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Commodities (Box 1; 1 l ft.)
This primary subject category contains material relating to the Chicago Board of Trade and commodity margin trading; a call for an investigation of the commodities futures market; correspondence on establishing product standardization; a request from Secretary of Agriculture Block for presidential approval to restrict some commodities production in 1983; and correspondence regarding product liability laws. The remaining material is related to an eclectic group of products including “the President’s Pad”, a fire “Save-A-Life” system; and the rescinding of an export license for exporting radar to Argentina.

CM001 Chemicals and Allied Products (Box 1-3; 0.8 l.ft)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the Task Force on Agent Orange; the use and affect of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans; the 2nd District Court rulings on the class-action suits regarding Agent Orange and any responsibility of the U.S. government; the incidences of dioxin contamination and the clean up efforts, especially in Times Beach, Missouri; the decision to re-allow Compound 1080 (a strychnine compound) for control of predators; the reauthorization and funding of FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act); positions both for and against various other chemicals such as CFCs, EDB, asbestos, urea-formaldehyde foam insulation, and poly vinyl chloride.
CM002 Coal (Box 3-4; 0.7 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the shortage of anthracite coal in the New England area in the winter of 1981-1982; the funding, price guarantees, foreclosure and ultimate use of the Synthetic Fuels Corporation’s North Dakota Great Plains coal gasification project; research material (August 1980 & June 1982) on federal restraints adversely affecting coal manufacture and shipping from the National Coal Association; support for the possible coal slurry pipeline; issues of eminent domain and legislative veto regarding the coal slurry pipeline in western states; federal coal leasing and establishing fair market value; support from the President, Governors and citizens for clean coal technology; administration Congressional testimony on clean coal technology and the final report of the Federal Coal Export Committee.

Food and Kindred Products (Box 4-5; 0.4 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to United States food policies; food assistance to Poland in 1981; protection of sugar in the annual farm bills and lobbying against sugar protection by the producers of corn fructose; chronology and position papers from the 1981 Working Group on Food Safety; consideration of changes to the Delaney clause relating to food safety labeling; positions and opinions on using US food as aid and as a political tool; encouraging world food security policies; reports to Congress required by the Food Security Improvements Act of 1986; and US compliance issues for federal and interstate labeling on foods in response to the passing of California Proposition 65; Additional topics covered are correspondence on antioxidants, laetrile, banning soda and candy sold as competitors to federally funded school lunches; labeling for palm, palm kernel and coconut oil and irradiation of food.

The following Case Files in the Subject Category have been digitized: 081911-099999

CM003-01 Alcoholic and Other Beverages (Box 5-6; 0.4 l.ft)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to import/export issues regarding alcoholic beverages, including a Report to Congress from the President on Tariff/Non-Tariff Barriers Affecting US Exports of Alcoholic Beverages; the Wine Equity Act of 1984 including its history, Congressional testimony by Department of Justice and Commerce officials opposed to the act; and reports gathered by the President as required by the law; promoting the administration policy of having a national drinking age of 21; decision to withhold federal highway funds from states without a drinking age of 21; administration testimony against the Malt Beverage Interbrand Competitive Act meant to define brewery sales territories within the context of federal anti-trust regulations; and labeling alcoholic beverages for health hazards. Additional topics covered are labeling brandy bottles; the US Government tea taster; and inventing a non-dairy, low-fat milk substitute for the developing world.
CM003-02 Dairy Products (Box 6-7; 0.3 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to selling surplus Commodity Credit Corporation butter and other dairy products in 1981/1982 to mostly foreign buyers and the subsequent donation of much of the surplus to food banks in the United States; correspondence from elected officials, church organizations, manufacturers, interest groups, and non-governmental organizations both for and against the United States intended veto vote on the World Health Organization’s proposed world-wide rules and regulations for marketing baby formula; support and opposition to the various proposed dairy price support legislation intended to moderate dairy price supports and eliminate the costly CCC surpluses.Additional topics covered are imports of casein and its impact on the dairy price support system, calls for higher milk standards, small farmers protesting the reductions in price supports, and the discovery of whey in some non-fat dry milk powder.
CM003-03 Fruits and Vegetables (Box 7; 0.1 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to federal citrus marketing regulations resulting in “dumping” of naval oranges in California; support for the peanut price support program contained in the 1981 Farm Bill; support for H.R. 2160 to adjust the National Potato Promotion Board for more efficiency; a report to the President from the US International Trade Commission on the competitive pressure of Canadian potatoes on US grown potatoes; the 18th, 20th, 21st, and 23rd quarterly reports on processed mushrooms from the US International Trade Commission and the 1st annual report on processed mushrooms; a Congressional request to support sweet potato farmers with their surplus crop in 1982; and concern from Senator Lawton Chiles regarding the Overseas Private Investment Corporation’s 1986 decision to encourage overseas production of citrus fruit for export.
CM003-04 Grain – Mill Products – Livestock Feed (Box 7-8; 0.3 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the US wheat program, wheat production, assistance to wheat farmers due to the 1980s drought and wheat prices; sugar price supports; ratification of the 1981 Protocols for the extension of the 1971 International Wheat Agreement; comments on the US government sale of wheat directly to other governments; trade wars between the European Community and the United States regarding sugar, agricultural products and pasta; debate on whether to renegotiate the long-term US-USSR grain agreement; sending the 1983 International Coffee Agreement to the Senate for advice and consent; release of surplus wheat for the needy or famine relief; two legislative amendments to continue user fees for grain inspections; Thai complaints about the US rice price support program; and proposed changes allowed sugar content in WIC purchase requirements for breakfast cereals.
CM003-05 Livestock (Box 8; 1 folder)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to a request for more legislation protecting animals; a complaint about the Bureau of Land Management’s handling of wild horses; the transfer of feed to ranchers hurt by the 1980s drought and H.R. 3712, a bill to rename the US Livestock Insect Laboratory to the Knipling Bushland Livestock Laboratory.
CM003-06 Meat – Seafood – Poultry (Box 8, 3 folders)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to CURE, a group of meat processors, opposed to 1983 proposed federal regulations on labeling cured meat products; support for proposed US regulations allowing state inspected, rather than federal inspected meat to be shipped interstate; an inquiry regarding farm raised catfish served at the Congressional Seafood Festival; and a US Department of Labor report on the displacement of workers in the canned tuna fish industry.
CM004 Fixtures and Furniture (Box 8, 1 folder)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the State of Wyoming’s interest in the USS Wyoming bell at the San Diego Naval Hospital; the whereabouts of furniture and fixture from President Reagan’s terms as governor of California; and the Secretary of Defense’s response to allegations of military dominance in establishing computer security policy.
CM005 Instruments and Related Products (Box 8, 2 folders)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to a request from Kevex Corporation for consideration as a federal contractor; a conference on small computer systems for government use; and a comment on the email security systems installed at the Crisis Management Center (National Security Council).
CM006 Lumber – Wood – Paper (Box 8, 0.1 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the ongoing issue of renegotiating timber contracts on sales of federal timber; opinions on several Senator Mark Hatfield sponsored legislation to extend timber contracts; an issue review and action options on timber contracts; appreciation for passing H.R. 2838, the 1984 Federal Timber Contract Payment Modification Act; a US International Trade Commission report on the import of headboxes and other paper-making machinery in violation of US patents; and requests to postpone White House consideration of proposed changes to the small business timber sales set-aside program.
CM007 Machinery (Motors) (Box 8-9, 0.1 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to several US International Trade Commission regarding consent decrees granted protecting import of machinery in violation of US patents; James Jenkins’ request to the Army for consideration of a Welbilt engine contract bid; improvements to the White House IBM main frames; and National Bureau of Standards testing results for a purported “perpetual motion” machine.
CM008 Metal Products (Box 9, 0.4 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to policy reviews of the United States steel industry including steel quotas and unfair trade practices of the European Community; views and comments from Chief Executive Officers of US steel companies regarding the US steel industry; Congressional requests for explanations of the US policy on the steel industry; views and comments from the American Iron and Steel Institute and the quarterly reports from the US International Trade Commission regarding Certain Stainless Steel and Metal Alloy Tools. Also included is material relating to the sale of surplus silver, the difficulties of the copper industry especially in the second Reagan administration; the President’s request for an explanation regarding multi-piece tire rims; Congressional resolutions calling for a halt in plutonium production and views and support for the uranium mining industry and its commercial uses for energy.
CM009 Miscellaneous Manufactures (Box 9-12, 1.3 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to multiple automation issues for the White House staff including the introduction of electronic messaging, dial-up databases, computer security issues and local storage and retrieval systems; comments and advice on the “Apple Bill,” adjusting tax breaks for Apple Corporations’ donation of Mac and Apple computers to elementary and secondary schools; support for and policy regarding H.R.145, the Computer Security Act; administration meetings with semiconductor computer chip industry leaders and trade relief for this industry; numerous United States International Trade Commission reports, actions, and consent degrees on a wide variety of products including brooms, crib toys, caulking guns, staple guns, watches, and trolley wheel assemblies, etc. Other material covers various new products and requests for government contracts.

Ordnance and Accessories (Box 13, .4 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to support and opposition for federal gun control; citizens’ requests to have their rights to own firearms restored; policy and strategy for H.R. 953 and S. 555, a ban on sales of armor piercing “cop killer” bullets; negotiations, policy and strategy regarding the McClure-Volkmer gun legislation (the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986); requests from citizens to purchase army surplus armaments; consideration of H.R. 4445 banning sale of non-detectable “plastic” guns and policy, statements and deliberations on the Brady Amendment for a 7-day waiting period when purchasing a hand gun.
Contents of CM010:

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CM011 Petroleum (Oil – Gas) (Box 14-18, 1.4 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the decision to decontrol the prices of oil announced in January 1981, and reactions both positive and negative to the decision by citizens, members of Congress and the oil industry; decisions, policy and the Executive Order regarding the Synthetic Fuel Corporation, future funding, and support for the legislation to cancel the program in 1986; support for and protest, particularly from the agriculture community, against the administration decision to not support the renewal of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act and the veto of the replacement legislation – S.1503 Standby Petroleum Allocation Act of 1982; support for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and how to fund and stock the Reserve; continued problems with natural gas prices and the progress towards full decontrol of natural gas prices with the repeal of the Fuel Use Act of 1978; administration policy relating to the collapse of the US gas and oil industry due to falling oil prices in the mid- to late-1980s; use of methanol for government vehicles; Interstate Commerce Commission decision regarding compensation for the trucking industry for fuel use; the conversion to unleaded gasoline and the EPA’s new October 1982 regulations on the phase down of lead in gasoline; an EPA report on the continued need for leaded gasoline for farm equipment; the passage of S.1518, The Alternative Fuels Act of 1988; annual reports regarding federal energy conservation as required by the Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978 ; the annual report on alcohol use for fuels; reports on domestic and world oil industry prices and trends for the future; and numerous letters from citizens with energy saving tips and fuel saving devices or products.
CM012 Plastic – Rubber – Tires – Leather Products (Box 18, 3 folders)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to requests for help and support for developing a US natural rubber industry especially for military contracts; review of H.R. 2733, the Critical Agricultural Materials Act; Congressional support for H.R. 2733 and its attempt to fund a US natural rubber industry; a request for legislation regarding recapped tires; a letter from the Bostonian shoe brand to the President; and concerns from a contractor providing molded plastic to General Motors.
CM013 Stone – Clay and Glass Products (Box 18, 1 folder)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to United States International Trade Commission report and order of exclusion for certain imported glass tempering systems; a letter to the President regarding the purchase of decomposed granite for the Reagan ranch.
CM014 Textile – Apparel (Box 18, 2 folders)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to a solicitation for government surplus clothing for a federal correctional inmate population; the private enterprise program to send jeans to Grenada; an analysis of the textile industry, including demand, imports and exports; proposed changes in textile import quota regulations; and several possible pieces of legislation regarding cotton.
CM015 Tobacco (Box 18, .3 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the tobacco grower’s subsidy program; cigarette labeling; cigarette advertising; smokers’ rights; non-smokers’ rights; the health effects of smoking; Surgeon General Koop; a push for a smoke-free society by the year 2000; smokeless tobacco; Korean trade restrictions on tobacco products; the federal excise tax on cigarettes; Japan section 301 tobacco investigation; GSA smoking regulations; tobacco pricing in military stores; and tobacco and minors.
CM016 Transportation Equipment (Finished Product) (Box 18-20; 1 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to reports to the President and staff on the automotive industry and world automobile manufacturing conditions; concerns about the imposition of emission and maintenance programs at the state level; letters from various citizens about problems with particular vehicles; letters from citizens regarding new vehicle inventions; CAFE (Corporate Automobile Fuel Efficiency) requirements and fines; policy regarding off-road vehicle use in National Forests and public lands; removal or continuation of moratorium on issuing permits for trans-border trucking; the administration policy on passive restraints (air bags) for automobiles; plans and beginnings of Saturn division of General Motors; and numerous US International Trade Commission reports regarding importation of heavy motorcycles and the domestic heavy motorcycle industry.