The Library compiled these meeting topics from the case files within FG010-02 (Cabinet Council Meetings). This is not a comprehensive list of Cabinet Council meetings and/or topics, it constitutes the case files regarding Cabinet Council meetings within this category. The material is arranged by the date of the meeting. If known, the President's attendance is noted. Some of these meeting were never held or cancelled later.

In some case the "Cabinet Matters" number is included with the specific issues. The "CM" numbers were part of a computerized management system for tracking issues and actions regarding issues used mostly by Edwin Meese, Counsellor to the President and Craig Fuller, Assistant to the President for Cabinet Affairs.

Cabinet Council meeting material can be found in numerous staff collections, most notably Cabinet Affairs staff members and office collection and Office of Policy Development collections. With the arrival of new Chief of Staff Donald Regan in March 1985, the Cabinet Council system was changed and all management of issues and outstanding actions were collapsed into two councils: Domestic Policy Council (DPC) and the Economic Policy Council (EPC)

Cabinet Councils were:
Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade (CCCT)
Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs (CCEA)
Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture (CCFA)
Cabinet Council on Human Resources (CCHR)
Cabinet Council on Legal Policy (CCLP)
Cabinet Council on Management and Administration (CCMA)
Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment (CCNRE)

The table consists of the date of the meeting (Column 1); case file number (Column 2); Cabinet Council name (Column 3) and topic/issues (Column 4).

DateCase FileCabinet CouncilTopic/Issue
03/06/1981000129CCEAReport on the Economic Outlook (Murray Weidenbaum)
Report on the March 10 Budget Reduction Proposals (David Stockman)
Preparations for the Presidential Trip to Canada (William Clark/Secretary Baldridge)
Council Procedures (Secretary Regan)
Developments in the Thrift Industry (Secretary Regan)
03/09/1981 000131 CCEAPresidential Trip to Canada: Economic Issues
Polish Debt Situation
Developments in the Thrift Industry
03/12/1981000154CCNREDeveloping Procedures and Agenda
03/16/1981000156CCHRRole and Procedures of the Council (Edwin Meese)(Martin Anderson)
Issue for Early Consideration / General discussion of the types of issues which may me before The Council in the near future (Secretary Schweiker)
03/16/1981000157CCFA[Farm Bill]
03/18/1981000163CCNRE[Clean Air Act Working Groups]
03/18/1981 000164; 000173 CCEADevelopments in the Thrift Industry
Polish Debt Situation
The Young Minimum Wage Differential
03/19/1981000166CCCTPolicy on Control of Exports to Eastern Bloc Countries
Enterprise Zones
03/20/1981000169; 000173 CCEAYouth Differential Minimum Wage
The Presidential Tax Program
03/23/1981000171CCEAThe Coal Miner's Strike (The President/Secretary Donovan)
Activities of the Council (Secretary Regan)
Review of the Economic Outlook (Murray Wiedenbaum)
The President's Tax Program (Secretary Regan)
Polish Debt Rescheduling Negotiations (CM 31) (Secretary Haig)
Youth Differential Minimum Wage  (CM 32) (Secretary Donovan)
03/26/1981 000188CCEATargeted Jobs Tax Credit [CM 35]
The Thrift Industry [CM 34]
Cost-of-Living Adjustments and Entitlement Programs (DOT) [CM 30]
Conrail (Secretary Lewis)
03/31/1981000200CCEATargeted Jobs Tax Credit (CM 35)
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Financing (CM 40)
Conrail (Lewis)
04/02/1981000205CCCTEast-West Trade Policy and Export Controls (Secretary Baldridge)   (CM 41)
Enterprise Zones (Secretary Baldridge)   (CM 42)
04/03/1981000206CCNREIssuance of Leases for Oil Exploration on Outer-Continental Shelf Lands off California (CM 43)
04/07/1981000211; 000216 CCEAReview of The Economic Outlook (Murray Weidenbaum)
Restructuring The Northeast Rail Service (CM 44) (Secretary Lewis)
04/09/1981000216; 000236 CCEAThe Thrift Industry (CM 34)
04/15/1981 000228CCCTEast/West Trade Paper
Coal Export Policy (CM 46)
Ottawa Summit (CM 45)
04/16/1981000236CCEA IRS Role in Federal Debt Collection (Roger Porter)
04/16/1981018506CCEAOverview of Debt Collection Issues
Re-disclosure of Addresses by Federal Agencies
Tax Refund Offset
Screening Applicants for Federal Credit
Recapturing Investment Tax Credits and Depreciation Associated with Defaulted Federal Loans
04/22/1981000301CCNREStrategy For Further Action on the Clean Air Act (CM 49)
Administration Testimony on Repeal of The Fuel Use Act
Briefing on Options Under Consideration for Funding The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (CM 40) (Secretary Edwards)
04/23/1981000647CCNRECalifornia OCS Leasing (CM 43)
04/24/1981018506CCEAPolish Debt Situation (CM 31)
Update on the FY 1981 Budget (CM 2)
Business Tax Cuts
04/24/1981018506CCEAPolish Debt Rescheduling
Status Update on FY 1981 Budget
04/28/1981018524CCEAStrategic Petroleum Reserve
Financing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (CM 40)
04/29/1981018521CCNRENatural Gas Decontrol (CM 53)
Strategy for Developing National Water Policy
04/30/1981018526; 018531 CCEADomestic Monetary Policy (CM 51)
Developments in Financial Markets (CM 52)
05/05/1981018531CCEAStrategic Petroleum Reserve Financing (CM 40)
Accelerated Cost Recovery Systems
Exchange Rate Intervention Policy (CM 52)
05/05/1981018532CCEAGuidelines for Release of the 300,000 ton Humanitarian Wheat Reserve (CM 52)
International Wheat Council Issues (CM 58)
Review of Future Council Issues
Update on Administration Farm Bill (CM 26)
05/06/1981018543CCCTCoal Export Policy (CM 46)
Enterprise Zones (CM 42)
05/07/1981018547; 018564 CCEAReport on the Thrift Industry Working Group (CM 34)
Status of the FY 1981 Budget
05/12/1981018567CCEAReview of Economic Outlook
FY 81 Budget (CM 71)
05/13/1981018565CCNREStrategy Item: Strategy for Developing a National Strategic Minerals Policy
Strategy Item: Animal Damage (Predator) Control
Information Item: State of the National Parks and National Forests (Interior Secretary)
Information Item: Louisiana v. Watt, et al and Texas v. Watt, et al (Interior Secretary)
Information Item: Status of Litigation of the OCS Sale 53 (Attorney General)
05/14/1981018572CCEAIRS and Federal Debt Collection: Tax Refund Offsets (CM 48)
Accelerated Cost Recovery System (CM 72)
05/20/1981018557CCCTOttawa Summit: East-West Trade Agenda
U.S. Trade Policy Statement
Presidential Letter on Multilateral Development Banks
05/20/1981018586CCCTInternational Wheat Reserve (CM 58)
05/22/1981018591CCEAFiscal Year 1981 Budget (CM 71)
05/26/1981018599CCEAOttawa Summit: Macroeconomic Policy Paper (CM 45)
Polish Debt Situation (CM 31)
05/28/1981018600CCNREOttawa Summit: Energy Issues (CM 45)
Position on Oil Emergency Preparedness Legislation (CM 76)
05/28/1981018607CCEAReport of the Thrift Industry Working Group (CM 34)
05/29/1981 018612CCCTU.S.-Mexican Trade Relations (CM 77)
06/02/1981018623CCEAAccelerated Cost Recovery System   (ACRS)
Issues Associated with the U.S. Savings Rate
06/04/1981018625CCEAThe President’s Regulatory Relief Program (CM 12)
Development in the Thrift Industry (CM 34) (Roger Mehle)
06/08/1981018632CCNRE[Draft Policy Statement on] Nuclear Power (CM 78) (Secretary Edwards)
Northern California OCS Sale [#53]   (Secretary Watt)(CM 43)
Natural Gas Demand Restraint Memo (Secretary Watt)(CM 53)
06/09/1981018636CCHRACTION Volunteer Outreach for Vietnam Veterans (Tom Pauken)
06/10/1981018634 CCEA Report of the Working Group on Cost-of-Living Adjustments and Federal Programs (CM 30)
06/10/1981018654CCNREClean Air Act (CM 49)
06/16/1981018654CCEAReview of the Economic Outlook (Jim Jordan)
Economic Assumptions (Jim Jordan)
Review of Developments in Financial Markets (Beryl Sprinkel)
06/18/1981018657CCEAThe Davis Bacon Act (CM 87) (T. Ryan)
Review of the Current Status of the Budget Reconciliation Process (David Stockman)
06/19/1981018659CCNREClean Air Act (CM 49)
Oil Emergency Preparedness Authorities (CM 76)
Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (CM 83
06/23/1981018667CCEAPreparations for the Ottawa Eccnomic Summit (CM 45)
06/24/1981 018668 CCNREAlaska Natural Gas Transportation System (CM 84)
Study of Organizational Changes to Power Marketing Administration (CM 83)(Johnson [DOE])
06/25/1981 030518; 041709 CCEAPreparations for The Ottawa Economic Summit (CM 45): Trade Policy (Brock)
Preparations for The Ottawa Economic Summit (CM 45): East-West Economic Relations (Robert Hormats)
Preparations for The Ottawa Economic Summit (CM 45): Energy Policy (Robert Hormats)
06/29/1981 018900 CCEAPreparations for the Ottawa Economic Summit (CM 45)
Report on the Meeting of the Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee
07/01/1981018902 CCNRE[Review of Alaskan Gas Pipeline Issue]
07/01/1981 018905 CCEAStatus of the Tax Bill (CM 93)
Reform of the Longshoremen’s and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (CM 91)
07/02/1981 018664 CCCTShoe Import Restrictions (Ambassador Brock)(CM 33)
07/08/1981 018906 CCNREPolicy on Discontinuation of River Basin Commissions (CM 92)
Natural Gas Pricing Policy (CM89)
07/09/1981 018907 CCEAReview of the Economic Outlook
Progress Report on Budget Reconciliation
07/14/1981 018910 CCEABudget Reconciliation (CM 94)
The Tax Bill
Report of the Thrift Industry Working Group (CM 34)
07/15/1981 018909 CCCTSteel Industry Update [Trigger Price Mechanism) (CM 96)(Secretary Baldridge)
07/15/1981018911 CCNREOuter Continental Shelf Leasing Act
Louisiana Suit (CM 97)
Coastal Barriers (CM 98)
Export of Domestic Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (CM 85) Not Discussed
07/15/1981 018913 CCEAMajor League Baseball Strike (Donovan)
Tax Policy: Gasoline Tax
Economic and Financial Situation in Poland (CM 31)
International Investment Policy: Potential Problems of Direct Investments in the United States by Foreign Government Controlled Companies (CM99)
07/16/1981 018912 CCCTTelecommunications Policy
07/22/1981 018915 CCNRESynthetic Fuels Projects: TOSCO, Union and Air Plants (Secretary Edwards)(CM 102)
07/22/1981 018914 CCNREExport of Domestic Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (CM 85) [Carried over from 07/15/1981
07/23/1981 018916 CCEAReport on the Ottawa Economic Summit (CM 45)
International Investment Policy: Mineral Lands Leasing Act of 1920 (CM 103)
07/28/1981 018745 CCCT[Enterprise Zones]
07/28/1981018917 CCEAReport of the Working Group on Cost of Living Adjustments and Federal Programs (CM 30)
The Tax Bill (CM 93)
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Withdrawal Policy (CM 107)
07/28/1981 018918;
CCCTTelecommunications Policy (CM 82)
07/29/1981 018919 CCEAReport of the Thrift Industry Working Group (CM 34)
International Investment Policy: Mineral Lands Leasing Act of 1920 (CM 103)
07/30/1981 018920; 018925 CCNRE[Export of Domestically Produced Crude Oil (Secretary Lewis)]
Natural Gas Deregulation (CM 53)
Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (CM 83)
07/31/1981 018922CCEAReview of the Economic Outlook: CEA Update July 31, 1981 (CM 109)
Review of The Tax Bill (Secretary Regan)(CM 93)
Air Traffic Controllers Situation (Secretary Lewis)
CCEAReport on the Air Traffic Controllers Strike (Secretary Lewis)
Report of the Pension Policy Working Group (Bill Niskanen)(CM 112)
Developments in Financial Markets (Beryl Sprinkel, Larry Kudlow)(CM 111)
08/05/1981 018925;
CCNRENatural Gas Deregulation (CM 53)
Synthetic Fuels Projects: Status of TOSCO and ANR Plants (CM 102)
08/06/1981 018927;
CCEAEconomic and Financial Situation in Poland (Marc Leland)(CM 114)
International Investment Policy (Marc Leland)(CM 116)
Cancun Summit (CM 115)
08/12/1981018929 CCCTEnterprise Zones (CM 42)(Robert Carleson/Steve Savas)
09/03/1981 018935 CCNRECoal Slurry Pipeline (CM 121) [Working Group Report] (Secretary Watt)
Water Resources (CM 54)(Bill Gianelli)
09/08/1981018937CCEAFederal Credit Policy [Working Group Report][Larry Kudlow](CM 113)
Polish Economic and Financial Situation (CM 114)
09/08/1981018938CCNREStrategic Minerals (CM 50)
09/10/1981018939CCFAAgricultural Land Conversion (CM 122)
09/10/1981018940CCEAReport of the Working Group on Economic Statistics (CM 123)
International Investment Policy: Margin Requirements Proposed Legislation (CM 124)
09/15/1981018942CCEAReport of the Thrift Industry Working Group (Melde)
09/16/1981018944CCCTEnterprise Zone [proposal](CM 42)(Robert Carleson/Steve Savas)
09/17/1981018945CCEAReport of the Thrift Industry Working Group (CM 34)
Federal Credit Policy (CM 113)(Larry Kudlow)
09/18/1981 018947CCEAInternational Sector of The U.S. Economy (Jim Jordan)
US Exchange Market Intervention Policy (Beryl Sprinkel)
09/22/1981018948CCEALongshoremen’s and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act Reform (CM 91)
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Withdrawal Policy (CM 107)
Alaskan Oil Exports
09/23/1981018950CCNRENatural Gas Deregulation (CM 53)
Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (CM 83)
Nuclear Policy Statement (CM 78)
Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Rate (CM 128)
09/23/1981018951CCEAFederal Credit Policy (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
Assessment of Multilateral Development Banks (Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 126)
Report of the Pension Policy Working Group (CM 112)
09/29/1981018953CCCTAdministration Amendment to S. 898, The Telecommunications Competition and Deregulation Act of 1981 (CM 82)
CCCTThe Thrift Industry (CM 34)
CCEACancun Summit (CM 115)
10/07/1981018961CCCTMaritime Policy (Secretary Lewis)
CCNRE[CM78] Nuclear Power Statement (Secretary Edwards)
[CM53] Natural Gas Decontrol (Secretary Edwards)
CCEAReview of The Economic Outlook (CM 109)
Economic Conditions in The Fare Sector (CM 130)
CCEACancun Summit
10/15/1981018967CCEAFinancial Institutions Restructuring and Services Act of 1981 (CM 132)
Direct Real Estate Investment by Depository Institutions (CM 116)
International Investment Policy: Kuwaiti Investment in Santa Fe International Corporation (CM 116)
10/20/1981018969CCNREStrategic Minerals (CM 50)
10/20/1981018970CCEAReserve Enhancement Measures
10/26/1981018971CCEA Report on The Cancun Summit (Secretary Regan)(CM 115)
Consumer Price Index [Calculation](Norwood)(CM 123)
Pension Policy (Bill Niskanen)(CM 112)
Federal Credit Policy (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
CCEAFederal Credit Policy [cont.] (Larry Kudlow)
CCCTMaritime Policy (CM 120)
U.S.-Canada Bilateral Economic Relations (CM 139)
Enterprise Zones (CM 42)
11/03/1981018976CCEATax Treatment of the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)
11/05/1981018977CCNRE Meeting
with the President
Coal Slurry Pipelines (CM 121)
11/05/1981018978CCNREOil Exports Ban (CM 85)
11/05/1981018984CCNRE[Oil Exports Ban (CM 85)]
[Working Group on User Fees in Federal Recreational Areas (WAH)]
11/05/1981 018982 CCEADevelopments in the Thrift Industry (Roger Mehle)
Financial Institutions Reform [Working Group Report] (Roger Mehle)
11/06/1981018990CCHRSchool Lunch Meal Pattern Regulations (Secretary Block)(CM 146)
Food Safety [Working Group Report] (McMillan/Hayes)(CM 137)
11/10/1981018985CCEAPension Policy (CM 112)
Review of The Economic Outlook (CM 109)
Balance of Payments and Merchandise Trade (CM 150)
11/12/1981018989CCNRE[Coal Slurry Pipelines (Secretary Watt/ Secretary Brock/ Martin Anderson)(CM 121)
11/12/1981047082CCEAFinancial Market Developments (Beryl Sprinkel)
International Investment Policy
Kuwait Petroleum Investment in Santa Fe International
11/13/1981018990CCCTU.S. Postal Service Electronic Mail (Winder/Bilger)(CM 140)
Steel Industry: The Trigger Price Mechanism Update (Oliver)(CM 96)
Status Report on The U.S. Automobile Industry (Dedreick)(CM 155)
018991; 129394
CCHRDepartment of Education Reorganization (CM 158) (Secretary Bell)
11/24/1981050110CCEATax Treatment of Federal National Mortgage Association (Secretary Regan)
Changes in the Savings Bonds Program (Roger Mehle)
U.S.-China Joint Economic Committee (Secretary Regan)
Financial Institutions Reform (Roger Mehle)
Economic Development: Inflation (Murray Weidenbaum)
11/25/1981018992 CCEACancun Agricultural Task Forces
Farmland Preservation
11/25/1981026567CCEASocial Security Reform [Working Group Report] (Secretary Schweiker)
048512CCEATransfer of Federal Programs and Revenue Resources (Working Group Report)
11/30/1981050100CCEAPoland: Economic and Financial Situation (Robert Hormats) (Marc Leland)(CM 114)
12/02/1981050101CCCTEnterprise Zones (CM 42)
12/04/1981050102CCEAFederal Credit Policy (Working Group Report) (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
Housing and Construction Industry (Jim Jordan)(CM 148)
12/08/1981050103CCEAEconomic Impact of The Defense Buildup (Murray Weidenbaum)(CM 151)
Defense Impact on Private Sector Wages and Salaries (Frank Carlucci)(CM 147)
12/08/1981050104CCNREDepartment of Energy Dismantlement (CM 163)
12/09/1981050105CCHRPro-Competition Health Care Proposals (Secretary Schweiker /HHS Staff)(CM 141)
12/09/1981050107CCCTU.S. Postal Service Electronic Mail Services (Wunder/Bolger)(CM 140)
Minority Business (Dan Smith)(CM 119)
UDAG Program Evaluation (Steve Savas)(CM 154)
12/10/1981050108CCEAFederal Credit Policy (Pierce/Kudlow)
12/15/1981050112CCNREDepartment of Energy Dismantlement (CM 163)
12/15/1981052899Pro-Competition Health Care Proposals (Secretary Schweiker/Robert Rubin)(CM141)
12/16/1981050113CCCTLandsat Activities Transfer to The Private Sector ( Working Group Report )(Byrne)(CM 106)
U.S. Postal Service Electronic Mail Services (Working Group Report) (CM 140)
High Technology (Oliver)(CM 129)
12/17/1981050117CCEATransportation User Fees (CM 174)
Federal Credit Policy (CM 113)
CCCTEnterprise Zones (CM 42)
Japan Non-Tariff Trade Barriers (CM 169)
Multifiber Agreement (CM80)
12/18/1981050119CCEAReport of the Working Group on the Transfer of Federal Programs and Revenue Resources (Gray)
(CM 110)
12/22/1981050121CCEADisposal of CCC Surplus Commodities (Cheese)(CM 178)
Cancun Agricultural Task Forces: Update from AID
Agricultural Land Conversion (CM 122)
(Polish Food Issues)
12/22/1981053334CCCTJapan Non-Tariff Trade Barriers (MacDonald)(CM 169)
Multifiber Agreement (Ambassador Brock)(CM 80)
Enterprise Zones (Working Group Report)(Robert Carleson)(CM 42)
12/30/1981050124CCFASection 32 Permanent Authority
01/05/1982050134CCHRPro-Competition Health Plan (Working Group Report)(CM 141)
01/07/1982050126CCEAEmployment and Training Policy (Donovan)
01/08/1982050129CCCTAuto Industry Issues
U.S.-Canada Economic Relations (Ambassador Brock)(CM 139)
Steel Industry Update (CM 96)(Secretary Baldridge)
Trade Relations with Japan (Ambassador Brock)(CM 155)
25% Tariff on Non-Duty Trades (Ambassador Brock)
Clean Air Act Amendments (The Vice President)
Auto Task Force (Secretary Baldridge)
Pending Regulations (The Vice President)
Pending Regulations (The Vice President)
Tax Credit Policy (Murray Weidenbaum)
01/03/1982050130CCEAEconomic Forecast (CM 134)(Murray Weidenbaum)
Budget Outlook (CM 127)
01/19/1982050135; 050133 CCEAEconomic and Financial Conditions in the Farm Sector (Secretary Block)(CM 130)
Tax Expenditure Policy (Working Group Report)(John Clapton/Norman Ture)(CM 180)
01/21/1982050137CCEAInternational Economic Developments (Beryl Sprinkel)
Review of the Economic Outlook (Larry Kudlow)
01/21/1982050139CCHRKidney Dialysis Rate Regulations (Secretary Schweiker)(CM 181)
HHS Family Planning
01/28/1982050141CCNREProposed Principles and Guidelines for Water Projects (Report of Water Resources Working Group)
(CM 54)(William Gianelli)
01/28/1982050148CCEAReview of the Economic Outlook (Murray Weidenbaum)(CM 127)
Financial Institution Reform (Secretary Regan)(CM 149)
Unemployment and The Unemployment Compensation Act (Secretary Donovan)(CM 190)
01/29/1982050144CCHRHHS Proposed Family Planning Regulations (Secretary Schweiker)
Federal Employee Health Insurance (Don Devine)
01/29/1982050145CCEAAssessment of the Multilateral Development Banks (CM 126) (Beryl Sprinkel)
Polish Debt (CM 131)(Marc Leland)
Hungarian and Polish Applications for Membership in the International Monetary Fund (CM 31)(Marc Leland)
02/02/1982050146CCEAEmployment and Training Policy (Working Group Report)(Al Angrisani)(CM 38)
Mineral Lands Leasing Act (Secretary Watt)
02/03/1982050147CCCTEEC Competition Directorate Ruling on IBM (Sherman Unger)(CM 196)
U.S. Nuclear Equipment Industry (CM 182)(Lionel Olmer)
Report on the Effects of [on] U.S. Exporting Firms of Japanese Government Activities to Reduce Non-tariff Trade Barriers (Lionel Olmer)(CM 169)
U.S. Postal Service: Private Express Statutes (William Baxter)(CM 197)
02/05/1982050150CCEAThe FY 1983 Budget (David Stockman)(CM 127)
Conditions in the Thrift Industry (Pratt)(CM 34)
02/08/1982050151CCEA[Annual] Report of the Council of Economic Advisers to The President (CM 198)
Report of the Working Group on LDC Financial Problems
02/10/1982050153CCCTJapanese Government Actions to Reduce Non-tariff Trade Barriers (CM 169)(Lionel Olmer)
Report on Small Business and Competition (Working Group Report)(Dan Smith)
Telecommunications Policy (CM 82)(Bernard Wunder)
02/11/1982050154CCEAReport of the Working Group on LDC
Financial Problems (Marc Leland)(Robert Hormats)(see also 02/08/1982 meeting)
Report of the Working Group on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CM 203) (Roger Mehle)
02/11/1982050154, 050155 CCEAEmployment and Training Policy (CM 38)(Secretary Donovan)
Federal Property Review Program (CM 168)(Trent)
The Housing Industry: Conditions Deferred
02/19/1982050158CCNREClean Water Act (CM 199) (Working Group Report)(Ann Gorsuch/J. Hernandez)
02/23/1982050157CCEAAgricultural Export Policy (CM 204)
02/23/1982050161 CCEAReport of the Working Group on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Roger Mehle)(CM 203)
Financial Market Developments (Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 111)
02/24/1982050163CCHRPro Competition Health Plan (Working Group Report)(Secretary Schweiker/Robert Rubin/Moran)
03/01/1982050169CCEAConditions in the Thrift Industry (Richard Pratt)(CM 34)
03/03/1982050170CCEAAgricultural Commodity Options (Working Group Report)(William Lesher)(CM 213)
Unitary Taxation (John Chapoton)(CM 214)
03/03/1982050171CCCTU.S.-Japan Trade Issues (CM 109)(Secretary Baldridge/Secretary Block)
Steel Anti-Dumping and CVD Cases (CM 96) (Lionel Olmer)
03/09/1982050176CCEAShipbuilding Assessment (Secretary Lewis)(CM 205)
Transportation User Fees (Secretary Lewis)(CM 215)
Sectoral Implications of Defense Expenditures (Robert Dederick)(CM 151)
03/10/1982050175CCHRPro-Competition Health Care Proposals (Secretary Schweiker/Robert Rubin)(CM 141)
Federalization of Medicaid (CM 217)(Richard Williamson)
Tuition Tax Credits (Robert Carleson)
03/11/1982050177050177Review of the Economic Outlook (CM 122) (Murray Weidenbaum)
Pension Policy: Proposed Increase in the Pension Termination Insurance Premium (William Niskanen) (CM 112)
Proposed Acquisition of Pathfinder Mines Corporation by COGEMA (CM 218)
03/12/1982050178CCEAConstitutional Balanced Budget Tax Limitation Amendment (David Stockman)(CM 129)
03/16/1982050179CCEAReport of the Thrift Industry Working Group (Roger Mehle)(CM 34)
03/17/1982050180CCCTHigh Technology (Finian)(CM 129)
Auto Industry Performance Review (Robert Dederick)(CM 155)
LANDSAT and METSAT Activities Transfer to Private Sector (John Byrne/John McElroy)(CM 106)
03/19/1982050183CCEATaxpayer Compliance Improvement Act of 1982 (John Chapoton)(CM 222)
03/22/1982050184CCHRUrban Policy Statement (Robert Carleson)(CM 145)
03/22/1982050186CCEAFinancial and Economic Update (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
U.S. - Japan Civil Aviation Negotiations (Secretary Lewis)(CM 109)
03/23/1982050198CCCTTrade Reciprocity (Ambassador Brock)(CM 1269)
03/24/1982050190CCLPDrug Enforcement Policy (CM 224)(Attorney General Smith)
Organizational Discussion (Attorney General Smith/Edwin Meese)
03/25/1982050191CCEABalanced Budget - Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment (Working Group Report)(Roger Porter)(CM 219)
Safe Harbor Leasing (Secretary Regan)
03/26/1982074452CCFA[Meat Imports]
03/29/1982050193CCEAHungarian Application for Membership in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)(Marc Leland)
(CM 230)
Housing Policy (Secretary Pierce)
03/30/1982050194CCHRMandatory Retirement (CM 229) (Robert Carleson)
03/31/1982 050195 CCCTAirline Industry Performance Review (J. Connor)
Telecommunications Policy (Bernard Wunder)
U.S. Nuclear Industry (Robert Dederick)
04/02/1982044412CCLPSchool Prayer (CM 228)
Forced Busing (CM 225)
04/02/1982050197CCEAVersailles Summit: Investment Initiative (Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 227)
Versailles Summit: International Economic Cooperation (Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 234)
04/05/1982068891CCEABalanced Budget - Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment (Roger Porter)(CM 219)
04/07/1982068893CCCTProduct Liability (Sherman Unger)(CM 221)
Virgin Islands’ Watch Industry Subsidy (Brady)(CM 233)
04/13/1982068895CCFADisposal of Commodity Credit Corporation Stocks [of Dairy Products] (CM 178) (Secretary Block/ Seeley Lodwick/William Lesher)
04/15/1982068896CCNREPublic Utility Holding Company Act (CM 201)(John Shad)
Clean Water Act (CM 199)(West)[DOI Assistant Secretary]
04/16/1982068899CCLPImmigration and Refugee Policy [Simpson-Mazzoli Bill] (CM 210)
04/17/1982068005CCEAGold Commission Report (Marc Leland)(CM 64)
Federal Credit Policy (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113
04/19/1982068901CCEAVersailles Economic Summit (Robert Hormats)(CM 234)
Review of The Economic Outlook (Larry Kudlow)(CM 109)
04/19/1982075881CCFASugar Import Quotas
04/20/1982068902CCCTLANDSAT/METSAT Activities Transfer to the Private Sector (CM 106)
04/20/1982068904CCEADevelopments in The Housing and Thrift Industries (CM 148)(Beryl Sprinkel)
Balanced Budget - Tax Limitations Constitutional Amendment (Secretary Regan)(CM 219)
04/21/1982068905CCEAThe Thrift Industry (Roger Mehle)(CM 34)
04/21/1982068906CCFASugar Quotas (CM 177) (Secretary Block/R. Smith)
04/21/1982068907CCHRPuerto Rican Nutrition Assistance Secretary Block Grant (Mary Jarratt)(CM 243)
HR 5600: Benefits to Widows and Orphans of Veterans (Robert Carleson)(CM 246)
Report on Aging Programs (Secretary Schweiker)(CM 232)
04/22/1982068908CCNREClean Water Act (CM 199)
Global Environmental Resource Issues (Working Group Report)(Alan Hill)(CM 200
CCEAThe Consumer Price Index (William Niskanen)
The Thrift Industry (Roger Mehle)
04/26/1982068911CCFAAgricultural Commodity Options: Dairy Surplus Situation (CM 213)
04/28/1982068915CCEAEconomic and Financial Conditions in the Agricultural Sector (CM 130)
Federal Credit Policy (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) Charter Act (51805)
04/29/1982068916CCNREOCS Revenue Sharing Option (West)(Working Group Report)(CM 238)
Global Environmental Resource Issues (Alan Hill, CEQ)(CM200)
04/29/1982068918CCHRFood Safety (McMillian/A. Hayes/Secretary Schweiker)(CM 137)
04/30/1982068919CCEAFederal Credit Policy [Proposed FHLMC Charter Act](Larry Kudlow)(S. 1805)(Working Group Report) (CM 113)
Budget Outlook (David Stockman)(CM 127)
05/03/1982068922CCEAVersailles Summit Issues (CM 234)
CCEABalanced Budget - Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment (CM 219)
05/05/1982068929CCCTInterim Report on Maritime Promotional Policy (Secretary Lewis/Shear)(CM183)
05/05/1982068930 CCEAVersailles Economic Summit (CM 234)
Economic and Financial Conditions in the Agriculture Sector (CM 130)
Latin American Debt Situation (CM 248)
05/13/1982087134CCNREElectric Utility Reform (Working Group Report)(Secretary Edwards/Davis)(CM 201)
Cost-Sharing Guidelines for Water Projects (Garrey Carruther/William Gianelli)(CM 54)
05/18/1982068957CCNRECost-Sharing Guidelines for Water Projects (Garrey Carruther/William Gianelli)(CM 54), continued
05/18/1982068963CCEAFederal Highway User Fees (CM 215)(Secretary Lewis)
05/18/1982068965CCEAReview of The Economic Outlook (CM 109)
Economic Adjustments to Low Inflation (CM 249)
05/19/1982068964CCCTSteel Trade Issues (Lionel Olmer)
Steel Tripartite Committee (Secretary Baldrige)
Industrial Adjustment Problems: Displaced Workers in the Automobile Industry (Malcolm Lovell)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Update (Ambassador Brock)
Maritime Policy Status Report (Secretary Lewis)
05/20/1982068967CCEALDC Financial Problems (Marc Leland)(CM 179)
Polish and East European Debt (Marc Leland)(CM 31)
Report on OECD ... Meetings
05/24/1982068977CCLPAnti Crime Legislation Initiative (CM 245)
05/25/1982068976CCEAReport of The National Productivity Advisory Committee (Roger Porter)(CM 255)
05/27/1982077307CCEAEconomic Adjustments to Low Inflation (William Niskanen)(CM 249)
International Currency Exchange Rate Movements (Beryl Sprinkel/Jim Jordan)(CM 256)
06/01/1982068985CCEAExtending and Taxing Unemployment Benefits (Working Group Report)(Roger Porter)(CM 256)
International Currency Movements (Jim Jordan/Beryl Sprinkel/Larry Kudlow)(CM 190)
06/03/1982068988CCCTFederal Role in Promoting Minority Business Development (Working Group Report)(Dan Smith)
Auto Industry Review (Robert Dederick)
Trade Reciprocity (Ambassador Brock)
06/08/1982077303CCEAReport of the Versailles Summit (Beryl Sprinkel)(CM234)
Wage Developments (Murray Weidenbaum)(CM 147)
06/09/1982077306CCHRFood Safety (CM 7)(C.W. McMillan/Brandt/Hayes/Secretary Schweiker)
06/12/1982056773CCCTTelecommunications Policy (Working Group Report)(CM 82)
06/15/1982077312CCNREAmendments to the Safe Water Drinking Act (CM 258)
06/15/1982077313CCEAThe Economic Impact of Chances in The Agricultural Sector (William Lesher/Secretary Block)(CM 130)
Report of The working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
06/16/1982077314CCCTU.S. - Canada Bilateral Economic Relations (Ambassador Brock)
TRIS Indemnification (Michael Uhlmann)
06/17/1982077319CCEACredit Control Act (CM 263)
Report of the Working Group on Troubled Industries (CM 262)
06/18/1982077320CCHRUrban Policy (Richard Williamson/Steve Rhodes/Robert Carleson/Secretary Pierce)(CM 145)
06/22/1982077321CCEAConsumer Price Index
The Credit Control Act of 1909 (Larry Kudlow)
Report of the Working Group on Troubled Industries
CCNRESafe Drinking Water Act (CM 258)
Clean Air Act (CM 49)
06/23/1982077327CCCTAutomotive Local Content Legislation (CM 129)(Michael Driggs)
The Competitive Position of U.S. High Technology Industries (Lionel Olmer)
Copyright Legislation - Home Video and Audio Recording (Bernard Wunder)
06/23/1982077329CCEAReview of the Economic Outlook (Jim Jordan)(CM 109)
06/24/1982077331CCEAReport of the Persian Policy Working Group (William Niskanen)(CM112)
06/28/1982077339CCEAU.S. - Soviet Long-Term Grain Agreement
06/28/1982077340CCLPImmigration Legislation (CM 210)
Federal Antitrust Laws and Local Government Activities (CM 268)
President’s Crime Legislative Package (CM 245)
06/29/1982077341CCEAGlobal Negotiations (Nan)(CM 266)
Export Credit Financing Negotiations (Secretary Lewis)(CM 267)
Thrift Industry Developments (Roger Mehle)(CM 34)
07/01/1982077347CCEAU.S. Membership in the African Development Bank (CM 270)
Argentine Economic Update and Outlook (CM 179)
07/01/1982077353CCCTJapanese Trade Liberalization (MacDonald)
Federal Role in Promoting Minority Business Development (Working Group Report)(Dan Smith)
07/06/1982077356CCHRMandatory Retirement Age (Robert Carleson)(CM 229)
Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC)(CM 261)(Mary Jarratt)
07/12/1982077369CCHRMandatory Retirement (CM 269)(Robert Carleson)
07/13/1982077370CCEAWest Penn Square Bank Failure (Secretary Regan)
Decision on Export/Import Bank Financing for New York Subway Cars (Secretary Regan)
Federal Debt Collection and Tax Refund Offsets (cont.)(CM100)(Joseph Wright/Roscoe Egger)
07/19/1982077387CCEAFederal Debt Collection and Tax Refund Offsets (cont.)(CM100)(Joseph Wright/Roscoe Egger)
Report of The OECD Executive Committee in Special Session (XC55)(Marc Leland)(CM 275)
Indian Borrowing from The Asian Development Bank (Marc Leland)(CM 271)
CCCTExport Financing: A Barrier to U.S. Exports (Oliver)
Presidential Statement on Minority Business (Dan Smith)
07/22/1982077396CCEAReview of The Economic Outlook (Larry Kudlow)(CM 109)
CCEAEmployment and Training Legislation (CM 167)(Al Angrisani)
Report of The Working Group on LDC Financial Problems (CM 179)(Marc Leland)
CCEAhe Budget Outlook (David Stockman)
Rural Housing Block Grants (Frank Naylor)(CM 278)
08/01/1982077408CCCTMaritime Promotional Policy (Secretary Lewis)
08/03/1982077406CCEA Thrift Industry Legislation (Roger Mehle)(CM 34)
Report of the Working Group on Pension Policy (William Niskanen)(CM 112)
08/06/1982077411CCEAUnitary Taxation (CM 214)(John Chapton)
Report of the Working Group on Troubled Industries (Larry Kudlow)(CM 262)
Mexican Financial Situation (Secretary Regan)
08/05/1982077413CCLPImmigration Reform Legislation (CM 210)(David Hiller)
Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction after Northern Pipeline Co. v. Marathon Pipeline Co. (Jonathan Rose)
(CM 283)
08/10/1982077420CCEAU.S. Domestic Private Investment (CM 287)
Financial Market Developments (CM 111)(Larry Kudlow/Beryl Sprinkel)
08/11/1982077424CCCTStatus Report: DISC (MacDonald)(CM 282)
Trade Barriers: Ferroalloys (L. Brady)(CM 284)
08/12/1982077423CCEAU.S. Membership in the African Development Bank (CM 270)
Multilateral Development Bank Funding (CM 179)
08/17/1982077433CCEAThe Sectoral Impact of the Defense Building (CM 151)(Robert Dederick)
U.S. Domestic Private Investment (CM 287)(Robert Dederick)
U.S. Membership in the African Development Bank and Replenishment of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank (Beryl Sprinkel)
09/08/1982 077453 CCCTProduct Liability [Task Force](Secretary Baldrige)(CM 221)
09/09/1982 077455 CCEAReport on the World Bank and IMF Meetings (Secretary Regan)
Mid-Term Planning Exercise (Roger Porter/Edwin Harper)
09/13/1982 077463 CCHR Federal Employees Health Benefits Origin (FEHB) Reform (CM 291)
09/13/1982 077464 CCEA Savings Statistics and The Savings Rate (Robert Dederick/Feldstein)(CM 289)
Employment and Training Legislation (Secretary Donovan)(CM 167)
Interest Rate Targeting Legislation (Beryl Sprinkel)(CM292)
09/15/1982 077468 CCCT Steel Trade Issues (Lionel Olmer)(CM 96)
U.S. Nuclear Equipment Industry (Working Group Report)(Robert Dederick)(CM 182)
09/16/1982 077469 CCEA Economic Impact of U.S. Agriculture Exports in Value Added Products (Secretary Block)(CM 293)
Flat Rate Tax (Secretary Regan/Greg Ballentine)(CM 294)
09/20/1982077478CCHRIndian Policy (Secretary Schweiker/Robert Carleson/K. Smith)(CM 246)(Working Group Report)
09/21/1982077473 CCEAMid-Term Planning Review [I] (CM 285)(Secretary Block)
09/21/1982 077479CCEAFlat Rate Tax (John Chapoton)(CM 294)
Report of the Working Group on Pension Policy (CM 112)
09/21/1982 100258 CCHRMid-term Planning Review (CM 285)(Robert Carleson)
09/28/1982 077497 CCEA Residential Mortgage Investment Act of 1982 [Pension Policy Working Group](William Niskanen)
(CM 299)
Mid-Term Planning Exercise (Roger Porter)(CM 285)
09/29/1982 100972 CCCT Automotive Local Content Legislation (Robert Dederick)(CM 274)
Automobile Industry Performance Review (Michael Driggs)(CM 115)
Review of The Economic Outlook (Martin Feldstein)(CM 109)
Flat Rate Tax (Secretary Regan)(CM 294)
Job Training Legislation
077503 CCNRE Mid-Term Planning (Secretary Watt)(CM 285)
09/30/1982 077505 CCEA Financial Institution Reform Legislation (Secretary Regan)
Report of The Working Group on Pension Policy S. 1541 Revisited (William Niskanen)(CM 112)
Forthcoming Changes in Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefits (John Cogan)(CM 300)
09/30/1982077506 CCLPOrganized Crime and Narcotics (Attorney General Smith)(CM 302)
Legal Equity for Women (CM 185)
10/04/1982 077513 CCMA Introduction to CCMA (Edwin Meese)
Management - Related Activities (Edwin Meese/Joseph Wright/Hesse)
President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Craig Fuller)
Space Reduction Government-Wide (Gerald Carmen)
10/05/1982077512 CCEA Review of the Report of The President’s Commission on Housing (Secretary Pierce)(CM 296)
Review of the Current Unemployment Situation (John Cogan/William Baroody)(CM 303)
10/06/1982 077515, 077521CCLP Organized Crime and Narcotics (CM302)
10/06/1982 107400CCCT Mid-Term Planning Presentation I (Wendell Gunn)(CM 285)
10/08/1982077526 CCEAReview of the Unemployment Situation (Secretary Regan/Secretary Donovan)
Financial Market Developments (Beryl Sprinkel/William Poole/Larry Kudlow)(CM 111)
10/13/1982077531CCCTDISC (Ambassador Brock)(CM 282)
Update on Condition of Airline Industry (J. Connor)(CM216)
Adjustment of Displaced Auto Workers (Secretary Donovan/Malcolm Lovell)(CM 223)
10/18/1982 077539CCLPCivil Rights Policy (CM 250)
CCMASafety and Health Program (CM 317)(Malcolm Lovell/Thorne Auchter)
Work Space Reduction (CM 315)(Gerald Carmen)
Federal Civilian Employment (CM 316)(Don Devine)
Establishment of Executive Secretariat (Edwin Meese)
Mid-Term Planning (Ralph Bledsoe)
10/20/1982077547CCEAMexican-Argentine Debt Situation (CM 315)
10/25/1982077550CCCTCompetitiveness of U.S. High Technology Industries (Secretary Baldrige/Lionel Olmer/Jay Keyworth)(CM 129)
10/27/1982077559CCEAThe Yen-Dollar Relationship (CM 319)
Japanese Market Restrictions (CM 320)(Beryl Sprinkel)
10/28/1982077560CCEAFederal Credit Policy: The Federal Financing Bank (Working Group Report)(Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
11/01/1982107841CCMAMid-Term Planning
11/02/1982077563CCHRProspective Payment for Hospitals Under Medicare (CM 324)(Secretary Schweiker)
11/02/1982077505CCEAThe Mid-Term Planning Exercise (Secretary Regan)
Latin-American Debt Situation (Secretary Regan)
The Unemployment Situation (Martin Feldstein)
11/03/1982077567CCMAStatus of Items from Last Meeting
Mid-Term Planning (CM 285)
Working Group on Executive Information (Edwin Meese)
11/04/1982077571CCHRMid-Term Planning Exercise
11/08/1982077572, 098410, 110897 CCCTMid-term Planning Presentation II (Secretary Baldrige)(CM 285)
11/09/1982077584; 077581CCCTSpecialty Steel (Ambassador Brock)(CM 96)
Mexican Subsidies Agreement (Ambassador Brock)
11/10/1982077573; 077580CCHRMid-Term Planning (Robert Carleson)(CM 285)
Health Care Costs (Secretary Schweiker)(CM 324)
11/10/1982077580CCEATransportation User Fees (Secretary Lewis/David Stockmen)(CM 326)
Latin American Debt Situation (Secretary Regan)
11/16/1982077596CCEAStructural Unemployment Programs (CM 303)(Working Group Report)(cont.)
11/17/1982077594CCNREStrategic Petroleum Reserve Drawdown (CM 86)(Secretary Hodel)
11/17/1982077598CCEAFederal Credit Policy: The Federal Financing Bank (FFB)(CM 113)(David Stockman)
11/18/1982077597CCEAReport of The National Productivity Advisory Committee (NPAC)(Roger Porter)(CM 255)
11/19/1982077605CCCTDISC Alternative (Secretary Regan)(CM 282)
11/30/1982077626CCEAReport of The Working Group on Alternatives to Federal Regulation (William Niskanen)(CM 328)
The Balanced Monetary Policy and Price Stability Act (Larry Kudlow)(CM 292)
12/01/1982077627CCMAReform 88 Update (Joseph Wright)(CM 312)
Supply System Management - Furniture (Edwin Meese/Gerald Carmen)
Federal Non-Defense Employment (Don Devine)(CM 307)
Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act (CM 314 )(Joseph Wright)
Civil Service Centennial (CM 329)(Don Devine)
President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Craig Fuller)(CM 313)
12/02/1982077668CCCTAutomobile Industry Performance Review (Michael Driggs)(CM 155)
State Export Financing Facilities (Morris)
Cooperative Export Financing Companies (CEFCOs)(Morris)(CM 211)
(Steel Industry Trade Issues - postponed)
12/03/1982077653CCNREExclusive Economic Zone (Secretary Watt)(CM 329)
Natural Gas Deregulation (Secretary Hodel)(CM 53)
12/06/1982113511CCMA(Planning Meeting)
12/07/1982077636CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
Report of the Working Group on Capital Formation (Martin Feldstein)(CM 325)
12/08/1982088643CCMAWork Space Management Initiative (CM 311)(Kline)
Classification Standards-Contract and Procurement Series, Librarian Series (Don Devine)
Debt Collection (Joseph Wright)(CM 100)
12/08/1982077644CCNRESafe Drinking Water Act (CM 258)(Ann Gorsuch)
12/09/1982111414CCEAAgriculture Initiatives (Secretary Block)
12/09/1982134121CCHRChild Nutrition Regulations (CM 324)(Richard Lyng/Mary Jarratt)
12/15/1982077657CCCT[LANDSAT and MEDSAT]
12/17/1982111644CCEANewly-Created Money Market Investment (Secretary Regan)
Individual Education Account (Jones (Dept. of Education))
Report of the Working Group on Capital Formation (Martin Feldstein)
12/17/1982115232CCCT1983 Trade Initiatives (Secretary Baldrige/Ambassador Brock)
Industry/Government Consultation on Innovation
Antitrust (CM 74)
Export - Import Bank Budget
Industrial Revenue Bonds for Exports
Cooperative Export Finance Companies (CEFCOs)
Agricultural Export Subsidies (CM 204)
Industrial Adjustment
New Negotiating Authority
Renewal Legislation for Generalized System of Preference
12/17/1982117277CCEABudget Treatment of Federal Financing Bank Activities (CM 113)(Secretary Regan/David Stockman)
12/17/1982077645CCFAAgriculture Initiatives (Ambassador Brock/Secretary Block)
12/21/1982115496CCEAStructural Unemployment Options
Report of The Working Group on Capital Formation (Martin Feldstein)
The Individual Education Account
12/23/1982077674CCMAPresident’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency (PCIE)(Joseph Wright/Inspector Generals) (CM 307)
Federal Civilian Personnel (Don Devine)
Work Space Management Initiative (Gerald Carmen)(CM 311)
Federalism (Rich Williamson)(CM 110)
01/02/1983077717CCMAReduction in Force Reform (Don Devine)(CM 321)
Overtime Pay Reform (Don Devine)(CM 339)
Management Rights (CM 321) (Don Devine)
Performance-Based Incentive System (CM 320)(Don Devine)
Federal Regional Councils (CM 340)(Steinberg)
01/04/1983 077695CCEAStructural Unemployment (Working Group Report)(Martin Feldstein)(CM 303)
Education Saving Tax Incentives (CM 327)
01/04/1983077697; 113550 CCHRHealth Care Incentives (Secretary Schweiker)(Working Group Report)
01/06/1983 077701; 077778 CCNRENatural Gas Policy [Working Group](Secretary Hodel)(CM 53)
Synthetic Fuels [Synfuels Corp.](Edward Noble)(CM 276)
01/06/1983088804CCEAStructural Unemployment (CM 303)(Secretary Regan/Martin Feldstein)
01/12/1983 121527CCEAStructural Unemployment (Working Group Report)(CM 303)
Education Saving Tax Incentives (CM 327)(Working Group Report)(Jones/John Chapoton)
01/17/1983 01/17/1983CCMA[Work Space Management]
[Personnel Policy]
[Federal Regional Councils]
[Federal Field Structure Working Group]
01/17/1983077727CCFARural Development Strategy (CM 305)(Secretary Block/Frank Naylor)
01/18/1983 077732CCNRE[Cost-Sharing for Water Projects (CM 54)
Synthetic Fuels [Synfuels Corporation](CM 276)
01/19/1983077733CCEAAdministration Economic Forecast (CM 109)(Martin Feldstein)
Report of The National Productivity Advisory Committee (CM 255)(Roger Porter/John Chapoton)
01/21/1983077736CCMAFederal Civilian Personnel (Don Devine)(CM 307)
Procurement Reform (Donald Sowle) (CM 207)
Reform 88-Cash Management (Joseph Wright)(CM 312)
01/21/1983077740CCEAIndependent Education Accounts (Secretary Bell/Secretary Regan)(CM 327)
01/25/1983077742CCEAThe Davis-Bacon Act (Secretary Donovan)(CM 87)
Report of the Working Group on Unemployment and Unemployment Compensation (John Cogan)
(CM 303)
01/26/1983077744CCCTFinancial Interest and Syndication Rule (Secretary Baldrige)(CM 74/CM 338)
Steel (Lionel Olmer)(CM 96)
Office of Strategic Trade [Proposal](Secretary Baldrige)(CM 343)
Labor-Management Dialogues (Malcolm Lovell)(CM 342)
01/26/1983 077746CCLPPension Equity for Women (CM 295)(Working Group Report)(T. Ryan)
01/26/1983 077750; 134121CCHRFood Safety (Working Group Report)(CM 137)(C.W. McMillan/Hayes/Brandt)
Health Care Incentives (CM 141)(Robert Rubin)
01/28/1983077753CCNRESynthetic Fuels (Continued Discussion/Paper from Meeting)(CM 276)
02/02/1983 077765CCCT[Joint Meeting with Trade Policy Committee]
Japan Trade Issues (Ambassador Brock)(CM 269)
Houdaille Petition (Ambassador Brock)
Section 301 against Japan on Steel (Ambassador Brock)
02/08/1983129197CCNRENatural Gas Deregulation (CM 53)(Secretary Hodel)
02/08/1983077775CCEAFinancial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (Beryl Sprinkel/Larry Kudlow/William Poole)(CM 111)
02/09/1983077779CCEAFinancial Market Development and Monetary Policy [cont.](William Poole)(CM 111)
Report of The National Productivity Advisory Committee (Roger Porter)(CM 255)
02/09/1983077782CCNREEPA Legislative Agenda
EPA Groundwater Policy
EPA Environmental Statements
02/10/1983077794CCEADavis-Bacon Act (Edwin Meese/Secretary Donovan)
02/10/1983077792CCLPPension Equity for Women (CM 297)
02/14/1983077768CCEAReport of The Pension Policy Working Group (William Niskanen)(CM 112)
Report of The National Productivity Advisory Committee (NPAC) [cont.](CM 255)(Roger Porter/et al.)
118509CCEAThrift Industry Developments (Roger Mehle)(CM34)
Report of the Working Group on Crude Oil Decontrol and the Windfall Profit Tax (Danny Boggs)
(CM 349)
02/22/1983118510CCCTTrade Reorganization (Joseph Wright)(CM 350)
02/24/1983118515CCNRENatural Gas Legislation (Secretary Hodel)(CM 53)
02/25/1983118516CCEAEconomic Outlook (Martin Feldstein)(CM 109)
FDIC/FSLIC Guarantees of Tax Exempt Bonds (John Chapoton)(CM 352)
Access to Individual Retirement Accounts by The Long-Term Unemployed
03/01/1983118572CCNRENuclear Licensing Regulatory Reform (CM 353)
03/02/1983118530CCCTDISC Alternatives (CM 282)(John Chapoton)
Japan Trade Issues (CM 269)(Dennis Whitfield)[Ambassador Brock’s Trip to Tokyo]
03/04/1983118532CCNRECoal Slurry Pipelines (CM 121)
OCS Revenue Sharing (CM 238)
03/09/1983118500CCCTDISC (John Chapoton)
03/09/1983 118539CCNREOCS Revenue Sharing (cont.)(Secretary Watt)(CM 238)
Clean Water (CM 199)
Clean Air Act (CM 49)
03/10/1983118543CCCTSmall and Minority Business Issues (Sanders)
03/18/1983118551CCMAFederal Field Structure Working Group (Edwin Meese)
Work Space Management Initiative (Gerald Carmen)(CM 311)
Reform 88 Quarterly Report (Joseph Wright)(CM 312)
Federal Civilian Employment (Don Devine)(CM 307)
Procurement Reform (CM 207)
03/22/1983118567CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Larry Kudlow)(CM 113)
The Report of the National Productivity Advisory Committee (Steven Skancke)(CM 255)
03/23/1983118570CCCTAuto Industry Performance Review (Robert Dederick)(CM 155)
Minority Business 8 (a) Graduates (Victor Rivera)(CM 119)
03/24/1983118573CCEAReport of the Working Group on Housing Policy (Secretary Pierce)(CM 296)
Federal Debt Collection and Tax Refund Offset (Joseph Wright/Roscoe Egger)(CM 100)
03/25/1983118560CCEASolvency of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund (Secretary Donovan/John Cogan)(CM 300)
Report of the Working Group on Troubled Industries (Larry Kudlow)(CM 262)
03/25/1983118579CCNREGlobal Issues [Working Group Report](Alan Hill)(CM 200)
Coal Slurry (CM 121)
[Acid Rain (CM 49)(Secretary Watt)]
03/29/1983118583CCEAThe Outlook for Investment Spending (Robert Dederick)(CM 354)
Economic Outlook (Martin Feldstein)(CM 109)
03/30/1983118582CCCTEnterprise Zones (Robert Carleson)(CM 42)
04/05/1983118595CCEA The Economic Impact of Strategic Stockpile Goals (David Stockman)(CM 50)
Reauthorization of General Revenue Sharing (Working Group Report) (Robert Carleson)(CM 357)
04/06/1983 118600CCCTPatent and Trademark Infringement (CM 358)(Gerald Mossinghoff/Michael Smith)
04/07/1983118604CCNRECoal Slurry (Secretary Watt et al.)(CM 121)
Clean Water Act (CM 199) (The President/Lee Verstandig/Secretary Watt)
04/08/1983118611CCFAAgricultural Marketing Orders (Danny Boggs)(CM 356)
04/12/1983118612CCEAReauthorization of General Revenue Sharing (Working Group Report) (cont.)(CM 357) (Robert Carleson/Helmer/David Stockman)
Economic Consequences of a Strong Dollar (Feldstein)(CM 52)
04/13/1983118619CCCTDISC (John Chapoton)
04/14/1983118628CCEAReauthorization of General Revenue Sharing (Working Group Report)(cont.)(Roger Porter)(CM 357)
Health Insurance for the Unemployed (David Stockman)
04/20/1983118635CCCTDiversion of Technology (CM 41)
04/21/1983118641CCEAHealth Insurance for the Unemployed (Working Group Report)(Moran)(CM 303)
04/26/1983118644CCEARailroad Retirement and Unemployment Insurance Financing Proposals (David Stockman)(CM 112)
Federal National Mortgage Association Charter Act Amendments (Working Group Report) (Larry Kudlow) (CM 113)
[Financial Market Developments-Discussion Postponed] (Beryl Sprinkel)
04/26/1983118654CCHRRegulatory Reform/Paperwork Reduction (CM 328)(Joseph Wright)
Procurement Reform (CM 207)(Joseph Wright)
Reorganization Authority (CM 359)(Edwin Meese)
Occupational Opportunities for Women (CM 361)(Don Devine)
05/03/1983118660; 142693 CCHRDrug Abuse Prevention (CM 176)(Carlton Turner)
Blade Colleges Report (CM 281)(Secretary Bell)
05/04/1983118665CCCTU.S. - Japan Trade Relations (Ambassador Brock)(CM 269)
05/05/1983118666CCNREOil Price Decline Working Group (Danny Boggs)
Synthetic Fuels Policy (Danny Boggs)
Strategic Petroleum Reserves (Danny Boggs)
05/11/1983118670CCHRChild Support Enforcement (CM 288)(Robert Carleson)
Job Sharing (Velma Montoya)
Flextime (Robert Carleson)(CM 360)
05/12/1983118671CCHRFood Stamp Regulatory Reform (CM 364)
05/12/1983 118672CCNREStrategic Petroleum Reserve (CM 40)(Hood)
05/12/1983118673CCEA[Meetings with Foreign Finance Leaders (Secretary Regan)]
Independent Retirement Accounts: Limit on Spousal Contributions - Dependent Care
Tax Credit (CM 362)(John Chapoton)
Economic Impact of FMHA Lending (Secretary Block/Frank Naylor)(CM113)
05/12/1983118675CCMAUpcoming Meeting Topics (Edwin Meese)
Federal Field Structure Report (Gerald Carmen)(Working Group Report)(CM 365)
05/19/1983118678CCLPToxicant (CM 298)
Intercircuit Tribunal (CM 366)
Farm Housing (CM 346)
05/19/1983118679CCEAFinancial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (CM 111)(Larry Kudlow/William Poole/Beryl Sprinkel)
Economic Condition of State and Local Governments (Robert Dederick)(CM 368)
05/13/1983118680CCHRImprovement of Child Support Enforcement Amendments for 1983 (Robert Carleson)
05/16/1983145284; 148475CCEAWilliamsburg Economic Summit Briefing [cont] (Alan Wallis/Beryl Sprinkel)
Report of the Working Group on R & D Tax Policy (John Chapoton)
Housing and Depository Institution Outlook (Donald Hovde)
05/24/1983118700CCEAReport of The National Productivity Advisory Committee (Roger Porter)(CM 255)
Williamsburg Economic Summit [Briefing](Alan Wallis/Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 369)
06/01/1983118718CCCTTrade Law Review (Gary Horlick)(CM 375)
Automotive Local Content (Robert Dederick)(CM 274)
06/02/1983118732CCEAWilliamsburg Economic Summit (Allen Wallis)
Statistical Confidentiality Legislation (William Poole)(Working Group Report)
06/06/1983118694CCMAPersonnel Management Improvement (CM 321)(Edwin Meese)
06/07/1983118743CCEABudget Outlook (David Stockmen)(CM 127)
Report of the National Productivity Advisory Committee (CM 255)
06/07/1983118750CCMAFederal Employees Health and Safety (CM 160)(Thorne Auchter)
Cash Management of Federal Funds in State Accounts (CM 380)(Edwin Meese/Joseph Wright)
06/08/1983154073CCFAPayment-in-Kind (PIK)(CM 335)(Secretary Block)
06/09/1983118749CCEAFinancial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (Robert Dederick/William Poole/Beryl Sprinkel)(CM111)
06/13/1983118757CCHRFood Stamp Regulatory Reform (CM 364)(Robert Carleson/Mary Jarratt)
06/14/1983118756CCEASale/Leaseback Arrangements by Government Entities (Fred Khedouri)(CM 382)
06/14/1983147484CCMAPlanning Meeting
06/15/1983118759; 157603CCMAReform 88 (CM 312)(Joseph Wright)
06/20/1983118765CCLPLegal Fee Cap (CM 378)
Pornography Briefing (CM 383)
Coordination of Federal Law Enforcement Authorities (CM 384)
06/20/1983 118768; 157603CCMAReform 88 (CM 312)(Edwin Meese)
Work Space Management (CM 311)(Gerald Carmen)
Federal Field Structure Working Group Report (CM 365)(Edwin Meese/Gerald Carmen)
06/21/1983118766CCNRESynthetic Fuels (CM 276)(Secretary Hodel)
06/21/1983118766CCFAPayment-in-Kind Program (Secretary Block)(CM 335)
06/21/1983118767CCEA Report of the Working Group on Pension Policy (William Niskenen)(CM 112)
06/22/1983118769CCEAReport of the Working Group on Housing Policy (Secretary Pierce)(CM 296)
Sale/Leaseback Arrangements (Secretary Regan)(CM 382)
06/23/1983118770CCNREFederal Timber Sale Contract Relief (CM 371)(Working Group Report) (John Crowell)
06/24/1983118774CCEADepository Institution Holding Company Deregulation Act of 1983 (Secretary Regan/Thomas Healey/ Peter Wallison) (CM 385)
Real Interest Rates (Larry Summers)(CM 51)
06/30/1983118794CCEADepository Institution Hold Company Deregulation Act of 1983 (Secretary Regan/ R.T. McNamar)
Future Cabinet Council Studies
Proclamation on Refined Sugar Import Quota (CM 177)
Automobile Industry Performance Review (CM 155)(Michael Driggs)
07/05/1983118807; 118794CCEAU.S. and EC Agricultural Policy Differences (Secretary Block/Richard Lesher)(CM 293)
07/07/1983118806CCHRBriefing on the Urban Condition (CM 145)(Robert Carleson)
07/07/1983118813CCFAFederal Timber Sale Contract Relief (Executive Secretary)
07/12/1983118820; 118821CCCTFederal Laboratory Review Panel [R & D]
07/12/1983154080CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Joseph Wright)
07/14/1983118822CCEA Review of Agricultural Summit (Secretary Block)
Sale/Leaseback Arrangements by Government Entities (John Chapoton)
Unitary Taxation (John Chapoton)(CM 214)
Brazilian Debt (Secretary Regan)
Cash Management
Awards for Non-Career Executives
CCMA Review - The First Nine Months (CM 374)
07/19/1983118824CCEAFringe Benefits (CM 394)(John Chapoton)
Real Interest Rates (CM 51)(Larry Summers)
07/21/1983 118825CCNREFederal Timber Sale Contract Relief (CM 371)
07/26/1983 118828CCEAU.S. and EC Agricultural Policy Differences (Dawson Ahalt/David Stockman)(CM 293)
07/27/1983 118829 CCCTLANDSAT (CM 106)
Intellectual Property (Working Group Report)(CM 387)
07/28/1983118832CCCTSteel [Industry](Secretary Baldrige)
Textiles [Industry](Walter Lehanan)
07/28/198307/28/1983CCEAFringe Benefits (John Chapoton)
Conservation and Renewable Energy Tax Credits (Roger Porter/John Chapoton/Secretary Hodel)
(CM 380)
08/02/1983 160203CCFANational Innovation and Productivity Act of 1983 (CM 388)(William Baxter)
08/02/1983 118834CCEACoordinated Intervention in Exchange Rate Markets (Secretary Regan)
Financial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (Working Group Report) (Robert Dederick/William Poole/Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 111)
08/02/1983118835CCLPVictims of Crime (CM 395)
Regulatory Reform and Legislative Veto (CM 396)
Anti-Crime Initiatives (CM 245)
Sharing of Grand Jury Information (CM 397)
08/03/1983118837CCEAJob Training Partnership Act Implementation (Al Angrisani)(CM 167)
Report of the Working Group on Economic Statistics (William Poole/Chris DeMuth)(CM 123)
08/04/1983118839CCMAAdministrative Remedies for Employee Misconduct (CM 321)(Edwin Meese/Don Devine)
Awards for Non-Career SES Members (CM 374)(Edwin Meese/Don Devine)
Procurement Reform - Non-Competitive Procurement (CM 207)(Edwin Meese/Elizabeth Dole)
Cash Management (Secretary Regan)
PPSSCC (Craig Fuller)(CM 113) )
08/23/1983118852CCFAReport of the Working Group on Unemployment and Unemployment Insurance
Compensation (John Cogan)(CM 190)
Unitary Taxation (CM 214)(Secretary Regan/John Chapoton)
09/08/1983118853CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Frank Naylor)(CM 113)
Economic Consequences of The Drought (Richard Lesher)(CM 399)
09/08/1983167191CCLP[Women’s Issues:]
Independent Retirement Accounts: Limits on Spousal Contributions (CM 362)
Review of The Third Quarterly Report from the Attorney General pursuant to Executive Order #12336
09/12/1983118854CCEAUnitary Taxation (Secretary Regan)(CM 214)
Federal Supplemental Compensation (Secretary Donovan) (CM 190)
09/14/1983 118859CCCTIntellectual Property (Working Group Report)(Gerald Mossinghoff)(CM 387)
Trade Law Revision (Lionel Olmer)(CM 379)
09/15/1983161988CCNREAcid Rain (William Ruckelshaus)(CM 398)
09/20/1983 168780CCEAReport of the Working Group on The Federal Budget (CM 412)(Secretary Regan/Moran)
09/21/1983168781CCNREAcid Rain (Ruckelshaus)(CM 398)
09/22/1983 168787CCEA Report of the Working Group on the Federal Budget (Moran)
(Economic Policy Study # 12: Federal Budget)(CM 412)
09/23/1983168786CCMASenior Executive Service (SES) Bonus Policy (Edwin Meese/George Nesterczuk)
AOP Policy (Edwin Meese/Gerald Carmen/Cohan/Joseph Wright)
09/28/1983168790CCMASES Bonus Policy (Edwin Meese)
Federal Civilian Employment (Don Devine/Edwin Meese)
OMB Management Review (Joseph Wright)
Workspace Management (Gerald Carmen)
09/29/1983168791CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Joseph Wright)(CM 113)
[S. 1821 and S. 1822]
10/03/1983168794CCCTTelephone Rate Legislation (Ed Markey)(CM 415)
10/04/1983168795CCCTTelephone Rate Legislation [cont.](CM 415)
10/04/1983168795CCEAEconomic Impact of International Trade [Working Group Report](Robert Dederick)(CM 409)
10/06/1983168797CCMAFinancial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (Beryl Sprinkel/William Poole/Greg Ballentine)(CM 111)
The Report of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (CM 113)
10/12/1983168804CCCTTrade Law Revision (Working Group Report)(Cong. Gibbons Bill)
10/12/1983162006CCCTTrade Law Revision Working Group Report (Cong. Gibbons Bill)(Lionel Olmer)(CM 379)
10/13/1983168799CCEAAnticipated Tax Legislation (John Chapoton)(CM 417)
Report of the Working Group on Pension Policy (CM 112)
10/14/1983168802CCLPDrug Tsar Legislation (CM 418)
10/20/1983168804CCCTFCC Financial Interest and Syndication Rules (Commerce Dept.)
Alaskan Oil (State Dept.)
10/20/1983168806CCEAReport of The Working Group on The Federal Budget [III](Moran)(CM 412)
10/26/1983168807CCCT Automotive Industry Performance Review (Michael Driggs)(CM 155)
Textiles and Apparel Working Group Report (Walter Lenahan)(CM 386)
11/01/1983168810CCEA Debt Ceiling (Secretary Regan)
Rural Electrification Administration
Report of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (CM 113)
House Ways and Means Committee Action on Tax-Exempt Bonds (John Chapoton)(CM 432)
11/02/1983168811; 168805CCMAConsulting Service Controls/ (CM 416)[Working Group](Edwin Meese/B.Brown)
Consolidation of Border Inspection Stations (Edwin Meese/Joseph Wright)(CM 392)
Personnel Classification/Position Management (Don Devine)(CM 335)
11/03/1983168812CCEAConservation and Renewable Energy Tax Credits (Roger Porter)(CM 112)
Report of The Working Group on Pension Policy (William Niskanen)(CM 112)
11/08/1983168818CCEA Budget Outlook (David Stockmen)(CM 127)
11/10/1983158821CCEABudget Outlook [cont.](CM 127)
11/16/1983168828CCCTCommercialization of Expendable Launch Vehicles CENVs
11/17/1983168824CCEABudget Outlook [cont](Secretary Regan)(CM 127)
11/17/1983168830CCHR Briefing: Demographic Aspects and Other Factors Affecting Families in the Nation (Bruce Chapman)
11/22/1983 11/22/1983 CCCT Industrial Policy Legislation (CM 421)(Secretary Baldrige/DOC)
Airline Industry Performance Review (Elizabeth Dole)(CM 216)
11/23/1983168834CCEAReport of the Working Group on Financial Institution Reform [cont.](Gene Healey)(CM 149)
Report of the Working Group on The Financial Institution Deregulation Act (FIDA)(Gene Healy)
(CM 385)
Report of Working Group on Productivity and Economic Growth (Greg Ballentine)(CM 410)
11/30/1983168839CCEABudget Outlook (CM 412)(Secretary Regan)
12/05/1983168842CCFA[International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)(Burleigh Leonand)(CM 438)]
12/06/1983168844CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Greg Ballentine)(CM 113)
12/13/1983168850CCEAReport of the Working Group on Regulation and Market Intervention (Chris DeMuth)(CM 413)
12/15/1983168851CCEAReport of the Working Group on Capitol Formation (CM 401)(Martin Feldstein)
Meeting with
the President
Textiles (Ambassador Brock)(CM 386)
12/19/1983168852CCMAWhite Collar Pay Policy (Don Devine/Edwin Meese
Personnel Management Improvement (Morale)(Edwin Meese)
Consulting Services Controls (Brown)(CM 416)
Work Space Management (Gerald Carmen)(CM 311)
12/20/1983158854CCEAReport of the Working Group on Unemployment and Unemployment Insurance (Logan)
12/21/1983168857CCCTCivil Aeronautics Board Sunset (CM 446)(Elizabeth Dole)
Proposed EXIM Bank Program for New Products for Export (William Draper)(CM 447)
12/22/1983168858CCEAAdministration’s FY 1985 Economic Assumptions (Secretary Regan)
Report of The Working Group on The Federal Budget (Roger Porter)(CM 412)
01/03/1984168863CCHRLiver Transplantation and Related Issues (CM 429) (Secretary Heckler/ Robert Rubin)
Report of the Working Group on School Violence/Discipline (CM 431) (Gary Jones/Attorney General Smith/ Gary Bauer)
01/05/1984168868CCMA PCIE [Inspectors General] Report to The President (Edwin Meese/Joseph Wright)(CM 442)
Paperwork Reduction (Chris DeMuth)(CM 443
Border Inspection Consolidation (Edwin Meese/Joseph Wright)(CM 392)
Position Management (Don Devine)(CM 333)
01/05/1984168869CCEAFinancial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (Beryl Sprinkel/William Poole/Greg Ballentine)
(CM 111)
01/10/1984168877CCEAReport of Working Group on The Federal Budget (Moran)(CM412)
01/12/1984168882CCEAControlling Federal Credit Activities (Secretary Regan/Greg Ballentine)(CM 113)
Monetary Policy (Secretary Regan)(CM 111)
01/16/1984168885CCLP[Task Force on] Legal Equity for Women (CM 185)
Immigration Policy (CM 62)
Crime Bill Legislation (CM 383)
Bankruptcy Judges (CM 283)
01/17/1984168886CCEATax Refund Offsets (Roscoe Egger)(CM 100)
Effects of a Line Item Veto on Government Spending (William Niskanen)(CM 412)
Meeting with the President
Water Policy (Secretary Clark)
Environmental Initiatives (Secretary Clark)
01/26/1984 168892CCEAReport of the Working Group on the Economic Impact of International Trade (Steve Jones)(CM 409)
02/02/1984168898CCMAFederal Field Structures (Working Group Report)(Gerald Carmen)(CM 365)
GSA Management Initiatives (Gerald Carmen)
Progress Payments Controls (Lordon)(CM 454)
02/10/1984168901CCEAProposed Rural Electrification (REA) Legislation (Frank Naylor)(CM 113)
Report of The Working Group on Regulation and Market Intervention (Chris DeMuth)(CM 413)
02/14/1984168908CCMAConsultant Services Controls (Brown)(Working Group Report)(CM 416)
Personnel Management Improvements (Working Group Report) on Employee Morale (McNamara)(CM 459)
02/14/1984168909CCLPTask Force on Legal Equity for Women (CM 185)
Victims of Crime Legislation (CM 395)
Interim Report by the Task Force on Family Violence (CM 458)
02/14/1984168910CCEAReport of the Working Group on Unemployment and Unemployment Compensation (CM 407)
OECD Conference on Employment Growth (Roger Porter)(CM 457)
02/16/1984168895CCCTWine Equity Acts (Ambassador Brock)
Export Subsidies on Poultry and Eggs (Doag)
02/16/1984168912CCEA Report of The Working Group on The Underground Economy (Greg Ballentine)(CM 408)
The Income Tax Gap (Greg Ballentine)(CM 408)
02/21/1984 168913CCEAReport of The Working Group on Research and Development Tax Policy (John Chapoton)(CM 338)
02/23/1984168917CCEAReport of The Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Secretary Regan/Greg Ballentine)(CM 113)
Meeting with the President
Federal Field Structure [Final Working Group Report](CM 365)(Edwin Meese/Gerald Carmen)
Reform 88 (Joseph Wright)(CM 312)
02/24/1984 208413CCEAReview of USDA’s Proposal for the Assessment of All Food and Agriculture Programs (Working Group Report)(CM 453)(Secretary Block/Richard Lyng)
with the
Consultant Services Controls (CM 416)(Edwin Meese/Brown/et al)
Advisory Committees Review (Bruce Chapman)(CM 425)
with the President
Youth Unemployment (Secretary Regan/Secretary Donovan)
School-to-Work Transition Proposal (Secretary Donovan)
Proposed Rural Electrification Administration (REA) Legislation (Secretary Regan)
03/02/1984168926CCEABrokered Deposits (Jack Svahn/Gene Healey)(CM 459)(Working Group Report)
03/06/1984168931CCEAFinancial Market Developments (Working Group Report)(William Poole/Greg Ballentine/Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 111)
Status of the Dollar (Secretary Regan)
03/07/1984168933CCCTPresident’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness (J. Young)
03/08/1984168939CCEAPending Tax Legislation (John Chapoton)(CM 417)
Revision of Surplus Pension Assets (Secretary Donovan)(CM 112) Pension Policy Working Group Report
03/26/1984205777 CCNRE
with the
[Acid Rain (William Ruckelshaus)]
[National Energy Policy Perspective (Secretary Hodel)]
03/29/1984168953CCEAReport on Secretary Regan’s Trip to The Far East (Secretary Regan)
Report of The Working Group on Regulation and Market Intervention (Chris DeMuth)(CM 413)
04/03/1984 168954CCEAReport of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy: Trusts for Investment in Mortgages (Greg Ballentine)
Report of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Privatization (Greg Ballentine)
04/06/1984168955CCHRFairness to Families (CM 463) (Task Force Report)(Secretary Heckler/Bruce Chapman)
Report on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (CM 466)(Secretary Bell)
04/05/1984 168958CCEABudget Outlook (David Stockman)(CM 127)
Economic Conditions in Agriculture (Secretary Block/Richard Lesher)(CM 467)
04/06/1984168959CCFARural Development Strategy (Secretary Block/Frank Naylor)(CM 305)
04/11/1984168961CCCT[Update on The Automobile Industry]
[Update on The Steel Industry]
04/11/1984206343CCEACondition of Financial Institutions Insurance Funds
Balanced Deposits Regulations
04/17/1984168965CCFAFarm Sector Debt (Secretary Block/Richard Lesher/Frank Naylor)
04/17/1984 168969 CCEA Report of the Working Group on The Financial Condition of Utilities (Gene Healey)(CM 468)
Report of the Working Group on The Economic Impact of International Trade (Steve Jones)(CM 409)
05/02/1984 168978CCCTTrade Law Revision (Lionel Olmer)(CM 379)
Non-Market Economics (Lionel Olmer)
Tobacco Imports (Secretary Block)
05/03/1984168981CCEAReport of The Working Group on The Financial Condition of Utilities (Gene Healey)(CM 468)
Report of The Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Greg Ballentine)(CM 113)
05/03/1984168982CCMAEmployee Health and Safety (P. Tyson)
Cyclical Payments (Joseph Wright)
Progress Payments (Joseph Wright)
Combined Federal Campaign Policy (Don Devine)
Federal Civilian Employment (Don Devine)
05/08/1984168983CCEAPresident’s National Urban Policy Report (CM 469)(J. Koch)
05/10/1984168984CCEAEconomic Issues at OECD Ministerial (Allen Wallis)(CM 470)
05/15/1984168987CCHRFairness for Families (CM 463)(P) (Secretary Heckler)(Working Group Report)
05/15/1984168988CCEARisk Related Insurance Legislation
Report of The Working Group on Financial Institutions Reform (Gene Healey)(CM 472)
05/17/1984 168990 CCLP
with the
Title IX Civil Rights Legislation
Federal Law Enforcement Guidelines
05/21/1984168991CCMANon-Career SES Awards Program (Edwin Meese/Don Devine)
Personnel Management Improvement Program (Working Group Report)(Morale)(Edwin Meese/ McNamara/et al)
05/22/1984168992CCEAOECD Ministerial Meeting Report (Secretary Regan)(CM 470)
Financial Institutions Deregulation Legislation (Gene Healey)(CM 149)
Pension Plan Asset Reversion (John Chapoton)(CM 112)
05/29/1984168993CCEAUnitary Taxation [Working Group Report](John Chapoton)(CM 214)
Employment Patterns and Prospects (Roger Porter)(CM 476)
06/12/1984169004 CCEALondon Economic Summit (Secretary Regan)
Report of The Working Group on Financial Institutions Reform: (Gene Healey)(CM 147)
St. Germain-Wylie Bill
06/12/1984169005CCNRE[OCS Revenue Sharing and Section 8(g) Litigation (Secretary Clark/William Betternberg)]
06/13/1984169006CCNREEnvironmental Policy Update (Secretary Clark/William Ruckelshaus)
06/14/1984169009CCEAPublic Release of The Flash GNP Estimates (Steve Jones)(CM 478)
Report of The Working Group on The Financial Condition of Utilities (Gene Healey)(CM 468)
Rural Electrification Act Amendments (Secretary Block)
with the
[New Justice Dept. Merger Guidelines (Attorney General Smith)]
OCS Revenue Leasing (The President/Clark/William Bettenburg)
06/21/1984169013CCEAFinancial Market Developments (CM 111)(Working Group Report)(William Poole/Greg Ballentine/Beryl Sprinkel)
06/26/1984169017CCEAReport of the Working Group on The Economic Impact of International Trade (Robert Lighthizer)(CM 409)
with the
Federal Civilian Employment (Edwin Meese)
Federal Employee Productivity (Morale)(Edwin Meese/McNamara/Walters)(Working Group Report)
Productivity Improvement in Government Services: Contracting Out (William Triplett)
06/28/1984169022CCEATender Offer Legislation (Chris DeMuth)(CM 481)
U.S. Agricultural Outlook (Richard Lesher)(CM 482)
07/09/1984 169028CCNRE
with the
[General Announcement]
Department of Interior Issues (Secretary Clark/William Ruckelshaus)
07/12/1984169029CCCTRecommendations of The President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness (Roger Porter)
Report of the Working Group on Intellectual Property (Kirk)
07/14/1984186818CCEATender Offer Legislation [cont.](Chris DeMuth)
Insider Trading Sanctions Act of 1984 (Chris DeMuth)
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (Gene Healey)
with the
Commercial Use of Space (Secretary Baldrige/Craig Fuller/Evans)
with the President
[Introductory Remarks (Secretary Regan)]
Economic Outlook (Secretary Regan)(CM 109)
Budget Outlook (David Stockman)(CM 127)
07/19/1984 169034CCEATender Offer Legislation (Chris DeMuth)(CM 481)
07/26/1984169035CCEAImplementation of The Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)(O’Keefe)(CM 167)
Report of The Working Group on Federal Credit Policy (Greg Ballentine)(CM 113)
Continental Illinois (Secretary Regan)
07/30/1984169039CCEAReport of the Working Group on the Economic Impact of Demographic Shifts (Steve Jones)(CM 403)
Savings: The U.S. Experience (Steve Jones)(CM 487)
08/30/1984255947CCLPThe Attorney General’s Fifth Quarterly Report on Legal Equity for Women
Administration Accomplishments in Drug Law Enforcement
09/04/1984169049CCMAReal Property Management (Ralph Bledsoe)
FY 1986 Management Reviews (Joseph Wright)
Cyclical Payments (Dineen)
Federal Pay Compatibility (Taft)
Federal Civilian Employment (Korten)
PPSSCC (Gibson et al)
09/06/1984169051CCEAFinancial Market Developments (William Poole/Greg Ballentine/Beryl Sprinkel)
Auto Labor Contract Negotiations
with the
Copper [Industry/Import Relief](Ambassador Brock)
Steel [Industry/Import Relief](Secretary Baldrige)
09/13/1984169065CCEAFederally Guaranteed Tax-Exempt Public Housing Notes (Greg Ballentine)(CM 493)
Scope of Activities of Federally Sponsored Agencies (Greg Ballentine)(CM 494)
09/18/1984169067CCCTImport Relief for the Domestic Steel Industry (Ambassador Brock)
09/21/1984169068CCNRENaval Petroleum Reserves (CM 128)
10/16/1984169084CCEAGovernment Spending and The Private Economy (Greg Ballentine)(CM 495)
Legislative Update (Ambassador Brock/Secretary Baldrige/Secretary Regan)
10/25/1984 169086 CCEARecent Trends in The Economic Pursuits and Status of Women (Steve Jones/William Niskanen)
(CM 403)
10/30/1984 169088CCEAFinancial Market Developments (Working Group Report)(William Poole/Greg Ballentine/Beryl Sprinkel)(CM 111)
11/08/1984169089 CCEAThe 1985 Economic Report (William Niskanen)
The Determinants of Total Federal Expenditures (William Niskanen)
11/14/1984 169090 CCCTU.S. - Japan Consultations (Michael Smith)
Canadian Government Organization (Michael Smith)
11/15/1984169091CCEA Treasury Studies of Federal - State - Local Fiscal Relations (Gene Healey)(CM 493)
Leveraged Buyouts (Gene Healey)(CM 497)
11/19/1984247038CCNREDiscussion of Upcoming CCNRE Agenda (Secretary Clark et al)
11/19/1984 169095 CCEAFinancial Market Developments (William Poole/Beryl Sprinkel/Greg Ballentine)(CM 111)
11/20/1984169092CCEADeposit Insurance Study (Gene Healey)(CM 149)
11/30/1984279956CCNREDiscussion of Upcoming CCNRE Agenda
12/06/1984169099CCEARegulatory Planning Process (Doug Ginsburg)(CM 413)
Review of Treasury Tax Simplification and Reform Proposal (Ronald Pearlman)(CM 507)
U.S. Trade Policy toward Japan (Ambassador Brock)
12/11/1984169101CCEAReview of The Treasury Tax Simplification and Reform Proposal (cont.)(Ronald Pearlman)(CM 507)
12/12/1984247097CCNREStatus of OCS Lands Act Section 8(g) Litigation (Frank Richardson)
State of the Union Initiatives
Critical and Strategic Minerals (Robert Broadbent)
12/13/1984169104CCEAFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Stock Transfer (Greg Ballentine)(CM 509)
Report of the Working Group on Employment Policy (Roger Porter)(CM 510)
12/18/1984169106CCEAReview of Treasury Tax Simplification and Reform Proposal (cont.)(CM 507)
12/19/1984169107CCNREBiotechnology Working Group Update (Michael Smith)
Status Report on Natural Gas (Danny Boggs)
12/20/1984169108CCEAReview of The Treasury Tax Simplification and Reform Proposal (cont.)(Ronald Pearlman)(CM 507)
01/02/1985169111CCEAReport of The Working Group on Employment Policy (Roger Porter)(CM 510)
01/09/1985169112CCNRECoastal Zone Management Act (Brown[DOC])
OCS Revenue Sharing
01/10/1985169117CCEAReport of the Working Group on Financial Institutions Reform [Deposit Insurance Study](Gene Healey) (CM 149)
01/14/198569115CCCTRecommendations of The President’s Council on Industrial Competitiveness (Michael Driggs)
Oral Report by Undersecretary Lionel Olmer on the Trade Talks with the USSR
01/15/1985169116CCEAReport of the Working Group on Financial Institutions Reform (CM 149)
Economic Conditions in The Agriculture Sector (Secretary Block/Frank Naylor)(CM 467)
01/22/1985169118CCEAFinancial Market Developments and Monetary Policy (Greg Ballentine/Beryl Sprinkel)(Working Group Report)
01/24/1985169122CCEAEconomic Impact of Farm Credit Conditions (Working Group Report)(Greg Ballentine)(CM 514)
with the
Report of The President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness
01/29/1985169124CCEAEconomic Impact of Farm Credit Conditions (Gene Healey)
01/31/1985 169127 CCCT
State of The U.S. Automobile Industry (joint meeting w/TPC)(Secretary Baldrige/Ambassador Brock)
01/31/1985169129CCEAEconomic Impact of Farm Credit Conditions (Secretary Block/David Stockman)(CM 515)
with the
[Introductory Remarks (Secretary Hodel)]
[Superfund Reauthorization (Lee Thomas)]
02/13/1985169134CCCTBerne Convention (Kirk)
Federal Laboratories (Ling)
02/19/1985270742CCCTJapanese Voluntary Export Restraints on Automobiles [VRAs]
Corporate Average Fuel Economy [CAFE] Standards
02/20/1985169139CCEAReport of The Working Group on Farm Credit Conditions (Fred Khedouri/Gene Healey/Frank Naylor)(CM 515)
03/01/1985169144CCEAReport of The Working Group on Corporate Takeovers (Doug Ginsburg)(CM 481)
03/06/1985169145CCCT[Working Group on the President’s Commission on C—C--:]
Recommendations on International Trade, Fiscal Policy and Regulatory Policy
Report of the Working Group on Employment Policy Concerning PCIC Recommendations on Displaced Workers
Council Report
03/07/1985169149CCMAFederal Property Management: Real Property Management (Edwin Meese/Kline)
Federal Pay Compatibility (Working Group Report)(Edwin Meese/Taft)
03/13/1985169150CCNREClean Water Act Amendments (Lee Thomas)
03/22/1985169154CCNREClean Water Act Amendments (cont.)
Energy Policy and Conservation Act (Secretary Herrington)
03/29/1985169155CCEAReport of The Working Group on Employment Policy (David Stockman)(CM 510)
Report of The Working Group on Pension Policy (William Niskanen)(CM 112)
04/09/1985169159CCEADeposit Insurance Study (Working Group Report)(Dave Eastburn)(CM 149)
Disinflation and its Economic Implications (Beryl Sprinkel/Johnson)(CM 533)