Message to the House of Representatives Returning the Continuing Appropriations Bill Without Approval

October 9, 1986

To the House of Representatives:

I am returning herewith without my approval H.J. Res. 748, continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 1987 for two more days until the Congress can agree on a full-year budget.

The Congress has been informed of the Administration's position on a Continuing Resolution, including provisions that warrant my veto. As I had previously made clear, the provision included in this resolution providing for the rehire of air traffic controllers who engaged in the 1981 strike is totally unacceptable. I cannot accept this and certain other provisions included in this measure.

The Administration will continue to work closely with the Congress to reach agreement on an acceptable full-year Continuing Resolution. The Congress has had over eight months to do its job, and complete action on FY 1987 appropriations. The time for action is long past due.

The White House,

October 9, 1986.