Nominations, November 16, 1981

Nomination of Kenneth Lee Brown To Be United States Ambassador to the Congo

November 16, 1981

The President today announced his intention to nominate Kenneth Lee Brown, of California, to be Ambassador to the People's Republic of the Congo. He would succeed William Lacy Swing.

Mr. Brown served in the United States Army Reserve as second lieutenant in 1960-61. He entered the Foreign Service in 1961 as consular, economic, and political officer in Algiers. In 1963-65 he was research analyst in the Department and political officer in Kinshasa in 1965-67. He was a fellow at the Center for International Studies at New York University in 1967-69. Mr. Brown was program officer at the Department of State Reception Center in New York City in 1969-70, and desk officer for Zambia and Malawi in the Department in 1970-72. He was political officer (1972-75) and information officer (1975-77) in Brussels. In the Department of State he was Deputy Director of the Press Office and Associate Spokesman (1977-79), Deputy Director of United Nations Political Affairs (1979-80), and since 1980 he has been Director of the Office of Central African Affairs.

Mr. Brown graduated from Pomona College (B.A., 1959); Yale University (M.A., 1960); and New York University (M.A., 1975). He is married, has two sons, and resides in Van Nuys, Calif. He was born December 6, 1936, in Seminole, Okla.

Nomination of Two Members of the Commission on Civil Rights, and Designation of Chairman and Vice Chairman

November 16, 1981

The President today announced his intention to nominate Clarence M. Pendleton, Jr., and Mary Louise Smith to be members of the Commission on Civil Rights. The President also announced his intention to designate Mr. Pendleton as Chairman and Mrs. Smith as Vice Chairman.

Since 1975 Mr. Pendleton has been president of the Urban League of San Diego, Calif. He is also president of the San Diego County Local Development Corp., a non-profit subsidiary of San Diego Urban League, Inc., and president of Building for Equal Opportunity (B.F.E.O.), a profit-making subsidiary of the San Diego Urban League. He was director of the Model Cities Department, city of San Diego, in 1972-75; director, urban affairs, National Recreation and Parks Association, in 1970-72; recreation coordinator, Model Cities Agency, city of Baltimore, Md., in 1968-70; and instructor in physical education and recreation, Howard University, Washington, D.C., in 1958-68. He has served on the Community Education Advisory Council, U.S. Office of Education, since 1979 and the Governor's Task Force on Affordable Housing, State of California, since 1978. Mr. Pendleton graduated from Howard University (B.S., 1954; M.A., 1962). He is married and resides in La Jolla, Calif. He was born November 10, 1930, in Louisville, Ky.

In 1961 Mrs. Smith became a member of the advisory board of the Iowa Federation of Women, a position she still holds. She served as vice chairman of the Wright County, Iowa, Republican Central Committee in 1962-63 and was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1964 and a delegate and member of the platform committee at the Republican Convention in 1968. She served as chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1974-77, and was the first woman of either major political party to organize and call to order a national convention in August of 1976. She is presently a member of the executive committee of the Republican National Committee and served as chairperson for the women's policy advisory board for the Reagan-Bush campaign. She graduated from the University of Iowa (A.B., 1935). She is widowed, has three children, and resides in Des Moines, Iowa. She was born October 6, 1914, in Eddyville, Iowa.