President Reagan Meeting with the Economic Policy Advisory Board in 1981

President Reagan with Chairman Murray Weidenbaum (to the right of Reagan) meeting with the Economic Policy Advisory Board in 1981

The following list of Staff Members contains everyone mentioned in the U.S. Government Manual (1981-1989), the Federal Staff Directory (1982, 1984-1988), the Federal Yellow Book (10/82), the Federal Executive Directory (9/87), and White House Telephone Directories (1983, 1984-1986, 1988). 

Chairmen and Members are listed in chronological order, everyone else is listed in alphabetical order under their title.


Weidenbaum, Murray L January 1981-December 1981
Feldstein, Martin August 1982-July 1984
Sprinkel, Beryl  February 1985-August 1988


Jordan, Jerry L. May 1981-July 1982
Niskanen, William A. March 1981-November 1984
Poole VII, William October 1982-November 1984
Moore, Thomas Gale May 1985-August 1988
Mussa, Michael L. July 1986-August 1988

Special Assistant to the Chairman

Burnham, James December 1981-December 1983
Carliner, Geoffrey O.October 1982-July 1984
Haraf, William November 1984
Hemel, Eric October 1982
Machol, Margot  November 1985-August 1988

Senior Staff Economist

Anderson, Lincoln F. October 1982-August 1986
Antos, Joseph R. November 1985-December 1985
Battem, Dallas S. November 1985-December 1985
Boehm, William T. December 1981
Carliner, Geoffrey O.  November 1983
Casse, Marshall L. December 1981
Chambers, Robert G. November 1985-August 1986
Clarida, Richard  December 1986-October 1987
Danker, Deborah J. December 1987
DeCamio, Stephen  December 1986-September 1987
Feldman, Roger November 1984
Frankel, Jeffrey  November 1983-July 1984
Freeman, Richard November 1984
Germany, David  August 1986-September 1987
Grinols, Earl L. December 1987-August 1988
Grundfest, Joseph A. November 1984-November 1985
Hahn, Robert W. December 1987-August 1988
Hakkio, Craig S. December 1987-August 1988
Halpert, Stephen October 1983-July 1984
Haraf, William October 1983-November 1984
Henderson, David  October 1982-July 1984
Holen, Arlene S. November 1985-August 1988
Husted, Steven L.  December 1986-September 1987
Kelleher, Robert E December 1985-August 1986
Kotlikoff, Laurence September 1981-May 1982
Kniesner, Thomas J. October 1982
Krugman, Paul R. October 1982-October 1983
Kwerel, Evan R. October 1982-October
LaLonde, Robert December 1987-August 1988
Leisenring, Carol M. November 1985-December 1986
Lindsey, Lawrence B. October 1983-July 1984
McCaleb, Thomas S. October 1982-October 1983
McNees, Stephen K. October 1982
Maringer, Randall  December 1986-September 1987
Mutti, John H. November 1985-August 1986
Nelson, Glenn  October 1982
Quester, Alice December 1986
Rausser, Gordon December 1986-September 1987
Sidek, Greg August 1986-September 1987
Slimrod, Joel  November 1984
Smith, Thomas A. December 1987-August 1988
Stone, Joe November 1984
Strenio, Andrew J. December 1981
Stuart, Charles, E. November 1985-December 1985
Summers, Lawrence H. October 1982
Sumner, Daniel  December 1987-August 1988
Taylor, Peter September 1987-August 1988
Thompson, Robert  November 1983-November 1984
Throop, Adrian W.  October 1982
Utgoff, Kathleen October 1983-November 1984
Villanueva, Robert S. October 1982-November 1984
Woodward, Susan E. November 1985-September 1987
Zimmerman, Martin B. November 1985-December 1985
Zycher, Benjamin October 1982

Junior Staff Economists

Asher, Martin A. December 1981
Barlerin, Peter  December 1987-August 1988
Berg, Alexander November 1984
Berg, Andrew November 1983)
Bizer, David S.  November 1985-August 1986
Bonser-Neal, Catherine  November 1985-August 1986
Braun, Philip A. November 1985-August 1986
Cameron, Leslie August 1987-August 1988
Filardo, Andrew December 1987-August 1988
Furbush, Dean November 1985-August 1986
Furchtgott-Roth, Diana  December 1986-September 1987
Greenspun, Suzanne November 1983
Gullason, Edward  December 198
Hewitt, Julie December 1987-August 1988
Hilberg, Ann November 1984
Hughes-Cromwick, Ellen November 1985-December 1986
Ifshin, Gail  October 1983-July 1984
Irwin, Douglas December 1986-September 1987
Jensen, Elizabeth J. December 1981
Kleit, Andrew November 1984
Kroszner, Randall December 1987-August 1988
Lutz, Mark November 1984
Milberg, William  November 1983-July 1984
Myers, Andrew November 1983
Navratic, John July 1984-November 1984
O'Connell, Stephen A.  December 1981
Romer, David H. December 1981
Rose, Marjorie December 1986-September 1987
Rumbaugh, Thomas November 1984
Schorin, Charles November 1983-July 1984
Schuh, Scott  December 1987-August 1988
Turner, Robert W. December 1981
Williams, Darrell December 1986-September 1987

Staff Economist

Brooks, Stephen H. December 1981
Gomez-Ibanez, Jose A. December 1981
Carliner, Geoffrey O. December 1981
Koromzay, Val  December 1981
Leone, Robert A December 1981
McKee, Michael J December 1981
Meyer, Robert H. October 1983
Monroe, David December 1981
Nelson, Susan C. December 1981
Quick, Perry  December 1981
Sachse, Elinor Y. December 1981

Senior Statistician

Furlong, Catherine H. December 1981-August 1988

Statistical Assistant

Miller, Deborah D.December 1985-December 1987
Reilly, Linda A. December 1981-August 1988
Rentfro, Natalie V. December 1981-August 1988
Sibel, Barbara L. October 1983-July 1984

Research Assistant

Caple, Anne H. December 1985
Dziak, Jack December 1987
Greenspun, Suzanne July 1984
Myers, Andrew  July 1984
Philopoulos, Rhonda August 1986
Singer, John E.  December 1985
Teichner, William December 1987-August 1988

Student Assistant

Ambrosia, Lorraine December 1985
Hopkins, Hannah August 1986

Staff Assistant

Kaminsky, Elizabeth December 1981-August 1988

Administrative Assistant

Fibich, Mary Catherine October 1983-August 1988

Secretary/Staff Support

Bazarnick, Carolyn L.  October 1983
Branch, Lisa August 1986-August 1988
Brown, Bonnie D. December 1985-August 1986
Byrne, Patricia July 1984
Carlson, Audrey December 1985-August 1986
Fiester, Nancy L. December 1985
Jones, Mary E. December 1987-August 1988
Lafakis, Bessie M.  October 1983-December 1985
Lee, Patricia October 1983-July 1984
Lindsey, Susan A. October 1983
Medwid, Sandra F.  August 1986-August 1988
Moat, Sheila J.  August 1986
Obermiller, Francine  December 1987-August 1988
O'Connor, Georgia A. December 1981-July 1984
Robinson, Lisa D December 1985
Rogers, Rosemary October 1983-December 1985
Snyder, Margaret December 1983-August 1988
Sturniolo, Lillie M. October 1983
Tudor, Suzanne M.  July 1984-August 1988
Williams, Alice (12/81-8/88) December 1981-August 1988

Title Unknown

DeNaut, James A August 1988
Frisch, Daniel J. October 1982-October 1983
Garcia, Gerry August 1988
Landfeld, Steven J. August 1988
Plous, Steven August 1988