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01/21/1985,  Second Inaugural Address, U.S. Capitol, (WHCA R2481, 2484, 20:00) Downloadable mp4 

02/06/1985, State of the Union Address, (American Revolution II) Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #259-260, 44:00) Downloadable mp4 

04/24/1985Address to the Nation on the Federal Budget and Deficit Reduction, Oval Office, (WHCA R2633, 23:00) Downloadable mp4 

05/05/1985Speech at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Memorial, Federal Republic of Germany, (WHTV #436, 9:00) Downloadable mp4 

05/05/1985Speech at Bitburg Air Base, Federal Republic of Germany, (WHCA R2649-2652, WHTV #440-441, 13:00) Downloadable mp4

05/08/1985Address to European Parliament ("Soviet Military"), Strasbourg, France, (WHTV #456-457, 46:00) Downloadable mp4 

05/28/1985Address to the Nation on Tax Reform, Oval Office, (WHCA R2685, 20:00) Downloadable mp4

06/30/1985, Address to the Nation on the Release of the TWA Hostages, Oval Office, (WHCA R2734, WHTV #619, 4:00) Downloadable mp4

07/08/1985Speech at the Annual Convention of the American Bar Association, ("Terrorist States"), DAR Constitution Hall, (WHTV #612-613, 30:00)Downloadable mp4 

10/24/1985Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, (40th Anniversary on "Fresh Start" with Soviet Union). United Nations, New York City, (WHTV #083, 29:00) Downloadable mp4

11/14/1985Address to the Nation on the Upcoming Soviet-United States Summit in Geneva, Oval Office, (WHCA R2900, WHTV #106, 18:00) Downloadable mp4 

11/21/1985Address following the Soviet-United States Summit Meeting in Geneva, Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #124-125, 20:00) Downloadable mp4

12/16/1985, Remarks at a Memorial Service for 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky (WHTV #163, 7:00) Downloadable mp4 

01/28/1986Address to the Nation on the Explosion of the Space Shuttle "Challenger", Oval Office, (WHTV #242, 4:22) Downloadable mp4 

02/04/1986State of the Union Address (Welfare Plan) Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #262-263, 34:00) Downloadable mp4 

02/26/1986Address to the Nation on National Security, Oval Office, (WHTV #313, 23:00) Downloadable mp4 

03/16/1986Address to the Nation on the Situation in Nicaragua, Oval Office, (WHTV #350, 21:00) Downloadable mp4 

04/14/1986, Address to the Nation on the Air Strike Against Libya, Oval Office, (WHCA R3165-3168, 7:00) Downloadable mp4 

06/24/1986Address to the Nation on Aid to the Contras, Oval Office, (WHTV #570, 27:00) Downloadable mp4 

07/03/1986Address at the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration, Governors Island, New York Harbor, (WHTV #582, 14:05) Downloadable mp4 

09/14/1986Address to the Nation on the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (presented jointly with Nancy Reagan), White House Residence, (WHTV #701, 19:40) Downloadable mp4

09/22/1986Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, (Arms Reduction Progress) United Nations, NYC, (WHTV #721, 32:00) Downloadable mp4 

10/01/1986Address at the Dedication of the Carter Presidential Center, Jimmy Carter Library, Atlanta, (WHTV #003, 21:00) Downloadable mp4

10/13/1986Address to the Nation on the Meetings with Gorbachev in Iceland, Oval Office, (WHTV #032, 20:00) Downloadable mp4 

10/22/1986Remarks on Signing the Tax Reform Act into Law, South Lawn, White House, (WHTV #047, 16:00) Downloadable mp4 

11/13/1986Address to the Nation on the Iran-Contra Controversy, Oval Office, (WHTV #118, 14:00) Downloadable mp4 

12/02/1986Address to the Nation on the Investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair, Oval Office, (WHTV #141, 5:30) Downloadable mp4

01/27/1987State of the Union Address, (I'm back") Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #194-195, 43:00) Downloadable mp4 

03/04/1987Address to the Nation on the Iran-Contra Controversy ("Tower Report"), Oval Office, (WHTV #245, 12:00) Downloadable mp4

05/22/1987, Remarks at a Memorial Service for Crew members of U.S.S. Stark, Jacksonville, Florida, (WHTV #392, 15:00) Downloadable mp4 

06/12/1987Address at the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin Wall), Berlin, (WHTV #439, 26:00) Downloadable mp4 

06/15/1987Address to the Nation on Arms Reduction and the Venice Summit, Oval Office, (WHTV #449, 19:13) Downloadable mp4

07/03/1987Fourth of July Address on America's Economic Bill of Rights, Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC, (WHTV #492-493, 27:46) Downloadable mp4

08/12/1987, Address to the Nation on the Iran-Contra Affair, Oval Office, (WHTV #563, 15:33) Downloadable mp4

09/21/1987Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, (INF Agreement and Iran) United Nations, New York City, (WHTV #624, 32:00) Downloadable mp4

10/14/1987, Address to the Nation on the Supreme Court Nomination of Robert H. Bork, Oval Office, (WHTV #030, 8:30) Downloadable mp4

12/10/1987Address to the Nation on the Soviet-U.S. Summit Meeting, Oval Office, (WHTV #176, 18:16) Downloadable mp4

01/25/1988State of the Union Address ("We're not finished yet-Budget Process) Joint Session of Congress, (WHTV #248- 250, 46:00) Downloadable mp4

02/02/1988Address to the Nation on Aid to the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance, Oval Office, (WHTV #268, 22:00) Downloadable mp4

05/31/1988Address at Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR (WHTV #533-535, 40:00) Downloadable mp4

06/03/1988Address to Members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London,  Guildhall, United Kingdom, (WHTV #552-553, 30:00) Downloadable mp4

08/15/1988Farewell Address, Republican National Convention, Superdome, New Orleans, (WHTV #721-722, 46:00) Downloadable mp4

09/26/1988Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, (Disarmament), United Nations, New York City, (WHTV #805, 40:00) Downloadable mp4

11/11/1988Remarks at the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC, (WHTV #123, 10:00) Downloadable mp4

12/13/1988Address to Administration Officials on Domestic Policy, Constitution Hall, Washington DC, (WHTV #180-181, 33:00) Downloadable mp4

12/16/1988Address on Foreign Policy, Cabell Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, (WHTV #188-189,  52:00) Downloadable mp4

01/11/1989Farewell Address to the Nation, Oval Office, (WHTV #214, 21:00) Downloadable mp4