Statement by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Speakes on the Brazil-United States Panel on Cooperation in Science and Technology

September 10, 1986

Presidents Jose Sarney and Ronald Reagan, recognizing the important role of scientific research in sustaining economic growth and prosperity, agreed to undertake a special initiative for implementation of the U.S.-Brazil Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology. The Presidents decided to establish a high-level panel -- composed equally of eminent scientists, engineers, and governmental authorities from each country -- to present recommendations and suggestions of topics for bilateral cooperation in science and technology, focusing on selected priority areas of mutual strength and benefit. The binational panel will also suggest procedures to encourage and facilitate engagement of the private sectors of their countries. Cooperative projects would be financed jointly through resources to be allocated for this purpose by both countries.

The Presidents agreed that the panel on science and technology should begin its work, following bilateral consultations, within 60 days. The panel's report and recommendations will constitute an initial agenda for convening the joint commission provided for under the U.S.-Brazil Bilateral Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology.