Below is an alphabetical list of finding aids to collections that were generated within the White House.  The Library provides a list of White House offices and their staff.

Works prepared by the U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain. The copyright interest of materials written by other individuals or organizations is presumed to remain with them.


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Bryan, Patricia Mack: Files, 1986-1989 Counsel to the President, Office of: Associate Counsel
Buchanan, Patrick J.: Files, 1985-1987 Assistant to the President for Communications, Director - Office of Communications
Buckalew, Judith "Judi" A.: Files, 1983-1985 Office of Public Liaison
Bullock, Katja: Files, 1981-1988 Office of Presidential Personnel
Burgess, Jack: Files, 1981‑1983 Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director
Burnham, James B.: Files, 1981-1982 Council of Economic Advisers; Special Assistant to the Chairman
Burns, William J.: Files, 1986-1988 Near East and South Asia Affairs Directorate, NSC
Butler, Judith: Files, 1983-1987 Office of Private Sector Initiatives
Cabinet Affairs, White House Office of: Records, 1981-1988
Cannistraro, Vincent: Files, 1985-1987 Intelligence Directorate, NSC
Canzeri, Joseph: Files, 1981 Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the
Card, Andrew H: Files, 1983-1987, 1988 Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Carleson, Robert B.: Files, 1981-1984 Office of Policy Development
Carliner, Geoffery O.: Files, 1982-1984 Council of Economic Advisers: Special Assistant to the Chairman
Carlucci, Frank C: Files, 1987 Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
Carpenter, Jane: Files, 1981-1986 Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of: Secretary
Castine, Michael: Files, 1984-1985 Office of Private Sector Initiatives: Deputy Director, 1984-85
Castine, Michael: Files, 1986-1987 International Communications and Information Directorate, NSC: Director, 1986-1987
Cavaney, Red: Files, 1981-1983 Office of Public Liaison: Deputy Assistant to the President for Public Liaison
Chao, Elaine: Files, 1983-1984 Office of Policy Development (White House Fellow)
Chapman, Bruce: Files, 1981-1985 Office of Planning and Evaluation
Chavez, Linda: Files, 1985‑1986 Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and Director of the Office of Public Liaison.
Chew, David L.: Files, 1985-1988 Staff Secretary, Office of the: Staff Secretary, 1985-1987
Chew, David L.: Files, 1987-1988 Operations, White House Office of, 1987-1989: Deputy Assistant to the President
Childress, Richard T.: Files, 1981-1988 National Security Council
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