1917-1918 – Silas Willard Elementary School, Galesburg, IL
1st grade
1918-1919 – Monmouth Central School, Monmouth, IL
2nd and 3rd grade (Reagan was promoted to 3rd grade early in school term)
1919-1920 – Tampico Grade School, Tampico, IL
4th grade and the start of 5th grade (September-December 1920)
1921-1924 – South Central Grammar School, Dixon, IL
5th Grade (January-June 1921) through 8th Grade
1924-1928 – Dixon High School and North Dixon High School, Dixon, IL
In 1925, during Reagan's 9th Grade year, Dixon High School was split into North and South campuses. He attended North Dixon High School for the remainder of his high school education. Although split, the two schools still shared graduation ceremonies, some athletic teams, etc.
1928-1932 – Eureka College, Eureka, IL
Graduated in June 1932 with a B.A. degree in Economics and Sociology

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