Letter to President-elect Amin Gemayel of Lebanon on His Election

Letter to President-elect Amin Gemayel of Lebanon on His Election

September 22, 1982 Dear Mr. President-elect:

The American people join me in congratulating you upon your election as President of Lebanon. We are proud to stand beside your courageous nation as our friends in Lebanon again overcome adversity in exercising the democratic and constitutional tradition that our nations share.

In my September 20 address to the American people, I restated the basic objectives of the U.S. relationship with Lebanon. ``First and foremost,'' I said, ``we seek the restoration of a strong and stable central government'' in Lebanon, ``brought into being by orderly constitutional processes.'' Your election as President sets Lebanon firmly on the path to national reconciliation behind a strong government with a broad mandate from the people of Lebanon.

You have our pledge that the United States will remain a staunch partner and friend to Lebanon as you set out upon the difficult and challenging tasks ahead. The American nation and I extend to you and all Lebanese our very best wishes for the future.


Ronald Reagan

[His Excellency Amin Gemayel, President-elect of the Republic of Lebanon, Beirut]

Note: As printed above, this item follows the text of the President's letter which was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on September 23.