Remarks Following Discussions With Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez Marquez in Madrid, Spain

May 7, 1985

I want to thank President Gonzalez for our very productive discussions today and for his wonderful Spanish hospitality.

I also want to say how at home a Californian like me feels in these lovely surroundings. We owe so much to the history and the heritage of Spain.

The United States and Spain have long been friends and close allies. Our discussions today demonstrated a broad degree of agreement on the kind of world that our two democracies want to help bring about. Where there were differences, I think we both profited from the particular perspectives that we bring to the challenges we face.

Spain is making an important contribution to Western security through NATO and our bilateral agreement. We appreciate Spain's support for our efforts to negotiate deep reductions in offensive nuclear arsenals. And we agree on the pressing need to strengthen peace and security in Europe and throughout the world.

I expressed my congratulations to President Gonzalez for the successful conclusion of the negotiations on Spain's entry into the European Community. I know that Spain was worked hard for years to achieve this goal, and we have supported you throughout.

We noted that further efforts are needed to strengthen peace, democracy, and economic progress in Central and South America. And I know this is a region of special interest to Spain as it is to the United States.

And I also expressed to the President, and want to emphasize again to the Spanish people, how deeply the people of the United States admire what Spain has accomplished in one short decade.

Mr. President, Spain's example has made spirits soar everywhere that people strive for democracy. Many nations, especially in Latin America, are following your lead.

So, it's an honor to be here, to benefit from your views and to give you and all Spaniards the very deepest wishes of the people of the United States for continued success.

Note: The President spoke to reporters at 3:18 p.m. in the garden at Moncloa Palace. Earlier, the President and the Prime Minister met privately and then attended an expanded meeting and a working luncheon at the Palace.