Statement by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Speakes on Illegal Drug Trafficking Between Mexico and the United States

May 30, 1986

Drug-related corruption is a serious problem in Mexico, as it is in every drug producing, transiting, and consuming nation. The Government of Mexico shares our concern about the corruption and also shares our belief that the problem is best countered by coordinated efforts to eliminate the evils associated with the drug trade.

The Mexican and U.S. Governments have been engaged for many years in joint efforts to reduce drug production in Mexico. We have had considerable success in the past. However, we have been concerned about recent increases in drug production and transhipment. Accordingly, we are increasing our efforts to improve U.S.-Mexican cooperation to meet the challenges posed by powerful and wealthy international drug traffickers. The Mexican drug eradication program has become more effective, and there is a closer coordination between U.S. and Mexican authorities in investigating major traffickers and their organizations.

The Mexican Government is committed to overcoming the obstacles and achieving success in its antinarcotics programs. It has affirmed its commitment to investigate and prosecute any persons involved in drug trafficking or corruption, regardless of their position in the government or society. And we are resolved to continue working closely in a responsible manner with President De la Madrid and his administration to combat drug trafficking in Mexico. The meetings between Attorney General Meese and Mexican Attorney General Garcia have been particularly useful in strengthening our joint antinarcotics efforts. These meetings have been frank and productive. We intend to continue our joint efforts to eliminate the scourge of international drug trafficking.