Letter Accepting the Resignation of Michael K. Deaver as Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff

May 10, 1985

Dear Mike:

You know I've accepted your resignation orally but I suppose I have to put something down on paper -- after all, this is Washington. The only place I haven't accepted it is in my heart, and there I never will.

I've come to the conclusion that Nancy and I will both agree you will bodily leave the West Wing. You will no longer bear a government title. You will not actually handle such things as schedule, trips, etc., but that's as far as we go. You will continue to be a part of our lives. We will have concern -- one for the other, and refuse surgery that would in any way remove you from a relationship that is part of our life-support system. In return, we will continue to be eternally grateful.




Dear Mr. President:

It is with sincere mixed emotions that I write this letter of resignation as Deputy Chief of Staff of the White House.

During these four and one half years I've experienced the most personally rewarding and satisfying time of my life.

Probably the most exciting part of this experience for me has been the thrill of seeing you, Mr. President, rise to the great challenges under difficult circumstances and achieve success.

To say I'm grateful for this opportunity falls way short of my true feelings. I'll always remember these years with fondness and pride.

Please remember, I'm always there if either you or Nancy need me.

God bless you both.



Note: The originals were not available for verification of the content of these letters.