Statement on Congressional Action on Fiscal Year 1986 Appropriations Bills

September 30, 1985

I am pleased that the Congress has passed H.J. Res. 388, an acceptable continuing resolution. Now action on the regular fiscal year 1986 appropriations bills must proceed without delay.

I urge the Congress to pass all the individual bills promptly within the levels assumed in the congressional budget resolution and to present to me bills that are consistent with both the need for restraint in domestic spending and support of the defense and international interests of the Nation. As we meet with the Soviets to discuss sensitive and important arms control issues, it is particularly important that we not be hindered by lack of congressional action on or inadequate support for our FY '86 national security programs.

If the Congress cannot hold spending at its own budget resolution guidelines, we will not have meaningful deficit reduction. The performance to date is not encouraging. Only two of the House-passed appropriations bills for domestic programs are within the guidelines of the budget resolution. We will be working with the Congress to achieve a more responsible outcome.

Note: H.J. Res. 338, approved September 30, was assigned Public Law No. 99-103.