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File Code Description Research
SP729 National Association of Evangelicals, Orlando, Florida, 03/08/1983 (100 pp. [The "Evil Empire" Speech] Open
SP730 National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC, 03/10/1983 Open
SP731 Federal Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, Washington, DC, 03/14/1983 Open
SP732 Country Music Association Awards Concert, Washington, DC, 03/16/1983 Open
SP733 Agriculture Day Remarks, Washington, DC, 03/02/1983 Open
SP734 Department of Agriculture Appointees, Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC, 03/21/1983 Open
SP735 [Defense and National Security,] Address to the Nation, White House, [Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Speech] 03/23/1983 (500 pp.) Open
SP736 Capitol Hill Club Fundraising Reception, Washington, DC, 03/22/1983 Open
SP737 American Cowboy Exhibition, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 03/24/1983 Open
SP738 Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC, 03/24/1983 Open
SP739 Gridiron Club Dinner, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC, 03/26/1983 Open
SP740 Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA,03/31/1983 Open
SP741 Control Data Company, Pittsburgh, PA, 04/06/1983 Open
SP742 National Conference on the Dislocated Worker, Pittsburgh, PA, 04/06/1983 Open
SP743 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle Reception, Washington, DC, 04/11/1983 Open
SP744 Holocaust Remembrance Gathering, Capitol Center, MD, 04/11/1983 Open
SP745 Beirut Ceremony, American Bodies Returned, Andrews Air Force Base, MD, 04/23/1983 Open
SP746 White House Correspondents Association, Washington, DC, 04/23/1983 Open
SP747 Herbert Anderson & Seth Neddermeyer, Fermi Award, Department of Energy Washington, DC, 04/25/1983 Open
SP748 American Newspaper Publishers Association, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY, 04/27/1983 Open
SP749 City Police Department & New York Daily News Crime Fighters, New York City, NY, 04/27/1983 Open
SP750 John Tower Fundraising Dinner, Houston, TX, 04/29/1983 Open
SP751 Cenikor Foundation Board of Directors, Residents, and Staff, Houston, TX, 04/29/1983 Open
SP752 Cougars Basketball Team, Hyatt Regency, Houston, TX, 04/30/1983 Open
SP753 Cinco de Mayo Opening, San Antonio, TX, 05/05/1983 Open
SP754 National Rifle Associations’ Banquet, Phoenix, AZ, 05/06/1983 Open
SP755 John Ashbrook Memorial Dinner, Myers Convocation Center, Ashland, OH, 05/09/1983 Open
SP756 House/Senate GOP Dinner and Reception, Hilton, Washington, DC, 05/12/1983 Open
SP757 National Association of Homebuilders, Washington, DC, 05/16/1983 Open
SP758 White House News Photographers Association, Washington, DC, 05/18/1983 Open
SP759 USO Show, Bob Hope 80th Birthday, Washington, DC, 05/20/1983 Open
SP760 National Catholic Educational Association, Washington, DC, 04/07/1083 Open
SP761 Sun City Sheriff’s Posse Members, Sun City, AZ, 05/06/1983 Open
SP762 Chamber of Commerce Teleconference Q&A, Washington, DC, 05/10/1983 Open
SP763 Cuban American National Foundation, Miami, FL, 05/20/1983 Open
SP764 La Esquina de Tejhos Restaurant, Miami, FL, 05/20/1983 Open
SP765 Seton Hall Commencement, South Orange, NJ, 05/21/1983 Open
SP766 Best of Class 1983, By WDVM-TV and General Motors, Washington, DC, 05/23/1983 Open
SP767 Williamsburg Economic Summit Speeches, Williamsburg, VA, 05/27/1983-05/31/1983 Open
SP768 Rudy Boschwitz Fundraising Dinner, Minneapolis, MN, 06/09/1983 Open
SP769 National Commission on Excellence in Education, Hopkins, MN, 06/09/1983 Open
SP770 Tennessee Better Schools Program, Farragut High School, Knoxville, TN, 06/14/1983 Open
SP771 National PTA Convention, Albuquerque, NM, 06/15/1983 Open
SP772 English Class Droby, (Mrs. Mynatt/Shakespeare), Knoxville, TN, 06/14/1983 Open
SP773 Jesse Helms, Dinner, Sheraton Hotel, Washington, DC, 06/16/1983 Open
SP774 Trent Lott, Mississippi GOP Dinner, Jackson, MS, 06/20/1983 Open
SP775 National Federation of Independent Business Conference, Washington, DC, 06/22/1983 Open
SP776 American Medical Association, Chicago, IL, 06/23/1983 Open
SP777 Polish-American Community, Chicago, IL, 06/23/1983 Open
SP778 General Robert Barrow Retirement, Washington, DC, 06 Open
SP779 VICA (Vocation Industrial Clubs of America) & U.S. Skills Olympics, Louisville, KY, 06/29/1983 Open
SP780 National Association of Student Councils, Shawnee Mission, KS, 06/29/1983 Open
SP781 National Commission on Excellence in Education, Whittier, CA 06/30/1983 (50 pp.) Open
SP782 Republican Salute to the President, Long Beach, CA, 06/30/1983 Open
SP783 Proficiency Clinic Students Meeting, Whittier, CA 06/30/1983 Open
SP784 American Federation of Teachers, Los Angeles, CA, 06/30/1983 Open
SP785 International Longshoremen’s Association, Hollywood, FL, 07/18/1983 Open
SP786 Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 75th Anniversary, Washington, DC, 07/26/1983 Open
SP787 American Bar Association’s 105th Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 08/01/1983 Open
SP788 International Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Club, Washington, DC, 08/03/1983 Open
SP789 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Tampa, FL, 08/12/1983 Open
SP790 American GI Forum, El Paso, TX, 08/13/1983 Open
SP791 Veterans of Foreign Wars, New Orleans, LA, 08/15/1983 Open
SP792 President de La Madrid Meetings, Washington, DC, 08/14/1983 Open
SP793 American Legion, Seattle, WA, 08/23/1983 Open
SP794 GOP Fundraising, Seattle, WA 08/23/1983 Open
SP795 Republican Women’s Leadership, San Diego, CA, 08/26/1983 Open
SP796 Hispanic Economic Outlook Preview, Los Angeles, CA 08/25/1983 Open
SP797 Robert Lagomarsino Fundraising, Santa Barbara, CA, 08/26/1983 Open
SP798 Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL, 09/05/1983 Open
SP799 Korean Civilian Airliner (KAL 007), Address, Washington, DC, 09/05/1983 (200 p.) Open
SP800 Republican Western Regional Conference, Scottsdale, AZX, 09/09/1983 Open
SP801 Association of Towns and Townships Award Meeting, Washington, DC, 09/12/1983 Open
SP802 Republican National HiSpanic Assembly Dinner, Washington, DC, 09/14/1983 Open
SP803 United Nations General Assembly, New York City, NY, 09/26/1983 Open
SP804 Horseshoe University, Honorary6 Degree, Columbia, SC, 09/20/1983 Open
SP805 Strom Thurmond Dinner and Reception, Columbia, SC, 09/20/1983 Open
SP806 UN Heads of Delegations Reception, New York City, NY, 09/25/1983 Open
SP807 International Monetary Fund, New York City, NY, 09/27/1983 Open
SP808 Women’s Sports Foundation Reception, New York City, NY, 09/26/1983 (23 p.) Open
SP809 Pulaski Day Parade Dinner, New York City, NY, 09/25/1983 Open
SP810 Rodeo at Capitol Center, Landover, MD, 09/24/1983 Open
SP811 Republican Northeast Regional Leadership Conference, 09/23/1983 Open
SP812 Howard Baker Dinner, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, 09/27/1983 Open
SP813 Heritage Foundation’s 10th Anniversary, Washington, DC, 10/03/1983 Open
SP814 Job Training Partnership Act Ceremony, Department of Labor, Washington, DC, 10/05/1983 Open
SP815 National Federation of Republican Women, Louisville, KY, 10/07/1983 Open
SP816 Jim Bunning Fundraising Luncheon, Louisville, KY, 10/07/1983 Open
SP817 National Air & Space Museum, NASA 25th Anniversary, Washington, DC, 10/19/1983 Open
SP818 [Address to the Nation on the Bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon and the U.S. Invasion of Grenada], White House, Washington, DC, 10/27/1983 (400 pp.) Open
SP819 Lebanon Victims Family, Camp LeJeune, NC, 11/04/1983 Open
SP820 Reagan-Bush Campaign Reunion, Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 11/03/1983 Open
SP821 Military Personnel & Families, Elmendorf Air Force Base, 11/08/1983 Open
SP822 National Diet Address by the President, Japan, 11/11/1983 Open
SP823 Community Leaders Reception, Seoul, Korea, 11/12/1983 Open
SP824 Japan/Korea Departure and Return Speeches, 11/08/1983-11/14/1983 Open
SP825 White House Conference on Productivity, Washington, DC, 09/22/1983 Open
SP826 Menorah Candle Lighting Ceremony, Rockville, MD, 12/04/1983 Open
SP827 Jimmy Doolittel Dinner, Washington, DC, 12/06/1983 Open
SP828 Excellence in Education, Indianapolis, IN, 12/08/1983 Open
SP829 American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, 12/08/1983 Open
SP830 Christmas in Washington Concert, Washington, DC, 12/11/1983 (20 pp.) Open
SP831 Congressional Medal of Honor, New York City, NY, 12/12/1983 Open
SP832 Saturday Radio Speeches After 01/10/1984 Open
SP832-01 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/07/1984 Open
SP832-02 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/14/1984 Open
SP832-03 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/21/1984 Open
SP832-04 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/28/1984 Open
SP832-05 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/04/1984 Open
SP832-06 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/11/1984 Open
SP832-07 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/18/1984 Open
SP832-08 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/25/1984 Open
SP832-09 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/03/1984 Open
SP832-10 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/10/1984 Open
SP832-11 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/17/1984 Open
SP832-12 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/24/1984 Open
SP832-13 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/31/1984 Open
SP832-14 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/07/1984 Open
SP832-15 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/14/1984 Open
SP832-16 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/21/1984 Open
SP832-17 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/28/1984 Open
SP832-18 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/05/1984 Open
SP832-19 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/12/1984 (50 pp.) [Education] Open
SP832-20 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/19/1984 Open
SP832-21 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/26/1984 Open
SP832-22 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/02/1984 Open
SP832-23 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/09/1984 Open
SP832-24 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/16/1984 Open
SP832-25 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/23/1984 Open
SP832-26 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/30/1984 Open
SP832-27 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/07/1984 Open
SP832-28 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/14/1984 Open
SP832-29 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/21/1984 Open
SP832-30 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/28/1984 Open
SP832-31 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/04/1984 Open
SP832-32 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/11/1984 Open
SP832-33 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/18/1984 Open
SP832-34 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/25/1984 Open
SP832-35 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/01/1984 Open
SP832-36 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/08/1984 (50 pp.) [Educational Challenges] Open
SP832-37 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/15/1984 Open
SP832-38 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/22/1984 Open
SP832-39 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/29/1984 Open
SP832-40 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/06/1984 Open
SP832-41 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/13/1984 Open
SP832-42 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/20/1984 Open
SP832-43 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/27/1984 Open
SP832-44 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/03/1984 Open
SP832-45 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/10/1984 Open
SP832-46 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/17/1984 Open
SP832-47 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/24/1984 Open
SP832-48 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/01/1984 Open
SP832-49 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/08/1984 Open
SP832-50 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/15/1984 Open
SP832-51 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/22/1984 Open
SP832-52 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/29/1984 Open
SP833 Soviet/U.S. Relations, White House, Washington, DC, 01/16/1984 (450 pp.) Open
SP834 Administration Executive Forum, Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, 01/20/1984 Open
SP835 Senate Republican Policy Committee, Capitol, Washington, DC,, 01/24/1984 Open
SP836 Spirit of America Rally, Atlanta, GA, 01/26/1984 Open
SP837 GOP Southern Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA, 01/26/1984 Open
SP838 Republican Eagles 3rd Inaugural Anniversary, Washington, DC,, 01/26/1984 Open
SP839 Alfalfa Club, Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 01/28/1984 Open
SP840 President Reagan’s Re-Election Announcement, Washington, DC, 01/29/1984 (75 pp.) Open
SP841 National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Washington, DC, 01/30/1984 Open
SP842 International Concrete & Aggregates Industry, Washington, DC, 01/31/1984 Open
SP843 House and Senate GOP Lunch, Senate Office Building, Washington, DC, 02/02/1984 Open
SP844 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC, 02/2/1984 (48pp.) Open
SP845 Eureka College Students & Faculty at College, 02/06/1984 Open
SP846 Eureka College, Times Distinguished Speaker Program, 02/06/1984 Open
SP847 Nevada GOP Luncheon, Las Vegas, NV, 02/07/1984 Open
SP848 National Association of Secondary School Principals, Los Vegas, NV, 02/07/1984 Open
SP849 Susan B. Anthony Birthday Party, Washington, DC, 02/15/1984 Open
SP850 Princess Grace Foundation Benefit Dinner, 02/18/1984 Open
SP851 American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, Washington, DC, 03/01/1984 Open
SP852 National League of Cities Congressional Conference, Washington, DC, 03/05/1984 Open
SP853 Young Leadership Conference of United Jewish Appeal, Washington, DC, 03/13/1984 Open
SP854 Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, DC, 03/02/1984 Open
SP855 Senate Republican Conference, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, 03/21/1984 Open
SP856 House Republican Conference, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, 03/21/1984 Open
SP857 Gridiron Club Dinner, Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 03/24/1984 Open
SP858 Independent Insurance Agents of American, Washington, DC, 03/27/1984 Open
SP859 National Republican Senatorial Committee Inner Circle, Washington, DC, 03/26/1984 Open
SP860 Congress Heights Elementary School, Washington, DC,, 03/12/1984 Open
SP861 Women Business Owners of New York, Grand Hyatt, 04/05/1984 (190 p.) Open
SP862 New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents, New York City, NY, 04/05/1984 Open
SP863 Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC, 04/06/1984 Open
SP864 Fords Theatre Benefit Gala, Washington, DC, 04/08/1984 Open
SP865 Chowder and Marching Club 35th Anniversary Dinner, Washington, DC, 04/09/1984 Open
SP866 Ford Claymore Assembly Plant, Kansas City, MO, 04/11/1984 Open
SP867 Housing Industry Leaders, Dallas, TX, 04/12/1984 Open
SP868 Baptist Fundamentalist 1984 Convention, Washington, DC, 04/13/1984 Open
SP869 White House CorreSpondents’ Dinner, Washington, DC, 04/13/1984 Open
SP870 Weyerhauser Log Export Shipping, Tacoma, WA, 04/19/1984 Open
SP981 Export Trade Leadership Discussion, Tacoma, WA, 04/19/1984 Open
SP872 Hawaii Arrival Ceremony, 04/22/1984 (TR098-02) Open
SP873 Hawaii Departure Remarks, 04/22/1984-04/24/1984 (TR098-02) Open
SP874 Guam Arrival Ceremony 04/25/1984 (TR098-05) Open
SP875 Mayor Wang, Shanghai Banquet Toast, China, 04/30/1984 Open
SP876 Pope John Paul, Fairbanks, AL, 05/02/1984 Open
SP877 Council of the Americas, Department of State, Washington, DC, 05/08/1984 Open
SP878 Central American Address, Oval Office, Washington, DC, 05/09/1984 (900 pp.) Open
SP879 National Association of Realtors’ Convention, Washington, DC, 05/10/1984 Open
SP880 House/Senate Dinner, Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 05/10/1984 Open
SP881 Jeanne Jugan Residence for the Aged, Washington, DC, 05/13/1984 Open
SP882 White House News Photographers Dinner, Washington, DC, 05/16/1984 Open
SP883 CIA Building Dedication, Langley, VA, 05/24/1984 Open
SP884 Vietnam Unknown Soldier Arrival Ceremony, Washington, DC, 05/25/1984 (25 pp.) Open
SP885 Vietnam Unknown Soldiers Entombment, Arlington National Cemetery, 05/28/1984 (125 pp.) Open
SP886 Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO, 05/29/1985 Open
SP887 Reagan-Bush Supporters, Colorado Springs, CO, 05/29/1985 Open
SP888 U.S. Air Force Academy Commencement, Colorado Springs, CO, 05/31/1984 Open
SP889 Ireland Speeches (on TR105-01), 06/01/1984-06/04/1984 (772 pp.) Open
SP890 London Speeches (on TR105-02), England, 06/04/1984-06/10/1984 Open
SP891 D-Day Ceremonies, Normandy, 06/06/1984 (.1 l.ft. Box 222-223)
This secondary subject category contains material regarding the President’s Speech cards; edits, annotations, and comments from White House staff members, the Department of Defense and Richard Wirthlin; and multiple drafts of the two Presidential Speeches on June 6, 1984 commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion at Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc. There is also one letter from the public commending the President and his Speeches.
SP892 International Games of the Disabled, Nassau County, NY, 06/17/1984 Open
SP893 National Geographics’ Building Dedication, Washington, DC,, 06/17/1984 Open
SP894 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Oradell, NJ, 06/20/1984 Open
SP895 National Sheriff’s Association, Hartford, CN, 06/20/1984 Open
SP896 Spirit of America Rally, Point Mallard, Decatur, AL, 07/04/1984 Open
SP897 Orion GM Assembly Plant Dedication, Orion, MI, 07/05/1984 Open
SP898 Texas State Bar Association, San Antonio, TX, 07/06/1984 Open
SP899 Firecracker 400 Race, Daytona Beach, FL, 07/04/1984 Open
SP900 Chesapeake Bay Area, Tilghman Island, MD, 07/10/1984 Open
SP901 Theodore Roosevelt Island Signing, CEQ Annual Report, 07/11/1984 Open
SP902 Hikers & Campers Association, Bowling Green, KY, 07/12/1984 Open
SP903 Caribbean Leaders Summit, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, 07/19/1984 Open
SP904 United States Olympic Team, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA., 07/28/1984 Open
SP905 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles Coliseum, 07/28/1984 Open
SP906 United States Olympic Medalists, Los Angeles, CA 08/13/1984 Open
SP907 Child Support Enforcement Signing of H.R. 4325, Washington, DC, 08/16/1984 Open
SP908 Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention, Chicago, IL, 08/24/1984 Open
SP909 Bill Signing Ceremony S. 746, Chicago, IL, 08/24/1984 Open
SP910 Jefferson Junior High School Tour, Washington, DC, 08/27/1984 Open
SP911 Award Winning Secondary Schools, Washington, DC, 08/27/1984 Open
SP912 Goddard Space Flight Center Address, Greenbelt, MD, 08/30/1984 Open
SP913 United Nations General Assembly, New York City, NY, 09/24/1984 Open
SP914 International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group, Washington, DC, 09/25/1984 Open
SP915 United Nations Delegations Reception, New York City, NY, 09/23/1984 Open
SP916 Vietnam War Memorial Ceremony, Washington, DC, 11/11/1984 Open
SP917 Unity Dinner, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 11/28/1984 Open
SP918 Christmas in Washington Concert, National Museum, Washington, DC, 12/09/1984 (20 pp.) Open
SP919 Michael Evans’ Exhibit, Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC, 01/11/1985 Open
SP920 Hoover Institution Reception, Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC, 01/15/1985 Open
SP921 50th American Presidential American, Washington, DC, 01/19/1985 Open
SP922 Congressional Luncheon, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC, 01/21/1985 Open
SP923 Inaugural Parade Participants, Capitol Center, 01/21/1985 Open
SP924 Inaugural Balls, 01/21/1985 Open
SP925 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC, 01/31/1985 Open
SP926 Executive Forum 1985, Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, 01/25/198 Open
SP927 Alfalfa Club, Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 01/26/1985 Open
SP928 National Religious Broadcasters, Washington, DC, 02/04/1985 Open
SP929 British Embassy Dinner Toast, Washington, DC, 02/20/1985 Open

Saturday Radio Speeches After 01/01/1985

The following Case File has been digitized: 307891

SP930-01 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/26/1985 Open
SP930-02 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/02/1985 Open
SP930-03 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/09/1985 Open
SP930-04 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/16/1985 Open
SP930-05 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/231095 Open
SP930-06 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/02/1985 Open
SP930-07 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/09/1985 Open
SP930-08 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/16/1985 Open
SP930-09 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/23/1985 Open

Saturday Radio Speech, 03/30/1985

This collection has been digitized in full and can be viewed here: folder 1 and folder 2.

SP930-11 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/06/1985 Open
SP930-12 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/13/1985 Open
SP930-13 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/20/1985 Open
SP930-14 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/27/1985 Open
SP930-15 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/04/1985 Open
SP930-16 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/11/1985 Open
SP930-17 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/18/1985 Open
SP930-18 Saturday Radio Speech [Prelude to Tax Plan], 05/25/1985 (62 pp.) Open
SP930-19 Saturday Radio Speech [Tax Reform Plan], 06/01/1985 (54 pp.) Open
SP930-20 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/08/1985 Open
SP930-21 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/15/1985 (100 pp.) [Fairness] Open
SP930-22 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/22/1985 Open
SP930-23 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/29/1985 Open
SP930-24 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/06/1985 Open
SP930-25 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/13/1985 (52 pp.) [Strategic Defense Initiative] Open
SP930-26 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/20/1985 Open
SP930-27 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/27/1985 Open
SP930-28 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/03/1985 Open
SP930-29 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/10/1985 Open
SP930-30 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/17/1985 Open
SP930-31 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/24/1985 Open
SP930-32 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/31/1985 Open
SP930-33 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/07/1985 Open
SP930-34 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/14/1985 Open
SP930-35 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/21/1985 Open
SP930-36 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/28/1985 Open
SP930-37 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/05/1985 Open
SP930-38 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/12/1985 Open
SP930-39 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/19/1985 Open
SP930-40 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/26/1985 Open
SP930-41 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/02/1985 Open
SP930-42 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/09/1985 (125 pp.) [Geneva Summit] Open
SP930-43 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/16/1985 Open
SP930-44 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/23/1985 (55 pp.) [Geneva Summit] Open
SP930-45 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/30/1985 Open
SP930-46 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/07/1985 Open
SP930-47 Saturday Radio Speech [Nicaragua & Tax Reform], 12/14/1985 (107 pp.) Open
SP930-48 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/21/1985 Open
SP930-49 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/28/1985 Open
SP930-50 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/04/1986 Open
SP930-51 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/11/1986 Open
SP930-52 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/18/1986 Open
SP930-53 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/25/1986 Open
SP930-54 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/01/1986 Open
SP930-55 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/08/1986 Open
SP930-56 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/15/1986 Open
SP930-57 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/22/1986 Open
SP930-58 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/01/1986 Open
SP930-59 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/08/1986 Open
SP930-60 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/15/1986 Open
SP930-61 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/22/1986 Open
SP930-62 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/29/1986 [Easter] Open
SP930-63 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/05/1986 Open
SP930-64 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/12/1986 Open
SP930-65 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/19/1986 Open
SP930-66 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/26/1986 Open
SP930-67 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/03/1986 Open
SP930-68 Saturday Radio Speech [Taxes], 05/10/1986 (62 pp.) Open
SP930-69 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/17/1986 Open
SP930-70 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/24/1986 Open
SP930-71 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/31/1986 Open
SP930-72 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/07/1986 Open
SP930-73 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/14/1986 Open
SP930-74 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/21/1986 Open
SP930-75 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/28/1986 Open
SP930-76 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/05/1986 Open
SP930-77 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/12/1986 Open
SP930-78 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/19/1986 Open
SP930-79 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/26/1986 Open
SP930-80 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/02/1986 Open
SP930-81 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/09/1986 Open
SP930-82 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/16/1986 Open
SP930-83 Saturday Radio Speech [Tax Reform], 08/23/1986 (72 pp.) Open
SP930-84 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/30/1986 Open
SP930-85 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/06/1986 Open
SP930-86 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/13/1986 Open
SP930-87 Saturday Radio Speech [Tax Reform], 09/20/1986 (78 pp.) Open
SP930-88 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/27/1986 Open
SP930-89 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/04/1986 Open
SP930-90 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/11/1986 Open
SP930-91 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/18/1986 Open
SP930-92 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/25/1986 Open
SP930-93 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/01/1986 Open
SP930-94 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/08/1986 Open
SP930-95 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/15/1986 Open
SP930-96 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/22/1986 Open
SP930-97 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/29/1986 Open
SP931 Saturday Radio Speeches Open
SP931-01 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/06/1986 Open
SP931-02 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/13/196 Open
SP931-03 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/20/1986 Open
SP931-04 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/27/1986 Open
SP931-05 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/03/1987 (100 pp.) [Budget] Open
SP931-06 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/10/1987 Open
SP931-07 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/17/1987 Open
SP931-08 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/24/1987 Open
SP931-09 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/31/1987 Open
SP931-10 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/07/1987 Open
SP931-11 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/14/1987 Open
SP931-12 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/21/1987 Open
SP931-13 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/28/1987 Open
SP931-14 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/07/1987 Open
SP931-15 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/14/1987 Open
SP931-16 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/21/1987 Open
SP931-17 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/28/1987 Open
SP931-18 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/04/1987 Open
SP931-19 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/11/1987 Open
SP931-20 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/18/1987 Open
SP931-21 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/25/1987 Open
SP931-22 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/02/1987 Open
SP931-23 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/09/1987 Open
SP931-24 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/16/1987 Open
SP931-25 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/23/1987 Open
SP931-26 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/30/1987 Open
SP931-27 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/06/1987 Open
SP931-28 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/13/1987 Open
SP931-29 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/20/1987 Open
SP931-30 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/27/1987 Open
SP931-31 Saturday Radio Speech, [Economic Bill of Rights; Bork Nomination] 07/04/1987 (80 pp.) Open
SP931-32 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/11/1987 Open
SP931-33 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/18/1987 Open
SP931-34 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/25/1987 Open
SP931-35 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/01/1987 Open
SP931-36 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/08/1987 Open
SP931-37 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/15/1987 Open
SP931-38 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/22/1987 Open
SP931-39 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/29/1987 Open
SP931-40 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/05/1987 Open
SP931-41 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/12/1987 Open
SP931-42 Saturday Radio Speech, [Bork, Shevardnadze, and the Budget] 09/19/1987 (120 pp.)] Open
SP931-43 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/26/1987 Open
SP931-44 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/03/1987 (110 pp.) [Bork Nomination] Open
SP931-45 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/10/1987 (80 pp.) [Bork Nomination] Open
SP931-46 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/17/1987 Open
SP931-47 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/24/1987 Open
SP931-48 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/31/1987 (85 pp.) [Supreme Court Nominee and Budget] Open
SP931-49 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/07/1987 Open
SP931-50 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/14/1987 (85 pp.) [Kennedy, Central America, and Budget] Open
SP931-51 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/21/1987 Open
SP931-52 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/28/1987 Open
SP931-53 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/05/1987 Open
SP931-54 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/12/1987 Open
SP931-55 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/19/1987 Open
SP931-56 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/26/1987 Open
SP931-57 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/02/1988 Open
SP931-58 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/09/1988 Open
SP931-59 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/16/1988 Open
SP931-60 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/23/1988 Open
SP931-61 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/30/1988 Open
SP931-62 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/06/1988 Open
SP931-63 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/13/1988 Open
SP931-64 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/20/1988 Open
SP931-65 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/27/1988 Open
SP931-66 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/05/1988 Open
SP931-67 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/12/1988 Open
SP931-68 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/19/1988 Open
SP931-69 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/26/1988 Open
SP931-70 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/02/1988 Open
SP931-71 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/09/1988 Open
SP931-72 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/16/1988 Open
SP931-73 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/23/1988 Open
SP931-74 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/30/1988 Open
SP931-75 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/07/1988 Open
SP931-76 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/14/1988 Open
SP931-77 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/21/1988 Open
SP931-78 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/28/1988 Open
SP931-79 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/04/1988 Open
SP931-80 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/11/1988 Open
SP931-81 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/18/1988 Open
SP931-82 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/25/1988 Open
SP931-83 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/02/1988 Open
SP931-84 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/09/1988 Open
SP931-85 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/16/1988 Open
SP931-86 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/23/1988 Open
SP931-87 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/30/1988 Open
SP931-88 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/06/1988 Open
SP931-89 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/13/1988 Open
SP931-90 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/20/1988 Open
SP931-91 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/27/1988 Open
SP931-92 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/03/1988 (50 pp.) [Jobs and Welfare Reform] Open
SP931-93 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/10/1988 Open
SP931-94 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/17/1988 Open
SP931-95 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/24/1988 Open
SP931-96 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/01/1988 Open
SP931-97 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/08/1988 Open
SP931-98 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/15/1988 Open
SP931-99 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/22/1988 Open
SP932 Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, DC, 03/01/1985 Open
SP933 National Association of Counties, Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 03/14/1985 Open
SP933-01 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/29/1988 Open
SP933-02 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/05/1988 Open
SP933-03 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/12/1988 Open
SP933-04 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/19/1988 Open
SP933-05 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/26/1988 Open
SP933-06 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/03/1988 Open
SP933-07 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/10/1988 Open
SP933-08 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/17/1988 Open
SP933-09 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/24/1988 Open
SP933-10 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/31/1988 Open
SP933-11 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/07/1989 Open
SP933-12 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/14/1989 Open
SP934 Quebec City Luncheon, Canada, 03/18/1985 Open
SP935 Quebec Speeches (on TR122) , Canada, 03/17/1985-03/18/1985 Open
SP936 Senate Republican Policy Committee, Luncheon, 03/19/1985 Open
SP937 Gridiron Club Dinner, Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 03/23/1985 Open
SP938 St. John’s University Convocation Ceremony, New York City, NY, 03/28/1985 Open
SP939 Corporate and Economic Leaders Meeting, New York City, NY, 03/28/1985 Open
SP940 Opening of New York Stock Exchange (Rang Bell), New York City, NY, 03/28/1985 Open
SP941 National Space Club Luncheon, Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC, 03/29/1985 Open
SP942 Eagles Dinner, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC, 04/02/1985 Open
SP943 Ringling Brothers Circus, Washington, DC Armory, 04/15/1985 Open
SP944 Nicaraguan Relief Fund, Washington, DC, 04/15/1985 Open
SP945 National Association of Realtors, Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 04/23/1985 Open
SP946 Budget Address, Oval Office, Washington, DC, 04/24/1985 Open
SP947 Senator Laxalt’s Lambfry, Georgetown Club, Washington, DC, 04/24/1985 Open
SP948 White House CorreSpondents Association, Washington, DC, 04/27/1985 Open
SP949 United States Chamber of Commerce, DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Hall, Washington, DC, 04/29/1985 Open
SP950 European Trip Departure Statement, 04/30/1985 (Not in File) Open
SP951 German Trip Remarks: Remarks at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, 05/05/1985; Remarks at Bitburg, 05/05/1985; Toast at the State Dinner, Villa Hammerschmidt, Bonn; and Address to German Students, Hambach Castle, 05/06/1985 (800 pp.) Open
SP952 European Parliament, Strasbourg, France, 05/08/1985 Open
SP953 Spanish Business/Civic/Labor Leaders, Spain, 05/07/1985 Open
SP954 National Assembly, Lisbon, Portugal, 05/09/1985 Open
SP955 European Trip Return, 05/10/1985 Open
SP956 House/Senate Dinner, Convention Center, Washington, DC, 05/16/1985 Open
SP957 National Republican Heritage Groups Council Convention, Washington, DC, 05/17/1985 Open
SP958 United States Naval Academy Commencement, Annapolis, MD, 05/22/1985 Open
SP959 Disney World "Inaugural Parade," Epcot Center, Orlando, FL, 05/27/1985 Open
SP960 Paula Hawkins Fundraiser/Reception, Miami, FL, 05/27/1985 Open
SP961 National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC, 05/24/1985 Open
SP962 Tax Reform Plan Address to the Nation, White House, 05/28/1985 (229 pp.) Open
SP963 Independence Rally Prelude, Williamsburg, VA, 05/30/1985 Open
SP964 Tax Reform Plan, Winnebago Courthouse, Oshkosh, WI, 05/30/1985 Open
SP965 Tax Reform Plan, Great Valley Corporation, Malvern, PA, 05/31/1985 Open
SP966 Tax Reform Plan, AT&T Technologies Plant, Oklahoma City, OK, 06/05/1985 Open
SP967 Don Nickles Fundraiser, Oklahoma City, OK, 06/05/1985 Open
SP968 Mack Mattingly Fundraiser, Atlanta, GA, 06/05/1985 Open
SP969 Northside High School of the Arts, Atlanta, GA, 06/06/1985 Open
SP970 Jeremiah Denton Fundraiser, Birmingham, AL, 06/06/1985 Open
SP971 Fords Theatre Gala, Washington, DC, 06/02/1985 Open
SP972 Tax Reform Rally, Bloomfield, NJ, 06/13/1985 (164 pp.) Open
SP973 Flag Day at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD, 06/14/1985 Open
SP974 Mooresville Chamber of Commerce Dropby, Mooresville, IN, & National Jaycees Convention, Indianapolis, IN, 06/19/1985 Open
SP975 International Lions Club Convention & Pro-Family Leaders, Dallas, TX, 06/21/1985 Open
SP976 Return Ceremony for Marines Killed in El Salvador, Andrews Air Force Base: 06/22/1985 Open
SP977 John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, McLean, VA, 06/24/1985 Open
SP978 National Association of Independent Schools, Washington, DC,, 02/28/1985 Open
SP979 Chicago Community Leaders Luncheon, Chicago IL, 03/28/1985 (180 pp.) Open
SP980 TWA Hostages Release, Oval Office, 06/30/1985 Open
SP981 TWA Hostages Return, Andrews Air Force Base, 07/02/1985 Open
SP982 American Bar Association, Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, 07/08/1985 Open
SP983 Republican Party Fundraiser, Los Angeles, CA, 08/22/1985 Open
SP984 Santa-Cali-Gon Days, (Labor Day), Independence, MO, 09/02/1985 Open
SP985 Tax Reform Address, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 09/05/1985 Open
SP986 North Carolina State University Student Union, Raleigh, NC, 09/05/1985 Open
SP987 Tax Reform to Senior Citizens Forum, Tampa, FL, 09/12/1985 Open
SP988 Economic Sanctions Against South Africa, Q&A, Oval Office, 09/09/1985 Open
SP989 New Hampshire State House Tax Plan, Concord, NH, 09/18/1985 (117 pp.) Open
SP990 Tax Plan Rally, County Courthouse, Athens, TN, 09/24/1985 (145 pp.) Open
SP991 University of Tennessee Symposium, Knoxville, TN, 09/24/1985 Open
SP992 Republican Inner Circle Reception, Washington, DC, 09/23/1985 Open
SP993 John Q. Vessey Farewell Reception, Andrews Air Force Base, 09/30/1985 Open
SP994 Interpol Conference, Departmental Auditorium, Washington, DC, 10/02/1985 Open
SP995 Business Forum on Tax Forum, Cincinnati, OH, 10/03/1985 (85 pp.) Open
SP996 Proctor and Gamble Ivorydale, St. Barnard, OH, 10/03/1985 Open
SP997 GOP Fundraiser, Parsippany, NJ, 10/04/1985 Open
SP998 Wyatt Durette, GOP Candidate Lunch, Crystal City, VA, 10/09/1985 Open
SP999 Gordon Technical High School, Chicago, IL, 10/10/1985 Open
SP1000 Steve Syms Fundraiser, Boise, ID, 10/15/1985 Open
SP1001 Robert Kasten Fundraiser, Milwaukee, WI, 10/15/1985 Open
SP1002 Sara Lee Kitchen, Deerfield, IL, 10/10/1985 Open
SP1003 Russell Long Dinner, Madison Hotel, Washington, DC, 10/16/1985 Open
SP1004 United Nations General Assembly, 40th Anniversary, New York City, NY, 10/24/1985 (745 pp.) Open
SP1005 Republican Governors Association Dinner, Washington, DC,, 10/17/1985 Open
SP1006 James Abnor Reception, DC 10/29/1985 (90 pp.) Open
SP1007 McLaughlin Group Reception, Ritz/Carlton, Washington, DC, 10/29/1985 Open
SP1008 Frank Sinatra National Italian American Foundation, 10/19/1985 Open
SP1009 Veterans’ Day Wreath Laying, Arlington, VA, 11/11/1985 Open
SP1010 Pre-Geneva Summit Speech, White House, 11/14/1985 (1,600 pp.) Open
SP1011 Geneva Summit, US-USSR Speeches (100 pp.) Open
SP1012 North Atlantic Council, Brussels, Belgium (35 p.) Open
SP1013 Joint Session of the Congress, Geneva Report, 11/21/1985 (200 pp.) Open
SP1014 Tribute to Dutch Reagan, NBC Burbank Studio, Burbank, CA, 12/01/1985 Open
SP1015 Slade Gorton Luncheon, Seattle, WA, 12/02/1985 Open
SP1016 Fallston High School, Maryland, 12/04/1985 (390 pp.) Open
SP1017 Glade Gorton Fundraiser, Talking Points, Seattle, WA, 12/02/1985 Open
SP1018 National Review Dinner, New York City, NY, 12/05/1985 Open
SP1019 Christmas in Washington Concert, Washington, DC, 12/15/1985 (50 pp.) Open
SP1020 Crash Victims of 101st Airborne, Fort Campbell, KY, 12/16/1985 Open
SP1021 Ronald Reagan Library Foundation Board of Governors, Washington, DC, 12/14/1985 Open
SP1022 Republican House Members, Tax Reform, Washington, DC, 12/16/1985 (83 pp.) Open
SP1023 Farm Network Program, Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC, 12/23/1985 Open
SP1024 President de la Madrid, Lunch, Mexicali, Mexico, 01/03/1986 Open
SP1025 Martin Luther King Elementary School Address, Washington, DC, 01/15/1986 Open
SP1026 Alfalfa Club Dinner, Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 01/25/1986 Open
SP1027 Republican Eagles Club, National Museum, Washington, DC, 01/21/1986 Open
SP1028 March for Life Demonstration, Amplified from White House, 01/22/1986 Open
SP1029 Space Shuttle Challenger Crew, Washington, DC, 01/28/1986 (100 pp.) Open
SP1030 Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, DC, 01/30/1986 Open
SP1031 NASA Memorial Service, Challenger, Houston, TX, 01/31/986 Open
SP1032 State of the Union Briefing, Treasury Employees, Washington, DC, 02/05/1986 Open
SP1033 State of the Union Briefing, HHS Employees, Washington, DC, 02/05/1986 Open
SP1034 National Prayer Breakfast, Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 02/06/1986 (130 pp) Open
SP1035 Executive Forum (1986), 75th Birthday Party, Washington, DC, 02/06/1986 Open
SP1036 Thomas Jefferson High School, Alexandria, VA, 02/07/1986 Open
SP1037 Maureen Reagan Reception, State Department, Washington, DC, 02/10/1986 Open
SP1038 Governor Kit Bond Fundraiser, 02/12/1986 Open
SP1039 Queen’s Park, St. George, Grenada, 02/20/1986 Open
SP1040 House Republic Conference, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC, 02/21/1986 Open
SP1041 Peace and National Security Address, White House, 02/26/1986 Open
SP1042 America Salutes Paul Laxalt, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, 03/03/1986 Open
SP1043 Frank Murkowski Reception, Washington, DC, 03/06/1986 Open
SP1044 Salute to Congressional Leadership Dinner, Washington, DC, 03/10/1986 Open
SP1045 Nicaragua, Aid to Freedom Fighters, White House, Washington, DC, 03/16/1986 Open
SP1046 Sandinista (Confiscated Weapons), State Department, Washington, DC, 03/13/1986 Open
SP1047 Tip O’Neill Dinner, Washington, DC 03/17/1986 (60 pp.) Open
SP1048 Gridiron Club Dinner, Washington, DC, 03/22/1986 Open
SP1049 Henson Moore Fundraiser, New Orleans, LA, 03/27/1986 Open
SP1050 American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, DC, 04/09/1986 Open
SP1091 Drug Abuse and Prevention, 09/14/1986 (625 pp.) Open
SP1094 United Nations General Assembly, 10/08/1986 (850 pp.) Open
SP1101 Abdnor, James Fundraiser/Rally, Sioux Falls, SD 09/29/1986 (224 pp.) Open
SP1102 World Bank/International Monetary Fund, D.C. 09/30/1986 (450 pp.) Open
SP1106 Iceland, Reykjavik, Gorbachev/Regan Meetings, 10/09/1986 (200 pp.) Open
SP1107 Iceland Summit, 10/13/1986 [Address to the Nation Regarding the Pre-Summit Meeting with Gorbachev in Reykjavik] (200 pp.) Open
SP1109 Manwakin South Regional High School of New Jersey, 10/15/1986 (75 pp.) Open
SP1111 Iran Arms Shipment, 11/13/1986 (40 pp.) Open
SP1114 Iran, Contras and Arms, 12/06/1986 (25 pp.) Open
SP1116 Christmas in Washington, 12/14/1986 (25 pp.) Open
SP1117 National Prayer Breakfast, 02/5/1987 (80pp.) Open
SP1120 Iran-Contra Speech, 03/04/1987 [Address to the Nation in ReSponse to the Findings of the Tower Board] (100 pp.) Open
SP1127 College of Physicians of Philadelphia, PA, 04/01/1987 (200 pp.) Open
SP1146 Webster, William, CIA Swearing-in, Virginia, 05/26/1987 (119 pp.) Open
SP1148 American Association for Aids Research, D.C., 05/31/1987 (200 pp.) Open

Trip to Germany, 06/12/1987 (800 pp.)

The following Case Files have been digitized: 

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506261 (1)

542886 - End

SP1151 Venice Summit and Budget Issues, 06/15/1987 Open
SP1152 Senate Republican Policy Committee Luncheon, D.C., 06/16/1987 Open
SP1153 Hatch, Orin, Fundraiser, D.C., 06/17/1987 Open
SP1154 Ford Theater Gala, D.C., 06/21/1987 Open
SP1155 Dictaphone Plant, Melbourne, FL, 06/22/1987 Open
SP1156 Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne, FL, 06/22/1987 Open
SP1157 National Federation of Independent Business, D.C., 06/23/1987 Open
SP1158 Graham, Katharine, Birthday Toast, D.C., 06/30/1987 Open
SP1159 Kiwanis International Convention D.C. 06/30/1987 Open
SP1160 Economic Bill of rights, 07/03/1987 Open

AIDS, National Institute of Health, 07/23/1987

The Case Files in this Subject Category have been fully digitized: Entire Category (1); Entire Category (2)

SP1164 Captive Nations Week, Ukrainian Shrine, D.C., 07/04/1987 Open
SP1165 Trip to Wisconsin, 07/07/1987 Open
SP1166 Baldrige, Malcolm, Memorial Service, D.C., 07/29/1987 Open
SP1167 Federal Conference on Commercial Applications of Superconductivity, 07/28/1987 Open
SP1168 Volcker, Paul, Dinner, D.C., 08/12/1987 Open
SP1169 Iran/Contra Response, D.C., 07/28/1987 Open
SP1170 Trip to North Platte, Nebraska, 08/12/1987-08/13/1987 Open
SP1171 U.S.-Soviet Relations, New York/Los Angeles, 08/27/1987 Open
SP1172 Pope John Paul II, Miami, Florida, 09/10/1987 Open
SP1173 London, ALF, 100th Birthday, Topeka, Kansas, 09/06/1987 Open
SP1174 Library of Congress Swearing-In, D.C., 09/14/1987 Open
SP1175 National Alliance of Business, D.C., 09/14/1987 Open
SP1176 USA Today Fifth Anniversary, Arlington, VA, 09/15/1987 Open
SP1177 Celebration of Citizenship, 09/16/1987 Open
SP1178 Anniversary of the Constitution, 200th, Philadelphia, PA, 09/17/1987 Open
SP1179 Henz, John, Fundraiser, Philadelphia, PA, 09/17/1987 Open
SP1180 U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy Conference, D.C., 09/16/1987 Open
SP1181 United Nations General Assembly, N.Y., 09/21/1987  Open
SP1182 Concerned Women for America, Crystal City, VA, 0925/1987 Open
SP1183 World Bank/International Monetary Fund, 09/29/1987  Open
SP1184 Organization of American States, OAS, D.C., 10/07/1987 Open
SP1185 Somersea Technologies Plant, New Brunswick, NJ, 11/13/1987 Open
SP1186 Republican Fundraiser, Parsippany, NJ, 10/13/1987 Open
SP1187 Chamber of Commerce, New Brunswick, NJ, 10/13/1987 Open
SP1188 Bork, Robert Confirmation, D.C., 10/14/1987  Open
SP1189 Republican Governors Club, D.C., 10/15/1987 Open
SP1190 Verity, C. William, Jr., Department of Commerce, D.C., 10/19/1987 Open
SP1191 National Republican Senate Inner Circle, D.C., 10/26/1987 Open
SP1192 Economic Expansion Forum, D.C., 10/23/1987 Open
SP1193 United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, 10/28/1987 Open
SP1195 Sessions, William, Swearing-In Ceremony, D.C., 11/02/1987 Open
SP1196 Worldnet via Satellite, 11/03/1987  Open
SP1203 SDI/INF, Denver, CO 11/24/1987  Open
SP1204 Heritage Foundation, DC, 11/30/1987  Open
SP1205 Duval County High School Seniors, 12/01/1987  Open
SP1208 American & Soviet Peoples Message, 12/08/1987  Open
SP1209 Soviet Embassy, Dinner toast, 12/09/1987  Open
SP1210 Christmas in Washington, 12/13/1987  Open
SP1211 US-USSR Summit, D.C., 12/10/1987 [Address to the Nation Following the Summit with Gorbachev, at which the INF Treaty was Signed]  Open
SP1213 Hope, Bob Cultural Center, Palm Springs, 1/2/88  Open
SP1225 National Prayer Breakfast, 02/04/1988 (45pp) Open
SP1231 Worldnet, Satellite Channel, VOA, 02/23/1988 (200 pp.) Open
SP1253 World Affairs Council, Springfield, MA 04/21/1988 (280 pp.) Open
SP1256 National Strategy Forum, Chicago, IL, 05/02/1988 (470 pp.) Open
SP1259 Coast Guard Academy Graduation Ceremony, 05/18/1988 (295 pp.) Open
SP1262 Moscow Summit – Arrival & Departure, 05/25/1988-06/03/1988 (155 pp.) Open
SP1263 US-USSR Summit Opening Remarks (Moscow), 05/29/1988 (1,600 pp.) Open
SP1264 US Embassy Personnel, 06/03/1988 (360 pp.) Open
SP1265 East-West Relations – Finland Hall, Helsinki, Finland, 05/29/1985 (500 pp.) Open
SP1266 Worldnet via Satellite, 05/23/1988 (700 pp.) Open
SP1308 Christmas in Washington, 12/11/1988 (25 pp.) Open
SP1314 Address to the Nation (Farewell), 01/11/1989 (800 pp.) Open
SP1316 Dropby Annual Dinner of American Association of Knights of Malta, 01/13/1989 (125 pp.) Open