Memorandum on the Combined Federal Campaign

July 2, 1981

Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

The Honorable Malcolm Baldrige, Secretary of Commerce, has agreed to serve this year as Chairman of the Combined Federal Campaign for the National Capital Area.

Combined in this campaign are the annual fundraising efforts of the United Way, the National Health Agencies, local non-federated voluntary agencies and the American Red Cross. Through the CFC, Federal Employees have the opportunity to help our neighbors and fellow citizens without going through government channels. We have the chance to prove what people can do on their own.

In America, we have traditionally accepted the responsibility of individual giving for good causes. The values that cause us to care for our neighbors, our countrymen and people in faraway lands are the values that make us great.

I request that you serve personally as Chairman of the Combined Campaign in your organization and appoint a top assistant as your Vice Chairman. Please advise Secretary Baldrige of the person you designate as your Vice Chairman.

Ronald Reagan