Remarks on the Program for Economy Recovery at a Breakfast Meeting With the Republican Congressional Leadership

March 17, 1981

Well, I thank you both, and I thank you all. I think the very evidence of our meeting here this morning, in the eyes of the public, this early in the morning is an indication that we are prepared to work together, and I'm looking forward to it. And I also appreciate this opportunity to thank all of you, because you not only have been cooperating, you have put it on a fast track, this program of ours. A schedule already has been agreed to and set as to where we're going to go with it.

And I am optimistic, possibly because of what both you and Bob have said about the people. Every indication, every evidence -- and I know this true in your own mail; it is in ours at the White House and anytime we go out among the people -- we find that they are in support of this program. They know that something has to be done, different than we've been doing things from some time past.

So, I'm convinced that together we're going to be able to get this problem and get the economy of this country back on the upturn where it should be, take our rightful place once again out in world competition. And that means, for our people, bringing to an end the inflation that's been destroying them at every level and putting our people back to work who are out there who know now the indignity of unemployment.

So, I'll come up to the Hill as often as necessary. We've been busy down at our end, as you well know, sending things here. We thought every once in a while we'd better come down here. [Laughter] But actually we're here now because now we've passed that stage, and we're at the stage where together we must go forward and get this program for the people of this country.

Note: The President spoke at 8:15 a.m. in Room S - 207 of the Capitol. He was introduced by Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr., of Tennessee, majority leader of the Senate, and Representative Robert H. Michel of Illinois, minority leader of the House of Representatives.