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This secondary subject category contains material relating to human and civil rights abuses and political murders of Benigno Aquino and Cesar Clemaco under the Marcos presidency; Filipino-American groups protesting the Marcos government; support for Marcos from World War II retirees and Philippine based American business; ambassador appointments; requests for US funding for various projects in the Philippines; Vice-President’s meeting with Imelda Marcus in August 1981; the State visit of President and Mrs. Marcos in September 1982; the Philippines statehood movement; the charges and trial of Catholic priests Niall O’Brian and Vicente Dagan; condemnation of the fraud in the February 1986 presidential elections by observer groups; Congress; and Filipino and American citizens; the transportation of the Marcos family to Hickham Air Force Base after his resignation; protests against costs incurred by the US government in extracting the Marcos family; the indictment of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos for fraud; and support for a “Marshall Plan” for the Philippines to help with economic problems after President Marcos resigns.

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