Statement on the Death of John Willard Marriott

August 14, 1985 J.W. Marriott was a living example of the American dream. From modest beginnings in Ogden, Utah, he rose to become one of the world's most successful and respected businessmen, but he never lost the values of honesty, decency, and hard work instilled in him as a youth. He built an enterprise and raised a family, both of which are models for us all.

No one ever had an unkind word about Bill Marriott -- only words of praise and admiration for a man who never stopped caring about others. He never quite got used to the trappings of status that his hard-earned success brought, preferring instead the quiet and unpretentious world of life on his farm with his beloved family.

Nancy and I will always remember Bill Marriott's friendship and many kindnesses. We will miss him and extend our deepest sympathy to his family.