Ronald Reagan Post-Presidency Chronology

January 20 - Leaves White House, returns to California
February 6 - Celebrates his birthday at the Bistro Garden Restaurant, Los Angeles
April 26 - At his office in Century City, California, Reagan meets with President Bush for the first time since leaving the Presidency
June 13 - Gives the annual Winston Churchill Lecture to the English-Speaking Union, London
June 14 - Receives honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II
June 15 - In Paris, Reagan is inducted into the Academy of Moral and Political Science, and attends celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower
July 4 - While vacationing in Mexico, Reagan sustains bruises, and other apparently superficial injuries, after being bucked off a horse
July 11 - Serves as guest television announcer for the first inning of baseball’s All-Star Game, Anaheim Stadium, California
July 21 - Inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City
September 8 - Visits the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. for a routine physical; fluid discovered on his brain (attributed to his July accident with the horse); Mayo Clinic doctors perform surgery to remove the fluid, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester
September 15 - Visited at St. Mary’s Hospital by Soviet politician Boris Yeltsin; discharged from the hospital later that day
October 23 - In Japan, Reagan is awarded a medal, the Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, by the Japanese government
October 27 - Gives address in Tokyo
October 28 - Gives address in Osaka
November 15 - First post-presidential visit to the White House, for the unveiling of his official - Presidential portrait

February 5 - Ordered to give videotaped testimony for the ongoing trial of Iran-Contra figure John Poindexter
February 6 - Celebrates his birthday in Nassau, The Bahamas
February 16-17 In Los Angeles, gives a total of seven hours of videotaped testimony for the trial of John Poindexter
February 22 - Reagan’s videotaped Iran-Contra testimony is screened for media representatives
March 20-21  Reagan’s videotaped Iran-Contra testimony is shown to the jury trying John Poindexter in Washington, DC
April 12 - Gives address at the ceremony dedicating the Reagan Library’s section of the Berlin Wall
May 25 - Postponement of planned trip to Europe, following the discovery of intestinal adhesions (scar tissue) caused by his 1985 cancer surgery
June 4 - Meets with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, in San Francisco
July 17 - Meets with former President Nixon, at the Century City office; the Nixons and Reagans have dinner together, at Reagan’s Bel-Air home
July 19 - Reagan gives an address at the dedication of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, Yorba Linda, Calif.
July 21 - Participates in opening ceremonies for the Goodwill Games, Seattle
July 27 - Gives address at the Eisenhower Boyhood Home, Abilene, Kansas, on the 100th anniversary of Dwight Eisenhower’s birth
September 10 - Begins 10-day European trip with arrival in Berlin
September 12 - In Berlin, tours the Brandenburg Gate and the remaining portions of the Berlin Wall
September 14 - Addresses the Polish Parliament, in Warsaw
September 15 - Addresses shipyard workers at Gdansk, Poland
September 16 - Arrives in Moscow, following visit to Leningrad
September 17 - In Moscow, visits Soviet President Gorbachev, and addresses the International Affairs Committee of the Supreme Soviet
September 18 - Meets with Russian Republic President Yeltsin, in Moscow
September 19 - Audience with Pope John Paul II, at Vatican City, before returning to the United States
November 9 - Dedicates a sculpture at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri, to mark the first anniversary of the beginning of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall
December 5 - Addresses the Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge, England

February 4 - Tours the unfinished Reagan Presidential Library with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
February 6 - Celebrates his 80th birthday at a Reagan Library fundraiser held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, Calif.
March 23 - Tours the unfinished Reagan Presidential Library with Polish President Lech Walesa
March 28 - Washington, DC, events: Meets with President Bush at the White House; dedicates the Ronald Reagan Institute for Emergency Medicine, George Washington University, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the March 30, 1981 assassination attempt; in his dedicatory remarks for the Institute, declares his support for the Brady handgun control bill
April 5 - Attends celebration of the 50th anniversary of the USO, at Universal City, Calif.
July 15 - Addresses the Captive Nations Week Conference, Los Angeles
November 4 - Gives address at the dedication of the Ronald Reagan Library and Center for Public Affairs, Simi Valley, California

February 6 - Surprise birthday party for Reagan, at the Reagan Library
April 13 - In Las Vegas, receives a glass statue award from the National Association of Broadcasters; a member of the audience (Paul Springer of Arcadia, Calif.) rushes onstage and smashes the award
May 3 - At his California ranch (Rancho del Cielo), visits with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
May 4 - Presents the first Ronald Reagan Freedom Award to Mikhail Gorbachev, and dedicates the Ronald Reagan Center for Public Affairs, in ceremonies held at the Reagan Library
August 8 - Address at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, West Branch, Iowa
August 17 - Addresses the Republican National Convention, Houston
September 13 - Accompanies President Bush’s re-election campaign, and gives a campaign speech for Bush, in Orange County, California
November 27 - Meetings with President-elect Bill Clinton, at Reagan’s Century City office
December 4 - Addresses the Oxford Union Society at Oxford University, England

January 4 - Reagan and Jimmy Carter named joint recipients of the first Spark M. Matsunaga Medals for Peace
January 13 - Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush
February 6 - Celebrates his birthday at a Reagan Center for Public Affairs fundraiser held at the Reagan Library; tours the Library’s museum with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a guest at the fundraiser
April 5 - Speaks at a Reagan Library event honoring Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada
May 15 - Gives the commencement address at The Citadel, Charleston, SC
July 30 - Accompanies former President Nixon on an unpublicized tour of the Reagan Library
November 9 - Presents the second Ronald Reagan Freedom Award to General Colin Powell, in ceremonies held at the Reagan Library

February 3 - Attends Republican National Convention’s Annual Gala in Washington, DC; gala theme is “A Tribute to Ronald Reagan”
March 17 - In a letter (made public) to former Senator Paul Laxalt, Reagan admits to being “pretty steamed” over allegations made by Iran-Contra figure (and US Senate candidate) Oliver North, concerning Reagan’s role in the Iran-Contra affair
April 27 - Attends the funeral of Richard Nixon at the Nixon Library and Birthplace, Yorba Linda, Calif.
May 4 - In a letter sent to all members of the House of Representatives, former Presidents Reagan, Carter and Ford urge support of a bill banning the domestic manufacture of military-style assault weapons
September - Makes videotaped support statements for use by Republican candidates for office nationwide
November 5 - Writes letter announcing that he has Alzheimer’s Disease; letter is made publicly available later that day
November 22 - Tours the Reagan Library Christmas exhibits – first public appearance since the public announcement of his Alzheimer’s Disease
December through early Jan -  Makes his last annual New Year’s visit to the Annenberg estate, Rancho Mirage, Calif.

February 6 - Attends birthday party at his Century City office
July 18 - Lesion on his neck is removed during his annual physical, at the Mayo Clinic
October 31 - Ronald and Nancy Reagan announce the establishment an institute (the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute) dedicated to the study of Alzheimer’s Disease

February 6 - 85th birthday celebration and Reagan Library fundraiser, at Chasen’s restaurant, West Hollywood; Reagan does not attend
August 12 - Salute to Ronald Reagan at the Republican National Convention, San Diego, climaxed by an address to the convention by Nancy Reagan
August 19 - Announcement that Rancho del Cielo (Reagan’s California ranch) is for sale
September 3 - Reagan is awarded reimbursement for legal fees incurred as a result of the Iran‑Contra investigation, since no Iran-Contra charges were ever filed against him

February 6 - Celebrates his birthday at his Century City Office
August 31 - Statement issued by Reagan concerning the death of Princess Diana

February 6 - Celebrates his birthday at his Century City office
April 21 - Sale of Rancho del Cielo to Young America’s Foundation is finalized

February 6 - Celebrates his birthday at home
July 19 - Statement issued by Ronald and Nancy Reagan concerning the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

February 6 - Reagan celebrates his birthday at home

January 12 - Reagan breaks his hip in a fall at his house, and is taken to St. John’s Medical Center (Santa Monica, Calif.)
January 20 - At St. John’s Medical Center, Ronald and Nancy Reagan watch the inauguration of George W. Bush. Reagan goes home later that day.
February 6 - Reagan becomes only the third US President to reach the age of 90
October 11 - Reagan becomes the United States’ longest-lived President, surpassing John Adams

February 6 - Reagan celebrates his birthday at home
May 16 - Ronald and Nancy Reagan are awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, in a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol that Mrs. Reagan attends

February 6 - Reagan celebrates his birthday at home

February 6 - Reagan celebrates his birthday at home
June 5 - Reagan passes away at home, at age 93
June 7 - Private ceremony, for close relatives and friends, at the Reagan Library
June 7-8 - Laying in repose, for the public to pay respects, at the Reagan Library
June 9 - Casket flown to Washington, DC; procession to US Capitol; State Funeral in the Capitol Rotunda
June 9-11 - Laying in state, for the public to pay respects, in the Capitol Rotunda
June 11 - National Funeral Service at Washington National Cathedral; casket flown back to California; procession to the Reagan Library; Private Interment Service at the Reagan Library