03/10/1981-03/11/1982CanadaOttawaMeetings with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
07/19/1981-07/21/1981CanadaOttawaG7 Summit Events
07/19/1981-07/21/1981CanadaMontebelloSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit
10/21/1981-10/24/1981MexicoCancunNorth-South Summit, 22 Nations Summit
04/07/1982-04/08/1982 (04/07/1982)JamaicaKingstonMeet with Prime Minister Edward Seaga
04/07/1982-04/08/1982 (04/08/1982)BarbadosBridgetownMeeting with Leaders of Eastern Caribbean Countries
06/02/1982-06/04/1982 FranceParisLuncheon with President Francois Mitterand and Meeting US Embassy Personnel
06/04/1982-06/07/1982FranceVersaillesSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit
06/07/1982Vatican City Meeting with Pope John Paul II
06/07/1982ItalyRomeMeeting with President Pertini
06/08/1982-06/09/1982United KingdomLondonAddress to British Parliament; Dinner at Windsor Castle
06/09/1982-06/11/1982West GermanyBonnAddress to the Bundestag; NATO Meetings
06/11/1982West GermanyBerlinRemarks to the People of Berlin
10/08/1982MexicoTijuanaVisit with Mexican President-Elect Miguel de la Madrid
12/02/1982Brazil São Paulo Visit & Speech
12/03/1982ColombiaBogotá Luncheon with President Betancur
12/03/1982-12/04/1982Costa RicaSan José Remarks to the People of Costa Rica; Meetings with the President of El Salvador
12/04/1982HondurasSan Pedro SulaRemarks to the People of Honduras; Meeting with President Suazo and President of Guatemala, President Rios Montt
08/14/1983MexicoLa PazMeetings with President de la Madrid on the Environment in the Border Area
11/10/1983JapanTokyoMeetings with Prime Minister Nakasone
11/11/1983JapanTokyoAddress before the Japanese Diet; Japan-United States Energy Cooperation Agreement
11/12/1983-11/14/1983South Korea
11/12/1983South KoreaSeoulAddress the Korean National Assembly; State Dinner
11/13/1983South KoreaCamp Liberty Bell (DMZ)Remarks to Troops
11/14/1983South KoreaSeoulMeetings with President Chun Doo Hwan
04/26/1984-04/29/1984ChinaBeijingDinners with President Li Xiannian; Premier Zhoa Ziyang; Interviews with Chinese Media; Meetings with American Community
04/29/1984ChinaXi'ianVisit Ancient Chinese Sites Including the "Terra Cotta Army"
04/29/1984-04/30/1984ChinaBeijingSigning of Four US-China Agreements on Trade, Cultural Exchanges, Technology Exchanges and Management Training
04/30/1984ChinaShanghaiRemarks at the Shanghai Foxboro Co.
04/30/1984ChinaShanghaiRemarks and Q&A with Students at Fudan University
04/30/1984ChinaShanghaiBanquet with Mayor Wang Daohan
06/02/1984IrelandGalwayRemarks at University College
06/03/1984IrelandBallyporeenRemarks to the Citizens
06/03/1984-06/04/1984IrelandDublinAddress to a Joint Session of the Irish National Parliament
06/04/1984-06/10/1984United KingdomLondonPre-Summit; Summit and 40th Anniversary of Normandy Invasion
06/04/1984-06/06/1984United Kingdom LondonBilateral Meetings with Summit Countries; Dinner with Prime Minister Thatcher
06/06/1984FrancePointe du Hoc, Utah and Omaha Beaches - NormandyRemarks at Pointe du Hoc and Utah Beach
06/08/1984-06/09/1984United Kingdom LondonSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit; Conclusion Dinner at Buckingham Palace with Royal Family
03/17/1985-03/18/1985CanadaQuebec CityMeeting with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney regarding Acid Rain; Called "The Shamrock Summit"
04/30/1985-05/06/1985West GermanyG7 Summit; Visit to Bergen-Belsen, Bitbug Air Base, Hambach
05/03/1985-05/04/1985West GermayBonnSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit
05/05/19 85West GermanyBergen-Belson (Nazi Concentration Camp)Remarks at Commemorative Ceremony
05/05/1985West GermanyBitburg Air BaseRemarks at Joint German-American Military Cemetary
05/06/1985West GermanyHambachRemarks to Citizens
05/06/1985-05/08/1985SpainMadridRemarks to Community Leaders; Meeting with Prime Minister Gonzalez; State Dinner
05/08/1985FranceStrasbourgRemarks to a Special Session of the European Parliament
05/08/185-05/10/1985PortugalLisbonMeeting with Prime Minister Soares; Address to the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal; State Dinner
11/16/1985-11/21/1985SwitzerlandGenevaFirst Meeting with General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev; US-USSR Summit
11/21/1985BelgiumBrusselsNATO Briefing
01/03/1986MexicoMexicaliMeeting with Mexican President Miguel De la Madrid
02/20/1986GrenadaVisit & Remarks to Citizens
04/29/1986-05/02/1986IndonesiaBaliAddress to the Ministerial Meeting of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN); State Dinner
05/02/1986-05/03/1986JapanTokyoBilateral Meetings
05/04/1986JapanTokyoOpening Dinner hosted by Prime Minister Nakasone
05/05/1986-05/06/1986JapanTokyoSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit
10/09/1986-10/12/1986IcelandReykjavik"Pre-Summit" Meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev, US-USSR
04/05/1987-04/06/1987CanadaOttawaSummit with Prime Minister Mulroney re: Acid Rain, Defense Spending, Arctic Sovereignty; Address Canadian Parliament
06/03/1987-06/12/1987ItalyMogliano, Venice & Rome
06/03/1987-06/05/1987ItalyMoglianoSummit Preparation & Bilateral Meetings
06/06/1987Vatican CityMeeting with Pope John Paul II
06/06/1987ItalyRomeMeeting with Prime Minister Fanfini
06/09/1987-06/10/1987 ItalyVeniceSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit
06/12/1987West GermanyBerlin"Tear Down This Wall" Speech at Brandenburg Gate
06/12/1987West Germany BonnMeeting with Prime Minster Kohl and American Service Families Stationed in West Germany
02/13/1988MEXICOMazatlánMeeting with President Miguel De la Madrid
03/01/1988-03/03/1988BELGIUMBrusselsNATO Summit
05/26/1988-05/29/1988FINLANDHelsinkiPreparation and Breifings for Upcomign Meeting with General Secreatary Govrbachev
05/29/1988-06/02/1988USSRMoscow - US-USSR SummitUS-USSR Summit - Ratification of INF & Address to Moscow State University Students
06/02/1988-06/03/1988UKLondonTea with Queen Elizabeth; Bilateral with Prime Minister Thatcher
06/02/1988UKLondonTea with Queen Elizabeth
06/03/1988UKLondonBilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Takeshita; Address to Guild Hall of London
06/19/1988-06/21/1988CANADATorontoSummit of Industrialized Nations "G7" Economic Summit