Below is an alphabetical list of finding aids to collections that were generated within the White House.  The Library provides a list of White House offices and their staff.

Works prepared by the U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain. The copyright interest of materials written by other individuals or organizations is presumed to remain with them.


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Davis, Richard A.: Files 1985-1987 Office of Cabinet Affairs. Associate Director.
Dawson, Rhett B.: Files, 1987-1988 Assistant to the President for Operations; Co-Chairman of INF Ratification Strategy and Coordination Group (SCG)
Dawson, Thomas C. II: Files, 1985-1987 Office of the Chief of Staff: Deputy Assistant to the President and Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff
De Moss, Charlotte: Files, 1986-1989 Office of Public Liaison – Research Assistant, Deputy Associate Director
Deal, Timothy: Files, 1981 Coordination Office, NSC
Dean, Robert W.: Files, 1987-1988 International Programs and Technology Affairs Directorate, NSC
Deaver, Michael, 1981-1985 Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff: Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President, 1981‑1985
deGraffenreid, Kenneth: Files, 1981-1987 Intelligence Directorate, NSC: Senior Director and Staff Member
Dekok, Roger G.: Files, 1987-1988 Space Programs Office, NSC
Dewhirst, Mary K.: Files, 1982-1989 Office of Public Liaison: Executive Assistant; Associate Director
Djerejian, Edward: Files 1985-1986 Office of the Press Secretary: Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
Dobriansky, Paula J.: Files, 1981-1987 National Security Council
Doherty, Eileen B.: Files 1985-1989 Private Sector Initiatives, Office of
Dolan, Anthony "Tony" R.: Files, 1981-1989 Office of Speechwriting
Dole, Elizabeth H.: Files, 1981-1983 Office of Public Liaison, Assistant to the President for
Domestic Policy Council: Records, 1985-89
Donatelli, Frank J.: Files, 1984-1985 Office of Public Liaison, 1984-1985
Donatelli, Frank J.: Files, 1987-1989 Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Political Affairs, 1987-1989
Donley, Michael B.: Files, 1985-1988 Defense Policy Directorate, NSC
Donnelly, Thomas R. JR.: Files, 1985 Legislative Affairs, White House Office of
Donovan, Charles A.: Files 1981-1988 Office of White House Correspondence
Dorminey, A. Blair: Files 1987-1989 Office of Domestic Affairs: Special Assistant to the President, October 1987-August 1988
Dorminey, A. Blair: Files 1988-1989 Policy Development Office, NSC: September 1988-January 1989
Dorn, Nancy: Files, 1988 Legislative Affairs, White House Office of
Dornan, Diane S.: Files, 1983-1985 Intelligence Directorate, NSC
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