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President Reagan Signing H.R. 4170 the Deficit
Reduction Act of 1984 in the oval office, 7/18/84

The Reagan Digital Library is a virtual research room and digital repository that provides free and open access to the digitized collections of the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Library & Museum to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a lover of history, a student working on a school project, or a scholar, the Reagan Digital Library allows you to browse through archival documents, just as you could if you came to the Library’s research room in-person. 

Digitized photographs and contact sheets and inventories of audio and video recordings are available on the Audiovisual collection page. Some videos from the Administration are available on our YouTube Channel.

Speeches, public messages, statements, and news conference remarks are available in the Public Papers of the President.

For directions on how to cite Reagan Library records, visit our citation guidelines page. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a visit to our Research Room, contact one of our reference archivists at 


Declassified Documents

Chile Declassification Project

September, 2016 Documents Released

Argentina Declassification Project

December, 2016 Documents Released

Staff and Office Collections

Chief of Staff

Baker, Howard H. Jr.: Files

Cicconi, James W.: Files

Deputy Chief of Staff

Deaver, Michael K.: Files

 Office of the President

The President's Daily Diary

Presidential Briefing Papers

National Security Council

Executive Secretariat

National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs)

National Security Study Directives (NSSDs)

White House Counsel

Roberts, John G.: Files (Associate Counsel)

Gubernatorial Collections

Governor's Papers of the Press Unit

Donated Collections

National Security Affairs, Office of Assistant to the President

Allen, Richard: Papers

Topic Guides

Alito, Samuel

Assassination Attempt on the President


Scalia, Antonin

Smith, Samantha

Soviet Union


Trump, Donald