Argentina Documents

President Obama announced during his March 2016 visit to Argentina that the United States would embark on a comprehensive effort to identify additional records related to human rights abuses committed under Argentina's dicatatorship. Secretary of State John F. Kerry delivered an initial set of 1,100 declassified records to President Macri on August 4, 2016. This second set of records represents approximately 550 newly declassified documents. Many reside at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, but there records from the Ford, Reagan, and H.W. Bush Libraries as well.

This project involves over 14 U.S. Government agencies and departments, including the CIA, FBI, the Department of Defense, and more. These documents are released today as part of Argentina's commemoration of the work and life of American diplomat, Patricia Derian, who served as the first Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs from 1977-1981. Derian passed away in May of 2016. A fierce advocate for human rights, her dedication to advancing human freedom is encompassed in these documents. 

These records can also be viewed at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's IC on the Record Tumblr account.

More about the project and today's release can be found in the White House's Fact Sheet.

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