Message to the Congress Reporting Budget Deferrals and Rescissions

October 23, 1981

To the Congress of the United States:

In accordance with the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, I herewith report 72 deferrals of fiscal year 1982 funds totaling $482.9 million. I am also reporting two new proposals to rescind $88.2 million in budget authority previously provided by the Congress.

Seventy-one of the deferrals totaling $391.6 million represent the second in a series of messages that I am transmitting deferring fiscal year 1982 funds made available by the Continuing Resolution, P.L. 97-51.

These actions are being taken in accord with the stated intent of the Congress to provide minimal and temporary funding for the duration of the Continuing Resolution which expires November 20, 1981. As indicated in my last special message of October 20, I plan to restrain spending to insure that the Congress has the opportunity to enact regular appropriations for the entire fiscal year at levels that are consistent with my revised budget request.

Deferrals under the Continuing Resolution are included in this special message for the Executive Office of the President and 20 departments and agencies.

I am also reporting in this message a deferral of $91.3 million for Veterans Administration construction pending completion of a project review and two rescission proposals for programs in the Department of Defense that are consistent with amendments to the Defense budget sent to the Congress on October 15.

The details of each rescission proposal and deferral are contained in the attached reports.

Ronald Reagan
The White House,
October 23, 1981.

Note: The attachments detailing the deferrals and proposed rescissions are printed in the Federal Register of October 30, 1981.