Statement Announcing Additional Federal Aid for Programs Relating to the Murdered and Missing Young People in Atlanta, Georgia

March 5, 1981

One of the most tragic problems facing our nation is the murder of 19 children and the disappearance of 2 others in Atlanta.

As President, I have expressed in the strongest terms my outrage regarding this crisis, and as a citizen, I continue to share the boundless hurt suffered by the stricken families and the community at large.

Vice President Bush has been deeply involved, at my personal request, in overseeing the Federal efforts -- now being coordinated by an Atlanta task force -- in both the investigative aspects of the cases and in providing needed heatlh and community services.

To further support this continued Federal affort and the efforts of local officials and agencies, I am announcing that an additional $979,000 in Federal funds for a variety of programs requested by Mayor Maynard Jackson will be forthcoming from the Justice Department and other Federal agencies.

These funds will be used to provide after-school guidance and care for 1,000 youths in six areas where most of the murders have occurred, to establish a 24-hour hotline to provide counseling for parents and children, and to provide facilities to house disadvantaged or homeless teenage youths. Additional programs will be created to involve the city's youth in crime prevention projects.

Part of the money will be used also to effectively coordinate and adminster the thousands of offers of aid that have been generously made from corporations, private citizens, State, Federal, and local agencies.

Of the total, $650,000 will be made available immediately from the Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and the remaining $329,000 will come from other Federal agencies with the juvenile justice agency coordinating that effort.

This aid is in addition to contributions of money or manpower from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, the Community Relations Service, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The senseless and brutal murders of these children is deeply and painfully etched in the consciousness of our people.

Along with all Americans, we hope that this nightmare will soon end.