference
May 2, 1986 Malaysia, Thailand
May 18, 1986 MassachusettsOpen Annenberg Library and Communication Center at Pine Manor College
June 23, 1986 Texas, Los AngelesAccept Kiwanis Award; Honored by World Affairs Council
July 8, 1986 New YorkView a Performance at the Met
July 20, 1986 LondonAttend Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Royal Wedding
September 17, 1986 New York Visit Phoenix House
September 25, 1986 Pennsylvania“Chemical People” Anti-Drug Program
October 1, 1986 MissouriAnti-Drug Program Event; United Negro College Fund Event
October 29, 1986 San FranciscoThird Annual “Pros for Kids”
November 6, 1986 New YorkAttend Charles C. Dana Foundation Event (Anti-Drug Program)
November 17, 1986 New YorkHonored by American Sportscasters Association for Anti-Drug Program
November 25, 1986 NebraskaVisit Boys Town re Anti-Drug Program


February 10, 1987 Los AngelesVisit Elementary School re Anti-Drug Program
March 9, 1987 GeorgiaAttend PRIDE conference
March 9, 1987 New YorkHonored at Metropolitan for Support of the Arts
March 24, 1987 Florida Visit TPC Village, re Anti-Drug Program
May 7, 1987 LouisianaAttend Just Say No Rally
May 12, 1987 Los AngelesAttend Just Say No Rally and Volunteers of America Event
June 6, 1987 SwedenAnti-Drug Conference
June 25, 1987 New OrleansAttend Just Say No Rally
July 28, 1987 MaineVisit Agassiz Village; Summer Camp for Handicapped Children
September 16, 1987Los AngelesMeet with Pope John Paul II, and Schoolchildren, re Anti-Drug Program
October 7, 1987 ChicagoHonored at Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities Dinner
October 16, 1987 New HampshireAttend Foster Grandparents Conference
November 11, 1987 New YorkAttend US Debut of Pianist Vladimir Feltsman


January 7, 1988 TennesseeFoster Grandparents Program Event; Anti-Drug Program at Elementary School; Receive Award from the Country Music Association
January 11, 1988 New YorkReceive CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Award
February 4-5, 1988 Indiana Visit High School Anti-Drug Program; Attend “Just Say No Night” a Basketball Game
February 24-26, 1988 New YorkAttending Tribute to James Stewart
March 21, 1988 New YorkAttend Performance of Phantom of the Opera
April 13, 1988 GeorgiaAttend PRIDE Conference
April 29, 1988-May 2, 1988 CaliforniaNancy Reagan Center
June 8, 1988 Florida Attend Foster Grandparents Jamboree
October 4, 1988 New YorkAttend Dedication of Nancy Reagan Cardiac Wing at St. Francis Hospital (where Korean children had surgery)
October 15, 1988 Los AngelesWorld Series Events: Anti-Drug Ceremony, Throwing Out First Pitch, Game One
October 25, 1988 New York Address United Nations General Assembly re: Drugs
October 30, 1988 Los AngelesReceive Award from Simon Wiesenthal Center for Anti-Drug Efforts
December 6, 1988 New YorkIncluded in Mikhail Gorbachev visit (President Reagan Arrived Separately)