03/13/1981-03/15/1984New York CityNYWestway Highway Project
05/17/ 1981South BendINNotre Dame University Commencement Address
05/27/1981West PointNYU.S. Military Academy Commencement Address
06/24/1981San AntonioTXSpeech, Jaycees Convention
06/24/1981-06/26/1981Los AngelesCASpeech, Central City and California Taxpayers' Association
06/28/1981-06/29/1981Los AngelesCA
06/29/1981DenverCOSpeech, Annual Convention of the NAACP
0707/1981ChicagoILCitizen's for Thompson Fundraising Dinner
07/301981AtlantaGASpeech, National Conference of State Legislators
08/17/1981-08/22/1981Los AngelesCATarget '82 Republican Fundraising Reception
08/301981Costa MesaCARemarks onboard the USS Constellation; Q&A with Orange County Republicans, Target '82 Event
08/271981Santa BarbaraCAQ&A with Santa Barbara Republicans, Target '82 Event
08/30/1981-09/02/1981Los AngelesCA
09/02/1981-09/03/1981ChicagoILRemarks at the Illinois Forum Reception
09/07/1981New York CityNYWestway Check Presentation
09/17/1981-09/18/1981Grand RapidsMIGerald Ford Museum Dedication
09/18/1981DenverCOSpeech, Biennial Convention of the Federation of Republican Women
09/28/1981New OrleansLASpeech, International Association of Chiefs of Police
10/15/1981PhiladelphiaPARemarks, World Affairs Council
10/15/1981WhippanyNJRepublican Fundraising Reception
10/18/1981-10/19/1981Williamsburg & YorktownVABattle of Yorktown Bicentennial
10/27/1981RichmondVARally for Gubernatorial Candidate Marshall Coleman
11/06/1981New York CityNYRepublican Fundraising Event; Irish-American Historical Society
11/13/1981HoustonTXRepublican Fundraising Dinner - "Salute to a Stronger America"
11/14/1983-09/15/1981San Antonio & SabinalTXWinston Ranch
11/30/1981CincinnatiOHOhio State Fundraising Reception
12/27/1981-12/30/1981Los AngelesCA
12/30/1981-12/31/1981Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1982-01/03/1982Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/14/1982New York CityNYNew York City Partnership
02/08/1982BloomingtonMNRally for US Senator David Durenberger; Interview with Local Reporters - New Federalism
02/08/1982-02/09/1982Des MoinesIAAddress to Iowa State Legislature; Interview with Skip Weber
02/09/1982IndianapolisINAddress to Indiana State Legislature
03/02/1982CheyenneWYRally for Sen. Malcolm Wallop
03/02/1982AlbuquerqueNMRally for Sen. Harrison Schmitt
03/02/1982-03/04/1982Los AngelesCARemarks, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Town Meeting
03/07/1982Santa YnezCARemarks - "Young Artists in Performance at the White House"
03/15/1982MontgomeryALAddress to Joint Session of the Alabama Legislature
03/15/1982NashvilleTNAddress to Joint Session of the Tennessee Legislature
03/15/1982-03/16/1982Oklahoma CityOKAddress to Joint Session of the Oklahoma Legislature; Local Interview
03/16/1982Fort WayneIN
03/23/1982New York CityNYAwarded Medal from National Conference of Christians and Jews; Interview by New York Post
04/15/1982ChicagoILRemarks, National Catholic Education Association
04/15/1982GenevaILQ&A with Students at St. Peter's Catholic Elementary School
05/01/1982KnoxvilleTNOpening of World's Fair
05/01/1982-05/02/1982HuntsvilleTNVisit Sen. Howard Baker's Residence
05/09/1982EurekaILEureka College Commencement Address & Remarks at Alumni Dinner
05/09/1982-05/10/1982ChicagoILQ&A with Midwestern Editors; Remarks at YMCA of Chicago Foundation; Visit Providence St. Mel High School
05/25/1982-05/26/1982Los AngelesCARepublican Party Fundraising Dinner
05/25/1982DowneyCAQ&A with Rockwell International Employees
05/28/1982Santa BarbaraCARemarks, Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Conference
06/15/1982-06/16/1982HoustonTXFundraising Dinner for Gov. William Clements
06/17/1982New York CityNYSpeech on Disarmament to the UN General Assembley
07/04/1982Edwards AFBCARemarks on Completion of 4th Space Shuttle Columbia Mission
07/05/1982-07/07/1982Los AngelesCABriefing on Federalism for State and Local Officials; Q&A with Senior Citizens
07/13/1982Baltimore MDRemarks at National Association of Counties
07/22/1982-07/23/1982St. LouisMORemarks at Mathews-Dickey Boys' Club & Olympic Dinner Committee
08/02/1982-08/03/1982Des MoinesIARemarks at the National Corn Growers Association
08/02/1982State CenterIAQ&A with Farmers
08/03/1982HartfordCTRemarks at Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus
0811/1982BillingsMTRemarks at Centennial of Billings and Yellowstone County; Fundraising for Senate Candidate Larry Williams
08/20/1982-08/21/1982PhoenixAZDeath of Mrs. Reagan's Father, Dr. Loyal Davis
08/23/1982-08/25/1982Los AngelesCAFundraising for GOP Candidates Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian
09/09/1982ManhattanKSRemarks at Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues
09/09/1982TopekaKSRepublican Party Fundraising
09/09/1982-09/10/1982Ogden & HooperUTRemarks at Utah Republican Party Picnic
09/17/1982White House Station NJRemarks on Lebanon; Remarks at Swearing-In Ceremony for New US Citizens
09/17/1982FlemingonNJRemarks at the San Gennaro Festival
09/29/1982RichmondVARepublican Rally
10/04/1982ColumbusOHQ&A with AccuRay Corp. Employees; Remarks to Ohio Veterans Organizations; Fundraising for Gubernatorial Candidate Bud Brown
10/07/1982Las Vegas & RenoNVRepublican Party Rally, Reno
10/07/1982-10/08/1982Los AngelesCA
10/08/1982 Long Beach & Coronado CAMeeting with Mexican President de la Madrid
10/11/1982IrvingTXRepublican Rally
10/20/1982ChapinILRemarks at Werries Family Farm
10/20/1982-10/21/1982PeoriaILRepublican Party Rally
10/21/1982OmahaNERepublican Party Rally
10/26/1982RaleighNCPresent Presidential Medal of Freedom to Kate Smith; Republican Party Rally
10/28/1982CasperWYRepublican Party Rally
10/28/1982Great FallsMTRepublican Party Rally
10/28/1982-10/29/1982Las VegasNVRepublican Party Rally
10/29/1982Salt Lake CityUTRepublican Party Rally
10/29/1982RoswellNMRepublican Party Rally
11/13/1982ChicagoILMemorial Service for Dr. Loyal Davis
11/16/1982New OrleansLARemarks at the US League of Savings Associations
11/16/1982-11/17/1982Miami & Miami BeachFLSouth Florida Task Force (on Crime)
11/29/1982Los AngelesCARemarks to the National League of Cities
12/28/1982Long BeachCARecommissioning Ceremony for the USS New Jersey
12/28/1982-12/29/1982Los AngelesCA
12/29/1982-12/31/1982Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1983-01/02/1983Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/02/1983MonroeLARadio Address to Flood Victims
0/11/1983DallasTXRemarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation
01/19/1983ChicagoILQ&A at Providence-St. Mel High School with Reporters/Students; Fundraising Dinner for Sen. Charles Percy
01/26/1983Boston & RoxburyMAVisit OIC/IBM High Technology Training Center; Remarks and Q&A with Digital Equipment Corp. Employees
01/26/1983BedfordMARemarks and Q&A with Massachusetts High Technology Council
02/01/1983FentonMORemarks to Chrysler Corp. St. Louis Assembly Plant Employees
02/01/1983St. LouisMORemarks and Q&A with th St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association
03/03/1983Los AngelesCARemarks at US Olympic Committee Luncheon
03/03/1983-03/05/1983San FranciscoCAVisit of Queen Elizabeth II to the United States; Remarks to Commonwealth Club of California
06/05/1983Klammath FallsORRemarks and Q&A with Western Forest Products Coalition
04/06/1983PittsburghPARemarks and Q&A with Students at the Control Data Institute; Remarks at the Conference on the Dislocated Worker
04/27/1983New York CityNYRemarks to Crime Fighter Award Winners; Remarks to the American Newspaper Publishers
04/29/1983-04/30/1983HoustonTXRemarks at the Cenikor Foundation Center; Fundraising Dinner for Sen. John Tower; Meeting with University of Houston Basketball Team
05/05/1983San AntonioTXRemarks at Cinco de Mayo Ceremonies
05/05/1983-05/06/1983PhoenixAZRemarks to National Rifle Association Members Banquet
05/06/1983Sun City AZRemarks to Sherrif's Posse
05/09/1983AshlandOHFundraising Dinner Honoring Former Rep. John M. Ashbrook
05/20/1983MiamiFLCuban Independence Day Events
05/21/1983South OrangeNJSeton Hall Commencement Address
05/27/1983-05/31/1983WilliamsburgVASummit of Industrialized Nations (G7) Hosted by President Reagan
06/09/1983Hopkins MNQ&A with a Regional Forum of the National Commission on Excellence in Education
06/09/1983MinneapolisMNRemarks at Dinner Honoring Sen. Rudy Boschwitz
June 14, 1983Farragut & KnoxvilleTNRemarks at Tennessee Better Schools Program Panel; Q&A with Students, Farragut High School
06/14/1983-06/15/1983AlbuquerqueNMRemarks at the National Parent-Teacher Association
06/20/1983JacksonMSRepublican Party Fundraising Dinner
06/23/1983ChicagoILRemarks to Polish-Americans; Remarks to the American Medical Association House of Delegates
06/29/1983LouisvilleKYRemarks to the National Leadership Conference of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
06/29/1983Shawnee MissionKSRemarks and Q&A with the National Association of Student Councils
06/29/1983-06/30/1983Los AngelesCA
06/30/1983WhittierCARemarks at Regional Forum of the National Commission on Excellence in Education
06/30/1983Long BeachCARepublican Party Fundraising Dinner
07/05/1983Los AngelesCARemarks at the American Federation of Teachers Convention
07/18/1983HollywoodFLRemarks at the International Longshoremen's Association Convention
08/01/1983AtlantaGARemarks at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting
08/12/1983TampaFLRemarks at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention
08/12/1983-08/14/1983El PasoTXRemarks at the American G.I. Forum; Base for Visit in Mexico with President de la Madrid
08/14/1983-08/15/1983New OrleansLARemarks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention
08/21/1983-08/23/1983Los AngelesCA
08/23/1983SeattleWARemarks at the American Legion Convention
08/23/1983-08/26/1983Los AngelesCARemarks at the Hispanic Economic Outlook Preview
08/26/1983San DiegoCARemarks at the Republican Women's Leadership Forum
08/26/1983Santa BarbaraCAFundraising Reception for Rep. Robert Lagomarsino
09/20/1983ColumbiaSCRemarks at Convocation Ceremonies at the University of South Carolina; Fundraising Dinner for Sen. Strom Thurmond
09/25/1983-09/26/1983New York CityNYUnited Nations Reception and Address to General Assembly; Remarks at the Women's Sports Foundation
10/07/1983LouisvilleKYRemarks at the National Federation of Republican Women Convention; Fundraising Luncheon for Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Bunning
10/11/1983BaltimoreMDThrow Out First Pitch - World Series
11/04/1983Cherry PointNCRemarks on US Casualties in Lebanon & Grenada
11/08/1983Elmendorf AFBAKRemarks En Route to Asian Trip
12/08/1983IndianapolisINRemarks at the National Forum on Excellence in Education
12/12/1983New York CityNYRemarks to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention
12/27/1983-12/29/1983Los AngelesCA
12/29/1983-12/31/1983Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1984-01/02/1984Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/26/1984Augusta & AtlantaGASpirit of America Rally; Southern Republican Leadership Conference
02/06/1984DixonILHomecoming & Birthday Celebration
02/06/1984EurekaILRemarks at Eureka College
02/06/1984-02/07/1984Las VegasNVRemarks at the National Association of Secondary School Principals; Republican Party Fundraising
02/20/1984WaterlooIAIowa Caucus Rally
02/20/1984Des MoinesIAIowa Caucus Rally
03/06/1984Columbus OHRemarks at the National Association of Evangelicals
03/06/1984New York CityNYRepublican Party Fundraising
04/02/1984BaltimoreMDBaseball Opening Day
04/05/1984New York City NYRemarks to the Women Business Owners of New York; Remarks to the New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents
04/11/1984Kansas CityMORemarks at the Ford Claycomo Assembly Plant
04/12/1984Grand PrarieTXRemarks at the Oak Hollow Housing Development
04/12/1984ArlingtonTXRoundtable with Housing Industry Representatives
04/19/1984TacomaWAVisit to Weyerhaeuser Industries Log Export Shipping Facility; Remarks at Export Trade Industry Representatives Roundtable
04/22/1984-04/24/1984HonoluluHIArrival & Departure Remarks, Hickam AFB
04/25/1984-04/26/1984AganaGuamArrival Remarks, Guam International Airport
05/01/1984-05/02/1984FairbanksAKRemarks on Returning to US; Remarks at Luncheon with Community Leaders
05/02/1984FairbanksAKMeeting with Pope John Paul II
05/29/1984-05/30/1984Colorado SpringsCORemarks at US Olympic Training Center; Commencement Address, US Air Force Academy
06/17/1984UniondaleNYRemarks at Opening of International Games for the Disabled
06/20/1984OradellNJRemarks at River Dell High School
06/20/1984HartfordCTRemarks at the National Sheriff's Association Conference
07/04/1984Daytona BeachFLRemarks, Pepsi Firecracker 400 Race, Radio Broadcast and Post-Race
07/05/1984DecaturALSpirit of America Rally
07/04/1984-07/05/1984Huntsville & Decatur AL
07/05/1984WarrenMIRemarks at General Motors Technical Center
07/05/1984Orion TownshipMIRemarks at the General Motors Assembly Plant
07/05/1984-07/06/1984San AntonioTXRemarks at the Texas State Bar Association
07/10/1984Tilghman IslandMDRemarks to State and Local Officials
07/12/1984Bowling GreenKYRemarks to the National Campers and Hikers Association
07/19/1984ColumbiaSCRemarks to Caribbean Heads of State Summit Conference
07/25/984AustinTXReagan-Bush Rally
07/25/1984-07/26/1984AtlantaGAReagan-Bush Rally
07/26/1984ElizabethNJReagan-Bush Rally
07/26/1984HobokenNJRemarks at the St. Ann's Festival
07/28/1984Los AngelesCAOpening of the Summer Olympics
08/12/1984-08/15/1984Los AngelesCARemarks to US Olympic Medal Winners
08/19/1984SedaliaMORemarks at Meeting with Agricultural Community; Remarks at the Missouri State Fair
08/20/1984CincinnatiOHReagan-Bush Rally
08/20/1984DecaturILReagan-Bush Rally; Remarks at an Agricultural Forum
08/22/1984-08/24/1984DallasTXRepublican National Convention
08/24/1984ChicagoILRemarks to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention
09/03/1984Fountain ValleyCAReagan-Bush Rally
09/03/1984CupertinoCAReagan-Bush Rally
09/03/1984-09/04/1984Salt Lake CityUTRemarks at American Legion Convention
09/04/1984-09/05/1984ChicagoILRemarks and Q&A at the "Choosing a Better Future" Conference
09/09/1984DoylestownPARemarks at the Polish Festival
09/12/1984BuffaloNYRemarks at a Luncheon with Community Leaders
09/12/1984EndicottNYReagan-Bush Rally
09/13/1984NashvilleTNRemarks to the High Technological Center Board; Remarks at the Roy Acuff Birthday Celebration
09/19/1984WaterburyCTReagan-Bush Rally
09/19/1984HammontonNJReagan-Bush Rally
09/20/1984Cedar RapidsIAReagan-Bush Rally
09/20/1984NorwayIARemarks and Q&A with Farmers
09/20/1984FairfaxIARemarks at Community Picnic
09/20/1984Grand RapidsMIRemarks to Employees of Westinghouse Furniture Systems; Reagan-Bush Rally
09/23/1984-09/24/1984New York CityNYRemarks to Reception at UN and Remarks to the General Assembly
09/26/1984Bowling GreenOHRemarks and Q&A at Bowling Green University
09/26/1984CantonOHRemarks at the Timken Faircrest Steel Plant
09/26/1984MilwaukeeWIRemarks at the Family Oktoberfest
10/01/1984DetroitMIRemarks at Naturalization Ceremonies; Remarks and Q&A at the Economic Club of Detroit
10/01/1984-10/02/1984GulfportMSExchange with Students, Bayou View Elementary; Reagan-Bush Rally
10/02/1984Brownsville & Corpus ChristiTXReagan-Bush Rallies
10/02/1984-10/03/1984HoustonTXVictory '84 Fundraising Dinner
10/07/1984-10/08/1984LouisvilleKYFirst Presidential Debate; Reagan-Bush Rally
10/08/1984CharlotteNCReagan-Bush Rally
10/08/1984Baltimore MDRemarks at Dedication of Christopher Columbus Statue
10/10/1984DetroitMIRemarks and Q&A at St. Agatha High School
10/10/1984WarrenMIRemarks at the Heritage Council; Reagan-Bush Rally
10/12/1984Dayton, Sidney, Lima and PerrysburgOHWhistlestop Tour through Ohio
10/15/1984TuscaloosaALRemarks and Q&A at University of Alabama
10/15/1984Macon GAReagan-Bush Rally
10/15/1984GreenvilleSCQ&A with Students, Greenville Technical College; Reagan-Bush Rally
10/18/1984New York CityNYRemarks at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner
10/21/1984-10/22/1984Kansas CityMO2nd Presidential Debate; Reagan-Bush Rally
10/22/1984PalmdaleCARemarks to Rockwell International Facility Employees
10/22/1984San DiegoCAReagan-Bush Rally
10/22/1984MedfordORReagan-Bush Rally
10/22/1984-10/23/1984PortlandORReagan-Bush Rally
10/23/1984SeattleWAReagan-Bush Rally
10/23/1984-10/24/1984ColumbusOHRemarks to Ohio Association of Broadcasters; Reagan-Bush Rally
10/26/1984Valley StreamNYRemarks to Temple Hillel and Jewish Community Leaders
10/26/1984FairfieldCTReagan-Bush Rally
10/26/1984HackensackNJReagan-Bush Rally
10/29/1984Millersville & MediaPAReagan-Bush Rallies
10/29/1984ParkersburgWVReagan-Bush Rally
11/01/1984BostonMAReagan-Bush Rally
11/01/1984RochesterNYReagan-Bush Rally
11/01/1984DetroitMIReagan-Bush Rally
11/02/1984SaginawMIReagan-Bush Rally
11/02/1984ClevelandOHReagan-Bush Rally
11/02/1984SpringfieldILReagan-Bush Rally
11/02/1984-11/03/1984Little RockARReagan-Bush Rally
11/03/1984WintersetIAReagan-Bush Rally
11/03/1984-11/04/1984MilwaukeeWIRemarks at Wesley Park Senior Center; Reagan-Bush Rally
11/04/1984Rochester MNRemarks and Q&A with Reporters
11/04/1984St. LouisMOReagan-Bush Rally
11/04/1984ChicagoILReagan-Bush Rally
11/04/1984-11/05/1984SacramentoCAReagan-Bush Rally
11/05/1984Woodland HillsCAReagan-Bush Rally
11/05/1984San DiegoCAReagan-Bush Rally
11/05/1984-11/07/1984Los AngelesCAPresidential Election
12/27/1984-12/29/1984Los AngelesCA
12/29/1984-12/31/1984Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1985-01/02/1985Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
03/28/1985New York CityNYRemarks to Brokers & Staff, NY Stock Exchange; Remarks to Students and Faculty at St. John's University
05/22/1985AnapolisMDUS Naval Academy Commencement Address
05/27/1985Orlando FLRemarks to the Participants in the Inaugural Bands Parade at Disney Epcot
05/27/1985MiamiFLFundraising Dinner for Sen. Paula Hawkins
05/30/1985WilliamsburgVARemarks at the "Prelude to Independence" Celebration
05/30/1985OshkoshWIRemarks to Citizens of Oshkosh
05/31/1985MalvernPARemarks at the Great Valley Corporate Center
06/05/1985Oklahoma CityOKFundraising Luncheon for Sen. Don Nickles
06/05/1985-06/06/1985AtlantaGAFundraising Dinner for Sen. Mack Mattingly; Remarks at Northside High School
06/06/1985BirminghamALFundraising Luncheon for Sen. Jeremiah Denton
06/13/1985BloomfieldNJRemarks to Citizens
06/14/1985Baltimore (Fort McHenry)MDRemarks at Flag Day Ceremony
06/19/1985MooresvilleINRemarks and Q&A Session with Chamber of Commerce
06/19/1985IndianapolisINRemarks at United States Jaycees Convention
06/21/1985DallasTXRemarks at Lions Club International Convention
06/28/1985Chicago & Chicago HeightsILRemarks to Community Leaders & Citizens (Chicago Heights)
09/05/1985RaleighNCRemarks to the Students and Faculty of North Carolina State University
09/12/1985TampaFLRemarks at Senior Citizen's Forum on Tax Reform
09/18/1985ConcordNHRemarks to Citizens
09/24/1985KnoxvilleTNRemarks to University of Tennessee Symposium
09/24/1985AthensTNRemarks to Citizens
10/03/1985St. BernardOHRemarks to Ivorydale Soap Manufacturing Plant Employees
10/03/1985CincinnatieOHRemarks to Business Leaders
10/04/1985ParsippanyNJState Republican Fundraising
10/10/1985DeerfieldILRemarks to the Kitchens of Sara Lee Employees
10/10/1985ChicagoILRemarks and Q&A with Students and Faculty of Gordon Technical High School
10/15/1985BoiseIDFundraising Event for Sen. Steve Symms
10/15/1985MilwaukeeWIFundraising Event for Sen. Robert Kasten
10/23/1985-10/25/1985New York CityNYUnited Nations, Remarks for Reception and Address to General Assembly; Meet with Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shvardnadze
12/01/1985BurbankCATaping of the "All Star Salute to Ronald 'Dutch' Reagan"
12/01/1985-12/02/1985Los AngelesCA
12/02/1985SeatlleWAFundraising Luncheon for Sen. Slade Gorton
12/04/1985FallstonMDRemarks and Q&A with the Students and Faculty of Fallston High School
12/05/1985-12/06/1985New York CityNY
12/27/1985-12/29/1985Los AngelesCA
12/29/1985-12/31/1985Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Years Party
01/01/1986-01/02/1986Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/02/1986-01/03/1986Los AngelesCA
01/03/1986El CentroCARemarks at El Centro Naval Air Station
01/31/1986HoustonTXRemarks at the Memorial Service for the Crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger
02/12/1986St. Louis MOSenate Fundraiser for Former Gov. Christopher (Kit) Bond
03/27/1986New OrleansLASenate Fundraiser for Rep. W. Henson Moore
04/18/1986New York CityNYFundraiser for Senator Alphonse M. D'Amato
04/25/1986-04/26/1986Los AngelesCA
04/26/1986-04/28/1986Honolulu HIRemarks on Arrival
04/28/1986-04/29/1986Anderson AFBGuamRemarks on Arrival
06/04/1986Parris IslandSCRemarks to Marine Corps Basic Training Graduates
06/04/1986GreensboroNCSenate Fundraiser for Rep. James T. Broyhill
06/19/1986GlassboroNJRemarks at High School Commencement
06/25/1986Las VegasNVSenate Campaign Fundraiser for Jim Santini
07/03/1986-07/05/1986New York CityNYStatue of Liberty Centennial Celebrations
07/10/1986DothanALRemarks to the Dothan-Houston County Chamber of Commerce
07/23/1986DallasTXCampaign Fundraiser for William Clements
07/23/1986-07/24/1986Miami FLRepublican Fundraiser; Fundraising Reception for Sen. Paul Hawkins
07/24/1986ColumbiaSCFundraising Luncheon for Carroll Campbell and Thomas Hartnett
08/12/1986SpringfieldILRemarks to Junior Livestock Competition Participants, Illinois State Fair; Remarks to the Illinois State Fair
08/12/1986RosemontILRemarks at Fundraiser for Gov. James R. Thompson
08/26/1986-08/29/1986Los AngelesCA
09/07/1986-09/08/1986Los AngelesCASenate Campaign Fundraiser for Rep. Ed Zschau
09/08/1986DenverCOSenate Campaign Fundraisers for Rep. Ken Kramer
09/18/1986MetaireLASenate Campaign Rally for Rep. W. Henson Moore
09/18/1986New OrleansLASenate Campaign Fundraiser for Rep. W. Henson Moore
09/22/1986New York CityNYAddress to UN General Assembly
09/24/1986DetroitMIRepublican Party Rally; Gubernatorial Fundraiser for William Lucas
09/24/1986OmahaNEGubernatorial Campaign Rally for Kay Orr
09/29/1986Kansas CityMOSenate Campaign Rally for Christopher (Kit) Bond
09/29/1986Sioux FallsSDSenate Campaign Rally for James Abdnor
10/01/1986AtlantaGARemarks at the Dedication Ceremony for the Jimmy Carter Library
10/08/1986RaleighNCCampaign Rally for Sen. James T. Broyhill
10/08/1986Atlanta GACampaign Rally for Sen. Mack Mattingly
10/15/1986BaltimoreMDRemarks to Students from Southern Regional High School of Manahawkin
10/17/1986Grand ForksNDCampaign Rally for Sen. Mark N. Andrews
10/23/1986WaukeshaWICampaign Rally for Sen. Robert W. Kasten
10/23/1986SpringfieldMOSenate Campaign Rally for Christopher (Kit) Bond
10/23/1986-10/24/1986Oklahoma CityOK
10/24/1986NormanOKCampaign Rally for Sen. Don Nickels
10/24/1986TampaFLCampaign Rally for Sen. Paul Hawkins
10/28/1986Columbus GACampaign Rally for Sen. Mack Mattingly
10/28/1986BirminghamALCampaign Rally for Sen. Jeremiah Denton
10/28/1986CharlotteNCCampaign Rally for Sen. James T. Broyhill
10/29/1986EvansvilleINCampaign Rally for Richard McIntyre
10/29/1986Rapid CitySDCampaign Rally for Sen. James Abdnor
10/29/1986-10/30/1986Colorado SpringsCOSenate Campaign Rally for Rep. Ken Kramer
10/30/1986RenoNVSenate Campaign Rally for James Santini
10/30/1986-10/31/1986SpokaneWACampaign Rally for Sen. Slade Gorton
10/31/1986Twin FallsIDCampaign Rally for Sen. Steven Symms
10/31/1986-11/01/1986Los AngelesCA
11/01/1986AnaheimCASenate Campaign Fundraiser for Ed Zschau
11/02/1986Las VegasNVCampaign Rally for James Santini
11/03/1986Costa MesaCARepublican Party Rally
11/031986-11/04/1986Los AngelesCA
12/27/1986-12/29/1986Los AngelesCARemarks on Presidential Citizens Medals to the Designer and Crew of the Voyager
12/29/1986-12/31/1986Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1987-01/02/1987Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
03/26/1987ColumbiaMORemarks to Students, Fairview Elementary School; Remarks to the National Governor's Association - Dept. of Education Conference
04/01/1987PhiladelphiaPARemarks to a Forum and Luncheon with the College of Physicians; Remarks to Volunteers & Staff of "We the People" exhibit
04/09/1987West LafayetteINRemarks to Students and Faculty at Purdue University
04/09/1987-04/11/1987Los AngelesCARemarks and Q&A with the Los Angeles World Affairs Council
04/18/1987Santa BarbaraCARemarks and Q&A at the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times
05/03/1987New York CityNYRemarks to the American Newspaper Publishers Association Convention
05/06/1987YorkPARemarks to the Harley-Davidson Co. Employees and the Employee-Management Forum
05/09/1987Roslyn HarborNYWilliam J. Casey's Funeral
05/10/1987TuskegeeALRemarks at Dedication of General Daniel "Chappie" James Center, Tuskegee University
05/10/1987FayettevilleNCRemarks at Bob Hope's 40th Anniversary Salute to the US Air Force
05/19/1987ChattanoogaTNRemarks at Commencement Ceremony for Area High School Students
05/22/1987JacksonvilleFLRemarks at Memorial Service for Crewmember of the USS Stark
06/22/1987MelbourneFLRemarks at the Dictaphone Corporation Employee Appreciation Day; Remarks at a Greater South Brevard Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
07/08/1987New BritainCTRemarks to Community Leaders & Remarks to Citizens
07/13/1987DanvilleINRemarks to Community Leaders
07/13/1987IndianapolisINRemarks at the National Association of Counties Convention
07/27/1987HartfordWIRemarks to Broan Manufacturing Co. Employees
07/27/1987West BendWIRemarks at Rotary Club Luncheon
07/27/1987Port WashingtonWIRemarks to Citizens
08/13/1987North Platte NERemarks to Civic and Community Leaders; Remarks to Citizens
08/25/1987-08/29/1987Los AngelesCARemarks to the Town Hall of California; Remarks to the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance Leaders
09/06/1987TopekaKSRemarks on the 100th Birthday of Alfred M. Landon
09/10/1987Miami FLRemarks Before and After Meeting with Pope John Paul II
09/17/1987PhiladelphiaPAUS Constitution Bicentennial Celebration
09/21/1987New York City NYAddress to the UN General Assembly
10/13/1987New Brunswick NJ
10/13/1987SomersetNJRemarks at a State Government and Business Leaders Forum; Remarks at a New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
10/13/1987WhippanyNJRemarks to the New Jersey Republican State Committee
10/27/1987PhoenixAZDeath of First Lady Nancy Reagan's Mother, Edith Davis
10/28/1987West PointNYRemarks at the US Military Academy
11/24/1987Denver & WatertonCORemarks to Martin Marietta Denver Astronautics Employees
12/01/1987Jacksonville FLRemarks and Q&A with Area High School Seniors
12/27/1987-12/29/1987Los AngelesCA
12/29/1987-12/31/1987Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1988-01/02/1988Palm Springs & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
02/08/1988DurhamNCRemarks at a Seminar on Substance Abuse in the Workplace
02/12/1988-02/13/1988Los AngelesCA
03/09/1988South BendINRemarks at the Unveiling of the Knute Rockne Commemorative Stamp
03/28/1988RichmondVARemarks to the Reynolds Metals Co. Employees
04/04/1988Coto de CazaCA
04/10/1988Las VegasCARemarks to the National Association of Broadcasters Convention
04/21/1988SpringfieldMARemarks to the World Affairs Council
05/04/1988ChicagoILRemarks and a Q&A with Members of the National Strategy Forum
05/18/1988New LondonCTCommencement Address to the US Coast Guard Academy
06/29/1988MiamiFLCampaign Fundraiser for Rep. Connie Mack
07/14/1988Du QuoinILRemarks to Agriculture Officials and Farmers
07/14/1988DavenportIARemarks at Luncheon Hosted by WOC Radio and the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce
08/08/1988CincinnatiOHRemarks to Employees of United State Precision Lens, Inc; Remarks to the National Governor's Association Meeting
08/14/1988-08/16/1988New OrleansLARepublican National Convention
08/16/1988Belle Chasse NASLARemarks to Armed Service Personnel and Their Families
08/23/1988Long BeachCARemarks on Signing the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act
08/23/1988IrvineCACampaign Fundraiser for Sen. Pete Wilson
08/23/1988-08/27/1988Los AngelesCACampaign Rally for George Bush
08/27/1988Thousand Oaks & Santa BarbaraCAFundraiser for Rep. Robert Lagomarsino
09/06/1988HastingsNERemarks at the Dedication of the Center for the Communication Arts, Hastings College
09/06/1988LousivilleKYRemarks at the American Legion Convention
09/14/1988Cape GirardeauMORepublican Party Rally
09/14/1988St. LouisMORepublican Party Campaign Fundraiser
09/22/1988WacoTXRepublican Party Rally
09/22/1988HoustonTXRemarks at the Johnson Space Center;Republican Party Fundraising Dinner
09/22/1988-09/23/1988Boca RatonFLRepublican Party Fundraising Brunch
09/26/1988-09/27/1988New York CityNYAddress the UN General Assembly
09/30/1988Chicago ILRemarks at Luncheon with Community Leaders; Republican Party Fundraiser
10/07/1988Sterling HeightsMIRemarks to High School Students and Citizens; Remarks at a Business Leaders Luncheon
10/07/1988DetroitMIRepublican Party Fundraising Dinner
10/12/1988Upper Darby PARemarks to Area High School Students and Faculty
10/12/1988West OrangeNJRemarks at Columbus Day Dinner
10/19/1988ColumbusOHRepublican Campaign Rally
10/19/1988Bowling GreenOHRepublican Campaign Rally
10/19/1988CincinnatiOHFundraising Dinner for Senatorial Candidate George Voinovich
10/21/1988RaleighNCRepublican Campaign Rally
10/21/1988Bowling GreenKYRepublican Campaign Rally
10/27/1988Little Rock ARRepublican Campaign Rally
10/27/1988SpringfieldMORepublican Campaign Rally
10/27/1988San DiegoCARepublican Campaign Rally
10/27/1988-10/28/1988Los AngelesCARemarks at the World Affairs Council Luncheon
10/30/1988-11/01/1988Los AngelesCARemarks at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Awards Presentation Ceremony
11/01/1988FullertonCARepublican Campaign Rally
11/01/1988San BernardinoCARepublican Campaign Rally
11/01/1988RenoNVCampaign Rally for Sen. Chic Hecht
11/01/1988-11/02/1988MilwaukeeWIFundraising Brunch for Senatorial Candidate Susan Engeleiter
11/02/1988BereaOHRepublican Campaign Rally
11/04/1988Palos HillsILRepublican Campaign Rally
11/04/1988VoorheesNJRepublican Campaign Rally
11/05/1988Mount ClemensMIRepublican Campaign Rally
11/05/1988Mesquite & DallasTXRepublican Campaign Rally
11/07/1988Long BeachCARepublican Campaign Rally
11/07/1988San DiegoCARepublican Campaign Rally
11/21/1988Simi ValleyCAGroundbreaking Ceremony for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
12/16/1988CharlottesvilleVARemarks and Q&A at the University of Virginia
12/23/1988-12/29/1988Los AngelesCA
12/29/1988-12/31/1988 Palm Springs & Rancho Mirage CAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party
01/01/1989-01/02/1989Palm Spring & Rancho MirageCAAnnenberg Residence - Annual New Year's Party