White House Office of Records Management Subject Files: Utilities (UT)

A primary category containing information pertaining to public utilities in the communication and power (energy) fields. This includes communications by wire or radio; facilities and charges; generating, transmitting and distributing electric power, public power vs private power (production and sale); and natural and artificial gas production and distribution.

File Code Description Research

Communications – Telecommunications (3 ft, boxes 1-9)
This secondary subject category contains material regarding administration policy on utility issues, specifically in the area of communications and telecommunications; the creation of alternative satellite communications systems that would compete with the International Satellite Organizations (INTELSAT); antitrust litigation against American Telephone and Telegraph (ATT), which led to the break up of ATT; deregulation legislation; the purchase of parts for a new Land Remote Sensing Satellite (LANDSAT); private sector space communications initiatives; and legislation regarding wiretaps.

UT001-01 Radio-Television Partial
UT001-02 Telegraph – Cables Partial
UT001-03 Telephone Partial
UT0002 Electricity Partial
UT003 Gas, Utility Partial
UT004 Water Supply Partial

Research Availability:
Open - all records in the subject category have been processed and are available for research
Partial - some of the records in the subject category have been processed and available for research
None - no records in the subject category have been processed nor made available for research