Office of Appointments and Scheduling

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Office of Appointments and Scheduling; Deputy Director, 1982

Office of Appointments and Scheduling; Special Assistant to the President and Director of Appointments and Scheduling, 1983-1989

Private Sector Initiatives; Special Assistant to the President for Private Sector Initiatives, 1985-1989 (See separate inventory)


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Biographical Note

Frederick Ryan served as the Chief of Staff of the Office of Ronald Reagan after the President left office in January 1989. He now serves as Chairman of the Board of the Reagan Foundation, the private organization affiliated with the Reagan Library.

Office Information

Frederick Ryan was the third Director of the Office of Appointments and Scheduling, a position he held until the end of the administration. The first director, Gregory Newell, has a small collection at the Library. The second director, William Sadlier, does not have a collection. However, Sadlier’s work product can be found within various office series.

From 1985 until the end of the Administration, Mr. Ryan also served as the head of the White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives. See separate inventory for material pertaining to his Private Sector Initiatives role.



There is only a small amount of work product for Mr. Ryan within this office. The day-to-day function of maintaining schedules and appointments for the President are contained within the Office series. Ryan worked primarily outside of this office with other staff members, particularly Michael Deaver when he was at the White House, in shaping the President’s schedule.

This collection has been arranged in five series. They are: Series I: Chronological File; Series II: Subject File; Series III: Long-Range Scheduling Meetings; Series IV: Monday Morning Memos; Series V: Events Scheduling Decision Memos.

SERIES I: CHRONOLOGICAL FILE, 1985-1988 (0.2 l.ft., Box 1)

This series consists of outgoing memos on events, meetings, and other topics, outgoing letters regarding invitations and scheduling, and a small number of incoming letters. This material is arranged in chronological order.

SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE, 1983-1987 (0.5 l.ft., Boxes 1-2)

The subject file consists of memos, schedules, schedule proposals, reports, meeting agendas, speech outlines, talking points, letters, and notes regarding events and appointments for the President. Also present is correspondence regarding Presidential Medal of Freedom nominations. This series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

SERIES III: LONG-RANGE SCHEDULING MEETINGS, 1982-1988 (0.6 l.ft., Boxes 2-4)

This series consists of meeting agendas from Long-Range Scheduling Meetings regarding scheduling requests. The agendas are arranged chronologically.

SERIES IV: MONDAY MORNING MEMOS, 1982-1984 (0.5 l.ft., Boxes 4-5)

This series consists of briefing memos, meeting agendas, schedules, issues updates, and issue tracking reports pertaining to weekly update meetings held with the President. This material is arranged chronologically by meeting date.


This series consists of memos to Michael Deaver and members of his staff, James Rosebush and Don Regan from Fred Ryan reviewing long range scheduling themes, getting approval for specific planned events and suggestions for making scheduling more efficient. It is arranged in chronological order.

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