Nominations, March 9, 1981

Nomination of Marc E. Leland To Be a Deputy Under Secretary of the Treasury, and Designation as an Assistant Secretary

March 9, 1981

The President today announced his intention to nominate Marc E. Leland to be a Deputy Under Secretary of the Treasury (International Affairs). Upon confirmation, the President will designate Mr. Leland to act as an Assistant Secretary of International Affairs.

Since 1978 Mr. Leland has served as a London resident partner with the firm of Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn. He was senior adviser to the U.S. delegation to the mutual balanced force reduction talks in Vienna, Austria, in 1976 - 78. In 1972 - 73 Mr. Leland was a partner with the firm of Cerf, Robinson & Leland of San Francisco, Calif. He was an associate and partner of that firm in 1964 - 68.

Mr. Leland served as General Counsel to the ACTION agency in 1971 - 72. He was General Counsel to the Peace Corps in 1970 - 71. In 1968 - 70 he was a faculty fellow in foreign and comparative law at Harvard Law School. Mr. Leland was a Ford Foundation fellow at the Institute of Comparative Law, University of Paris, France, in 1963 - 64.

Mr. Leland was graduated from Harvard University (B.A., 1959); St. John's College, Oxford University (B.A., 1961); University of California at Berkeley (J.D., 1963).

Mr. Leland is married and has two children. He resides in London, England. Mr. Leland was born in San Francisco, Calif., on April 20, 1938.

Nomination of Robert C. Odle, Jr., To Be an Assistant Secretary of Energy

March 9, 1981

The President today announced his intention to nominate Robert C. Odle, Jr., to be an Assistant Secretary of Energy (Congressional, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs).

Mr. Odle joined International Paper Co. in 1976 as Washington corporate affairs representative. In this position, he has specialized in liaison with Federal departments and agencies and has represented the company's position on matters before the Congress, particularly energy, energy tax, environmental, regulatory, and wage-price issues. He is president of the firm of Manarin, Odle, and Rector, Inc., in Alexandria, Va.

In 1973 - 76 Mr. Odle served as Deputy Assistant Secretary and as Acting Assistant Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 1971 - 73 he was director of administration, Committee to Re-elect the President. Mr. Odle was a staff assistant to the President in 1969 - 71.

Mr. Odle was graduated from Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich. (B.A., 1966); Detroit College of Law (J.D., 1969). He is a member of the Michigan and American Bar Associations.

Mr. Odle is married to the former Lydia Ann Karpinol. He was born in Port Huron, Mich., on February 15, 1944.