Statement on the Death of Moshe Dayan of Israel

October 16, 1981

We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Moshe Dayan -- a courageous soldier and a great Israeli statesman. Dayan provided his nation with military leadership that was the envy of the world. His bold strategies brought him victory on the battlefield and respect from friend and foe alike.

His service as a statesman was no less distinguished. He demonstrated those inner qualities of goodwill and integrity that are essential for peace and security.

Seldom does a foreign general and a statesman receive such admiration from Americans as did Moshe Dayan. His image became to many the symbol of Israeli resolve -- the resolve of a great people to be free and independent, and a resolve shared by the people of the United States.

Reflecting on his passing and other recent tragic events, we must note that the Middle East may be entering a new era. Let us pray this will be an era of peace, when all nations and people in that region will live together in harmony. This, after all, was the cause of Moshe Dayan.