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01/20/1981, First Inaugural Address, U.S. Capitol, (WHTV #1A, 21:00) Downloadable mp4

02/05/1981, Address to the Nation on the Economy, Oval Office, (WHCA R91, 21:00) Downloadable mp4 

02/18/1981, Address on the Program for Economic Recovery, Joint Session of Congress, (WHCA R100, 40:00) Downloadable mp4 

04/28/1981, Address on the Program for Economic Recovery, Joint Session of Congress (First speech after assassination attempt), (WHCA R198, 23:00) Downloadable mp4

07/27/1981 Address to the Nation on Federal Tax Reduction Legislation, Oval Office, (WHCA R312, 23:00) Downloadable mp4

08/03/1981Address on the Air Traffic Controllers Strike, Rose Garden, (WHCA R331, 12:00) Downloadable mp4 

09/24/1981, Address to the Nation on the Economic Recovery, Oval Office, (WHCA R385, 28:00) Downloadable mp4

11/18/1981, Address on Strategic Arms Reduction Talks-START (Zero Option Speech), National Press Club, Washington DC (WHCA R518, 24:00) Downloadable mp4 

12/23/1981Address to the Nation on Christmas and the situation in Poland, Oval Office, (WHCA R571, 20:00) Downloadable mp4

01/26/1982, State of the Union Address, (Social Programs transferred to States) Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #002-003, 43:00) Downloadable mp4 

04/29/1982Address to the Nation on the Federal Budget, Oval Office (WHCA R784, 18:00) Downloadable mp4

05/09/1982, Address to Eureka College Graduating Class of 1982, Eureka College, Illinois (WHTV #141, 132, 28:00) Downloadable mp4

06/08/1982Address to the British Parliament, Royal Gallery at the Palace of Westminster, London (WHCA R894, 33:00) Downloadable mp4

06/09/1982Address to the Bundestag, Bundehaus, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, (WHTV #213, 211, 31:00) Downloadable mp4

06/17/1982, Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations (Special Session on Disarmament, "Agenda for Peace"), United Nations, NYC, (WHTV #268, 25:00) Downloadable mp4

08/16/1982,  Address to the Nation on the Tax and Budget Legislation, Oval Office, (WHCA R996, 22:00) Downloadable mp4 

09/1/1982, Address to the Nation on the U.S. Policy in the Middle East, KNBC-TV studios, California, (WHCA R1016, 22:00) Downloadable mp4 

09/20/1982Address to the Nation on Lebanon, Oval Office, (WHTV #348, 7:41) Downloadable mp4 

10/13/1982Address to the Nation on the Economy, Oval Office, (WHCA R1105, 20:00) Downloadable mp4

11/22/1982, Address to the Nation on Arms Reduction and Nuclear Deterrence (MX Missile), Oval Office, (WHCA R1180, 23:00) Downloadable mp4 

01/25/1983, State of the Union Address, (Federal Spending Freeze) Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #592-594, 48:00) Downloadable mp4 

03/08/1983Address to the National Association of Evangelicals ("Evil Empire" Speech), Sheraton Twin Towers Hotel, Orlando, FL, (WHTV #701-702, 30:00) *Last few minutes of video copy of speech are missing. Downloadable mp4 

03/10/1983, Address on Central America and El Salvador, Annual Meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers, Washington Hilton Hotel (WHTV #708, 30:00) Downloadable mp4 

03/23/1983Address to the Nation on National Security ("Star Wars" SDI Speech), Oval Office, (WHCA R1357, 29:00) Downloadable mp4 

04/11/1983, Address to the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Capitol Centre, Landover, Maryland (WHTV #781, 21:00) Downloadable mp4 

04/27/1983Address on Central America, Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #825, 826, 35:00) Downloadable mp4 

09/05/1983, Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner (KAL 007), Oval Office, (WHCA R1597, 16:00) Downloadable mp4

09/26/1983, Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, United Nations, New York City, (WHCA R1622, 23:00) Downloadable mp4 

10/27/1983Address to the Nation on Lebanon and Grenada, Oval Office, (WHCA R1683, 25:00) Downloadable mp4

11/02/1983, Address upon establishing the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. as a holiday, Rose Garden, White House, (WHTV #C15, 11:00) Downloadable mp4 

11/04/1983Address on the U.S. Casualties in Lebanon and Grenada, Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, North Carolina (WHTV #C18, 11:00) Downloadable mp4 

11/11/1983Address before the Japanese Diet, Tokyo, Japan (WHTV #C29, 30:00) Downloadable mp4 

11/13/1983Remarks to the American Troops at Camp Liberty Bell (DMZ), Republic of Korea (WHTV #C43, 13:00) Downloadable mp4 

01/16/1984Address to the Nation and Other Countries on United States-Soviet Relations, East Room, White House, WHTV #D41, 24:00) Downloadable mp4 

01/25/1984State of the Union Address, (America is back with 4 Great Goals) Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #D58-D59, 48:00) Downloadable mp4

01/29/1984Address to the Nation Announcing Reagan's candidacy for reelection, Oval Office, (WHCA R1829, 5:00) Downloadable mp4 

05/09/1984Address to the Nation on Central America, Oval Office, (WHCA R1964, 28:00) Downloadable mp4 

05/28/1984Remarks honoring the Vietnam War's Unknown, Arlington National Cemetery, (WHTV #G52, 17:00) Downloadable mp4 

06/04/1984Address Before a Joint Session of the Irish National Parliament, Dublin, Ireland, (WHTV #G82, G83, 37:00) Downloadable mp4 

06/06/1984Address at the U.S. Ranger Monument Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, Pointe Du Hoc, Normandy, France, (WHTV #G88, 13:00) Downloadable mp4 

06/06/1984Address at the Omaha Beach Memorial Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, Omaha Beach, France, (WHTV #G89, 9:00) Downloadable mp4 

8/23/1984Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address, Republican National Convention, Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas (WHCA R2163, 50:00) Downloadable mp4 

09/24/1984Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, United Nations, New York City, (WHTV #058, 35:00) Downloadable mp4

10/07/1984Presidential Debate with Walter Mondale (Domestic Issues), Louisville, Kentucky, (WHCA R2239B, R2239C 100:00) Downloadable mp4

10/12/1984Remarks during Whistlestop Tour of Ohio (six speeches on the train route), (WHTV #27-33)

Dayton downloadable mp4 

Sidney downloadable mp4

Lima downloadable mp4

Deshler downloadable mp4

Ottawa downloadable mp4

Perrysburg downloadable mp4

10/21/1984Presidential Debate with Walter Mondale (Defense and Foreign Policy), Convention Center Music Hall, Kansas City, Missouri (WHCA R2265B, R2265C 90:00) Downloadable mp4 

10/26/1984Remarks at Reagan-Bush Rally in Fairfield, Connecticut, (WHTV #081, 27:00) Downloadable mp4