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Terri Munroe Audiovisual Collection

Terri Munroe Audiovisual Collection : January 1985 (1 item) This collection consists of an audio recording of an Interview of Greg Jarvis (Payload Specialist on the Space Shuttle "Challenger") by Terr...

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Facts about Ronald Reagan

Physical Characteristics Height: 6'1" Hair: Brown Weight: 180-184 lbs . Eyes: Blue Generally right-handed Ruddy complexion (did not require face makeup for movie roles) Eyesight - Nearsighted since ch...

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Facts about Rancho del Cielo

Rancho del Cielo was the Reagan's small (688 acres) ranch near Santa Barbara.  The Reagans purchased the ranch in 1974, near the end of his second term as California Governor.  It was used frequently ...

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Domestic Trips of President Reagan

1981 DATE CITY STATE EVENT 03/13/1981-03/15/1984 New York City NY Westway Highway Project 05/17/ 1981 South Bend IN Notre Dame University Commencement Address 05/27/1981 West Point NY U.S. Military Ac...

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Press Conferences of Ronald Reagan

President Reagan taking questions at his 37th press conference in the East Room Video Date Time Location 1 (Tape #14a) downloadable mp4 January 29, 1981 (01/29/1981) 4:00 pm Old Executive Office Build...

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White House Staff, 1981-1989

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list of all White House staff during the Reagan Administration *Indicates the Library does not currently have a collection for this individual ABDOO, HELEN TER...

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Inauguration Facts

First Inauguration as President (January 20, 1981 (01/20/1981)) Reagan's 1981 Inaugural Address Singer: Juanita Booker (amateur singer from Los Angeles) Invocation and Benediction: Rev. Donn Moomaw, S...

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The Chronology of the Reagan Presidency, 1981-1989

1979-1980 11/13/1979 Announcement for Presidential Candidacy 07/16/1980 Ronald Reagan Wins the Presidential Nomination at the Republican National Convention, Detroit, Michigan 10/28/1980 Reagan/Carter...

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