1981-1984, Photographs compiled for Michael Evans' photograph exhibit "Portrait Project" at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 1985 and the book People and Power: Portraits from the Federal Village. The collection is in the public domain. 

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/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me1355-8.jpgME1355-8, Ronald Wilson Reagan, President of the United States, 1981-89.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me223-2.jpgME223-2, George Herbert Walker Bush, Vice-President of the United States, 1981-89.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me833-11.jpgME833-11, Lee Atwater, 1984 Campaign Deputy Director.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me671-1.jpgME671-1, James Baker, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, 1981-85. Secretary of Labor, 1985-88.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me807-1.jpgME807-1, Terrel Bell, Secretary of Education, 1981-84.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me298-1.jpgME298-1, William Casey, Director of Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), 1981-87.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me215-2.jpgME968-2, Richard Cheney, U.S. Congressman, 1979-89.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me215-2.jpgME215-2, William Clark, Secretary of the Interior, 1983-85.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me664-6.jpgME664-6, Michael Deaver, Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff, 1981-85.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me342-8.jpgME342-8, Alexander Haig, Secretary of State, 1981-1982.

ME232-2, John Herrington, Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel, 1983-85. Secretary of Energy, 1985-89.

ME485-6, Drew Lewis, Secretary of Transportation, 1981-83.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me278-2.jpgME278-2, Robert McFarlane, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, 1983-85.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me1670-10.jpgME1670-10, Ann Dore McLaughlin, Secretary of Labor, 1987-89.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me784-7.jpgME784-7, Edwin Meese, Counsellor to the President, 1981-85. Attorney General, 1985-88.

ME626-10, Sandra Day O'Connor Supreme Court Associate Justice, 1981-2006.

ME352-10, Donald Regan, Secretary of Labor, 1981-85. Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, 1985-87.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me794-12.jpgME794-12, George Shultz, Secretary of State, 1982-1989.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me522-10.jpgME522-10, Larry Speakes, Deputy Press Secretary, 1981-87.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me1456-9.jpgME1456-9, General John Vessey Jr., Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me680-10.jpgME680-10, William Webster, Director of the FBI, 1978-87, Director of the CIA, 1978-91.

/public/archives/photographs/thumbnails/me755-6.jpgME755-6, Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, 1981-87.