Memorandum on Federal Cooperation With the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

March 12, 1981

Memorandum for the Heads of Agencies Represented on the Western Federal Regional Council (Region IX)
Subject: Coordination with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

The States of California and Nevada have recently amended their bi-state compact to encourage the wise use and conservation of the waters of Lake Tahoe and of the resources of the area around the Lake. The Congress of the United States approved of that compact (Public Law 96 - 551). It is important that the Federal government cooperate with the bi-state efforts of that compact, not compete with it.

All Executive agencies shall cooperate with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency with respect to their activities which take place within or affect the Lake Tahoe Region. All such cooperation should be coordinated through the Representative of the United States serving on the Governing Board of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Zane G. Smith, Jr., Regional Forester of the Pacific Southwest Region of the United States Forest Service.

Ronald Reagan