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Michael R. Gale is a lobbyist and a former member of the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations.

Gale is from New York and graduated from Great Neck North High School. He has an undergraduate and law degree from American University, Washington, DC. His undergraduate degree is in government and public administration.

Michael Gale left a position as a lobbyist with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to join the White House staff in June 1982. Prior to his AIPAC position, he had been Deputy Director of the National Jewish Republican Coalition during the 1980 Presidential campaign. When Gale left the Reagan White House in December 1983, he was replaced by Marshall Breger.

Gale has been an active lobbyist since 1994 with an emphasis on international trade issues. He is currently running his own lobbying firm.


Some of the material within the Michael Gale collection predates his time at the White House. Included is work product from other Office of Public Liaison staff such as Jack Burgess and Diana Lozano.

For a fuller comprehension of the work of public liaison to the American Jewish community during the Reagan administration, see also collections for Marshall Breger, Max Green, Jacob Stein, and Matt Zachari.

This collection consists of five series: SERIES I: Organizations; SERIES II: Subject File; SERIES III: Events; SERIES IV: Correspondence and Reports; and SERIES V: Beth Barnes, February 1982-June 1982.

SERIES I: ORGANIZATIONS (2,4 l.ft.; Box 1-7)
SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE (1.7 l.ft.; Box 7-11)
SERIES III: EVENTS (1.4 l.ft.; Box 11-14)
SERIES V: BETH BARNES FILES, FEBRUARY 1982-JUNE 1982 (0.6 l.ft.; Box 16-17)

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