Joint Statement on the Establishment of the United States-German Youth Exchange Council

October 21, 1986

U.S.-German friendship and cooperation enhance our mutual interests. We are convinced that youth exchange of all kinds will help ensure that this friendship will flourish in the future. We agree on the need to have our succeeding generations play an increasingly active role in promoting this friendship. In recent decades there have been many youth exchanges between the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Recently, with the impetus of the Presidential Youth Exchange Initiative of 1982 and subsequent important contributions from the Federal Republic of Germany, bilateral exchanges have nearly tripled. To ensure that these exchanges will thrive, we have agreed to the creation of a U.S.-German Youth Exchange Council. Our two governments, as well as non-governmental organizations and individuals who have been involved in youth exchanges, or those who have played a leading role in U.S.-German relations, will be represented. The Council will provide advice on improving youth exchange programs, suggest new exchange initiatives, and explore additional funding resources. The Council will meet at least once a year in Washington or Bonn in connection with the cultural exchange talks between the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany.