President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan watching a film in the White House Theater
01/31/1981Camp DavidTribute
02/14/1981Camp DavidNine to Five
02/28/1981White HouseThe Black Stallion
03/06/1981Camp DavidBreaking Away
03/07/1981Camp DavidOh God, Book II
03/27/1981White HouseTess
04/21/1981White HouseBeing There
04/25/1981Camp DavidThe Competition
04/26/1981Camp DavidBloodline
05/08/1981Camp DavidThe Mirror Crack'd
05/09/1981Camp DavidLion of the Desert
05/20/1981White HouseBreaker Morant
05/20/1981White HouseShort Subject
06/05/1981Camp DavidGoing in Style
06/06/1981Camp DavidThe Jazz Singer
06/14/1981White HouseFour Seasons
06/19/1981Camp DavidSuperman II
06/20/1981Camp DavidFor Your Eyes Only
07/10/1981Camp DavidRaiders of the Lost Ark
07/11/1981Camp DavidAtlantic City
07/24/1981White HouseVictory
07/25/1981Camp DavidArthur
07/31/1981Camp DavidFirst Monday in October
08/01/1981Camp DavidFfolkes
08/28/1981Camp DavidThe Postman Always Rings Twice
08/29/1981Camp DavidThe Fan
08/30/1981Camp DavidThe Legend of the Lone Ranger
09/05/1981 White HouseThe Fan
09/11/1981 Camp DavidWhen Time Ran Out
09/12/1981 Camp DavidGallipoli
09/19/1981 Camp DavidEye of the Needle
09/25/1981Camp DavidOnly When I Laugh
09/25/1981 Camp DavidThat's Us in America
09/26/1981 Camp DavidOn Golden Pond
09/30/1981 White HouseThe French Lieutenant's Woman
10/02/1981 Camp DavidOutland
10/03/1981 Camp DavidChariots of Fire
10/09/1981Camp DavidTrue Confessions
10/10/1981Camp DavidContinental Divide
10/11/1981Camp DavidPaternity
10/25/1981White HouseRagtime
10/30/1981Camp DavidRich and Famous
10/31/1981Camp DavidHeartland
11/19/1981White HouseMao to Mozart
12/08/1981White HouseReds
12/11/1981Camp DavidMr. Krueger’s Christmas
12/12/1981Camp DavidAbsence of Malice
12/13/1981Camp DavidTaps
01/08/1982Camp DavidOne Way Passage
01/09/1982Camp DavidWhose Life is it Anyway
01/22/1982Camp DavidAdam's Rib
01/23/1982Camp DavidGrand Hotel
01/31/1982White HouseMan of Iron
02/12/1982Camp DavidMissing
02/13/1982Camp DavidInchon
03/03/1982Camp DavidThe Awful Truth
03/12/1982Camp DavidShoot the Moon
03/13/1982Camp DavidEvil Under the Sun
03/19/1982Camp DavidDas Boot
03/20/1982Camp DavidDeath Trap
04/17/1982Camp DavidVictor/Victoria
06/12/1982Camp DavidA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House
06/13/1982Camp DavidNotorious
06/18/1982Camp DavidFirefox
06/19/1982Camp DavidI Ought to be in Pictures
06/25/1982Camp DavidPoltergeist
06/26/1982Camp DavidDiner
06/27/1982Camp DavidE.T.
07/16/1982Camp DavidDead Men Don't Wear Plaid
07/17/1982Camp DavidAuthor! Author!
07/23/1982Camp DavidA Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
07/30/1982Camp DavidThe World According to Garp
07/31/1982Camp DavidRocky III
08/07/1982Camp DavidIn Name Only
08/08/1982White HouseStagecoach
08/14/1982Camp DavidMr. and Mrs. Smith
10/01/1982Camp DavidWho Dares Wins
10/02/1982Camp DavidMy Man Godfrey
10/15/1982Camp DavidMy Favorite Year
10/16/1982Camp DavidGregory's Girl
10/22/1982Camp DavidBetrayal
10/24/1982White HouseKnute Rockne
10/30/1982Camp DavidStill of the Night
11/19/1982Camp DavidHonky Tonk Man
11/20/1982Camp DavidSix Weeks
12/10/1982Camp DavidBest Friends
12/11/1982Camp DavidSophie's Choice
01/07/1983Camp DavidTootsie
01/08/1983Camp DavidKiss Me Goodbye
01/21/1983Camp DavidThe Verdict
01/22/1983Camp DavidThe Razor's Edge
01/30/1983White HouseGandhi
02/04/1983Camp DavidThe Man from Snowy River
02/05/1983Camp DavidFrances
02/12/1983White HouseThe Sting II
03/11/1983Camp DavidThe Year of Living Dangerously
03/12/1983Camp DavidTable for Five
03/18/1983Camp DavidHighroad to China
03/19/1983Camp DavidLovesick
04/08/1983Camp DavidLocal Hero
04/09/1983Camp DavidTender Mercies
04/15/1983Camp DavidBlack Stallion Returns
04/15/1983Camp DavidRepublic of China: Season Beacon
04/16/1983Camp DavidKing of Comedy
04/26/1983Camp DavidKing Lear
05/13/1983Camp DavidBlue Thunder
05/14/1983Camp DavidMax Dugan Returns
05/21/1983Camp DavidOctopussy
06/02/1983Camp DavidReturn of the Jedi
06/03/1983Camp DavidThe Star Chamber
06/04/1983Camp DavidWar Games
06/17/1983Camp DavidTrading Places
06/18/1983Camp DavidThe Band Wagon
07/08/1983Camp DavidBetter Late than Never
07/09/1983Camp DavidHeart Like a Wheel
07/16/1983Camp DavidMr. Mom
07/23/1983Camp DavidNorth by Northwest
07/29/1983Camp DavidZelig
07/30/1983Camp DavidTwilight Zone: The Movie
08/05/1983Camp DavidSome Like it Hot
08/06/1983Camp DavidSpellbound
09/16/1983Camp DavidCurse of the Pink Panther
09/17/1983Camp DavidThe Grey Fox
10/07/1983Camp DavidNever Say Never Again
10/08/1983Camp DavidLonelyhearts
10/09/1983Camp DavidCross Creek
10/14/1983Camp DavidRomantic Comedy
10/15/1983Camp DavidA Star is Born
10/28/1983Camp DavidNever Cry Wolf
10/29/1983Camp DavidThe Big Chill
11/04/1983Camp DavidEducating Rita
11/05/1983Camp DavidWicked Lady
12/02/1983Camp DavidYentl
12/03/1983Camp DavidTerms of Endearment
12/09/1983Camp DavidRunning Brave
12/10/1983Camp DavidGorky Park
01/06/1984Camp DavidGunga Din   
01/07/1984Camp DavidTo Be or Not To Be
01/13/1984Camp DavidSinging in the Rain
01/14/1984Camp DavidThe Dresser
01/20/1984Camp DavidFunny Girl
01/21/1984Camp DavidSuspicion
02/03/1984Camp DavidFunny Lady
02/04/1984Camp DavidBroadway Danny Rose
02/24/1984Camp DavidUnfaithfully Yours
02/25/1984Camp DavidWitness for the Prosecution
03/09/1984Camp DavidRear Window
03/10/1984Camp DavidScandalous
03/16/1984Camp DavidVertigo
03/17/1984Camp DavidSplendor in the Grass
03/30-1984Camp DavidSplash
03/31/1984Camp DavidMisunderstood
05/03/1984Camp DavidGreystoke: The Legend of Tarzan
05/04/1984Camp DavidMoscow on the Hudson
05/05/1984Camp DavidThe Stone Boy
05/11/1984Camp DavidRomancing the Stone
05/12/1984Camp DavidThe Natural
05/19/1984Camp DavidThe Bounty
05/25/1984Camp DavidChampions
05/26/1984Camp DavidThe Iceman
05/27/1984Camp DavidVirginia City
06/15/1984Camp DavidThe Way We Were
06/16/1984Camp DavidSomewhere in Time
06/22/1984Camp DavidBedtime for Bonzo
06/23/1984Camp DavidStar Trek III: The Search for Spock
06/29/1984Camp David The Rope
06/30/1984Camp DavidThe Karate Kid
07/06/1984Camp DavidOperation Petticoat
07/07/1984Camp DavidChattanooga Choo-choo
07/13/1984Camp DavidThe Winning Team
07/14/1984Camp DavidGhostbusters
07/21/1984Camp DavidThe Last Starfighter
08/25/1984Camp DavidNight into Morning
09/07/1984Camp DavidRed Dawn
09/08/1984Camp DavidPhar Lap
09/29/1984Camp DavidThe Bear
10/05/1984Camp DavidCountry
10/06/1984Camp DavidThe Woman in Red
10/13/1984Camp DavidCloak and Dagger
12/01/1984Camp DavidOh God, You Devil
12/07/1984Camp DavidGarbo Talks
12/08/1984Camp DavidComfort and Joy
12/21/1984Camp DavidMass Appeal
12/22/1984Camp DavidDune
01/04/1985Camp DavidThe Killing Fields
01/05/1985Camp DavidThe Flamingo Kid
01/11/1985Camp DavidPassage to India
01/12/1985Camp DavidA Soldier's Story
02/01/1985Camp DavidMicki and Maude
02/02/1985Camp DavidDutch Dancing
02/09/1985Camp DavidThe Cotton Club
02/22/1985Camp DavidWitness
02/23/1985Camp DavidWitness
03/08/1985Camp DavidThe Gods Must Be Crazy
03/09/1985Camp DavidThe Purple Rose of Cairo
04/19/1985Camp DavidChisum
04/20/1985Camp DavidSylvester
05/17/1985Camp DavidLord Jim
06/01/1985Camp DavidTopaz
06/07/1985Camp DavidThe Shooting Party
06/08/1985Camp DavidBig Jake
06/14/1985Camp DavidGeorge Stevens: A Film Maker's Journey
06/15/1985Camp DavidThe Lion in Winter
06/21/1985Camp DavidA View to a Kill
06/22/1985Camp DavidMacKenna's Gold
07/05/1985Camp DavidCocoon
07/06/1985Camp DavidPale Rider
07/26/1985Camp DavidBack to the Future
07/27/1985Camp DavidFalling in Love
08/02/1985Camp DavidShowboat
08/03/1985Camp DavidSilverado
09/07/1985Camp DavidHellcats of the Navy
09/14/1985Camp DavidTo Catch a Thief
09/20/1985Camp DavidThe Man from Laramie
09/21/1985Camp DavidLove is a Many Splendored Thing
10/11/1985Camp DavidThe Glenn Miller Story
11/01/1985Camp DavidThe Glenn Miller Story
11/02/1985Camp DavidWhite Nights
12/20/1985Camp DavidMacaroni
12/21/1985Camp DavidOut of Africa
01/10/1986Camp DavidThe Jewel of the Nile
01/11/1986Camp DavidYoung Sherlock Holmes
01/17/1986Camp DavidA Place in the Sun
01/18/1986Camp DavidPrizzi's Honor
01/19/1986Camp DavidThe Color Purple
01/ 31/1986Camp DavidRocky IV
02/01/1986Camp DavidHannah and Her Sisters
02/21/1986Camp DavidJagged Edge
02/22/1986Camp DavidA Chorus Line
02/28/1986Camp DavidWinchester 73
03/01/1986Camp DavidIron Eagle
03/07/1986Camp DavidThe Trip to Bountiful
03/08/1986Camp DavidGuess Who's Coming to Dinner
03/14/1986Camp DavidMurphy's Romance
03/15/1986Camp DavidWoman of the Year
04/11/1986Camp DavidJust Between Friends
04/12/1986Camp DavidThe Money Pit
04/18/1986Camp DavidThe Winning Team
04/19/1986Camp DavidLucas
05/09/1986Camp DavidSweet Liberty
05/10/1986Camp DavidThe African Queen
05/30/1986Camp DavidTop Gun
05/31/1986Camp DavidThe Boy Who Could Fly
06/06/1986Camp DavidCobra
06/07/1986Camp DavidShort Circuit
06/13/1986Camp DavidKarate Kid II
06/14/1986Camp DavidRio Bravo
06/20/1986Camp DavidLegal Eagles
06/21/1986Camp DavidFerris Bueller's Day Off
07/11/1986Camp DavidThe Awful Truth
07/12/1986Camp DavidThe Magnificent Seven
07/25/1986Camp DavidPirates
07/26/1986Camp DavidA Room with a View
08/01/1986Camp DavidThe Last Days of Patton
08/02/1986Camp DavidNothing in Common
09/12/1986Camp DavidA Fine Mess
09/13/1986Camp DavidTough Guys
09/19/1986Camp DavidThat's Life
09/20/1986Camp DavidRustlers Rhapsody
09/26/1986Camp David'Night, Mother
09/27/1986Camp DavidCourage
10/03/1986Camp DavidRide the High Country
10/04/1986Camp DavidMarlene
10/17/1986Camp DavidKings Row
10/18/1986Camp DavidPeggy Sue Got Married
11/07/1986Camp DavidSoul Man
11/08/986Camp DavidRed River
11/14/1986Camp DavidThe Mission
11/21/1986Camp DavidHasty Heart
11/22/1986Camp DavidThe Mosquito Coast
12/05/1986Camp DavidCrocodile Dundee
12/06/1986Camp DavidHoosiers
12/19/1986Camp DavidCrimes of the Heart
12/20/1986Camp DavidStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home
01/16/1987Camp DavidBrighton Beach Memoirs
01/17/1987Camp DavidFor Whom the Bell Tolls
02/13/1987Camp DavidAn Affair to Remember
02/14/1987Camp DavidRadio Days
02/20/1987Camp David84 Charring Cross Road
02/21/1987Camp DavidOver the Top
03/06/1987Camp DavidAlong Came Jones
03/07/1987Camp DavidBilly Galvin
03/13/1987Camp DavidChildren of a Lesser God
03/14/1987Camp DavidMeet Me in St. Louis
03/20/1987Camp DavidRaising Arizona
03/21/1987Camp DavidSome Kind of Wonderful
04/25/1987Camp DavidThe Secret of My Success
05/02/1987Camp DavidHappy Birthday Hollywood
05/22/1987Camp David The Pirate
05/23/1987Camp DavidHarry and the Hendersons
05/29/1987Camp DavidYou Were Never Lovelier
05/30/1987Camp DavidMaltese Falcon
06/19/1987Camp DavidRoxanne
06/20/1987Camp DavidThe Bridges at Toko-Ri
06/26/1987Camp DavidThe Untouchables
06/27/1987Camp DavidThe Hucksters
07/03/1987Camp DavidSwingtime
07/04/1987Camp DavidFunny Face
07/17/1987Camp DavidThe Hanoi Hilton
07/18/1987Camp DavidDragnet
07/24/1987Camp DavidThe Living Daylights
07/25/1987Camp DavidRoman Holiday
08/01/1987White HouseTop Hat
08/07/1987Camp DavidNadine
08/08/1987Camp DavidWhistle Blower
09/11/1987Camp DavidHappy New Year
09/12/1987Camp DavidNinotchka
09/18/1987Camp DavidJohn Huston and the Dubliners
09/19/1987Camp DavidMy Life as a Dog
10/02/1987Camp DavidKnute Rockne, All American
10/03/1987Camp DavidPrincess Bride
10/09/1987Camp DavidBaby Boom
10/10/1987Camp DavidSurrender
10/23/1987Camp DavidRooster Cogburn
10/24/1987Camp DavidDancers
11/06/1987Camp DavidWhales of August
11/07/1987Camp DavidLove in the Afternoon
11/13/1987Camp DavidIt Happened one Night
11/14/1987Camp DavidHope and Glory
12/11/1987Camp DavidThree Men and a Baby
12/12/1987Camp DavidGilda
01/08/1988Camp DavidBroadcast News
01/09/1988Camp DavidEmpire of the Sun
01/15/1988Camp DavidThrow Momma from the Train
01/16/1988Camp DavidThe Last Emperor
01/22/1988Camp DavidMoonstruck
01/23/1988Camp DavidThe Dead
02/05/1988Camp DavidSanta Fe Trail
02/06/1988Camp DavidBad Day at Black Rock
02/19/1988Camp DavidYankee Doodle Dandy
02/20/1988Camp DavidThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre
03/11/1988Camp DavidShoot to Kill
03/12/1988Camp DavidSwitching Channels
04/15/1988Camp DavidA New Life
04/16/1988Camp DavidStand and Deliver
04/22/1988Camp DavidYou'll Never Get Rich
04/23/1988Camp DavidBiloxi Blues
05/06/1988Camp DavidEighteen Again
05/07/1988Camp DavidButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
05/13/1988Camp DavidFollow the Fleet
05/14/1988Camp DavidThe Searchers
06/10/1988Camp DavidCrocodile Dundee II
06/11/1988Camp DavidFunny Farm
07/01/1988Camp DavidThis is the Army
07/02/1988Camp DavidWho Framed Roger Rabbit?
07/29/1988Camp DavidBig
07/30/1988Camp DavidCabaret
09/16/1988Camp DavidThe Girl from Jones Beach
09/17/1988Camp DavidClean and Sober
09/18/1988White HouseYankee Doodle Dandy
09/23/1988Camp DavidEight Men Out
09/24/1988Camp DavidGorillas in the Mist
10/08/1988Camp DavidRunning on Empty
10/09/1988Camp DavidCrossing Delancey
10/21/1988Camp DavidThings Change
10/22/1988Camp DavidThat's Entertainment, Part II
11/11/1988Camp DavidWinchester 73
11/12/1988Camp DavidCocoon II: The Return
12/02/1988Camp DavidHow the West Was Won
12/03/1988Camp DavidWorking Girl
12/09/1988Camp DavidDestry Rides Again
12/10/1988Camp DavidNorth by Northwest
01/14/1989Camp DavidCattle Queen of Montana