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White House Office of Records Management Subject Files: Trips (TR)

The primary category containing information pertaining to trips planned or made by the President. This primary subject category includes matters such as plans, stops, and visits en route; schedules, itineraries; traveling companions; press coverage and photographic support; regarding the trip.

File Code Description Research
TR Trips Partial

District of Columbia Metropolitan Area

TR002 Camp David Partial

Campaign Trips
This secondary subject category contains material regarding President Reagan’s trips to cities and specific functions on behalf of himself and other Republican candidates for office in the 1982 and 1986 mid-term elections, and the 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns. This material has been designated as part of the Ronald Reagan Political Papers collection and is not a presidential record. This material is not available for research use.

TR004 Trips by the First Lady Partial

California, Santa Barbara, 02/19/1981-02/22/1981

TR006 California/Mexico, 04/17/1981-04/28/1981 (Cancelled) Partial

California, 04/27/1981-04/28/1981 (Cancelled)

TR006-02 Mexico, Tijuana, 04/27/1981-04/28/1981 (Cancelled) Partial

Indiana, Notre Dame, 05/17/1981 (177 pp.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the drafting of President Reagan’s speech at the 1981 Notre Dame University commencement ceremonies, correspondence with people suggesting Presidential events and meetings for the trip, and thank-you correspondence sent after the trip.

TR008 Ottawa, Canada, 03/10/1981-03/11/1981 Partial

Ottawa, Canada, 07/19/1981-07/21/1981

TR010 New York, New York City, 03/13/1981-03/15/1981 Partial

Ohio, Cincinnati, Baseball Season Opener, 04/08/1981 (Cancelled)

TR012 Alabama, Tuskegee, 04/12/1981 (Cancelled) Partial

Mississippi, Pascagoula, 05/16/1981 (Mrs. Reagan) for President

TR014 New York, West Point, 05/27/1981 Partial

California, Santa Barbara, 05/22/1981-05/26/1981

TR016 Virginia, Woodville, Luncheon, James Kilpatrick, 05/31/1981 Partial

Texas, California, Colorado, 06/24/1981-06/29/1981 (4 p.)


San Antonio, Texas, United States Jaycees Annual Convention, 06/24/1981 (72 p.)


Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 06/24/1981-06/29/1981 (3 p.)


Denver, Colorado – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Annual Convention  (59 pp.)

TR018 Illinois, Chicago, Governor Jim Thompson, Fundraiser, 07/07/1981 Partial
TR019 Georgia, Atlanta, 07/30/1981 Partial
TR020 California – Illinois 08/06/1981-09/03/1981 Partial
TR020-01 California, Santa Barbara/Los Angeles/Costa Mesa, 08/06/1981-09/03/1981 Partial
TR020-02 Illinois, Chicago, 09/02/1981-09/03/1981 Partial
TR021 Cancun, Mexico, 10/22/1981-10/23/1981 Partial
TR022 Virginia, Yorktown, 10/19/1981 Partial
TR023 New York, New York City, 09/07/1981 Partial
TR024 Michigan/Colorado, 09/17/1981-09/18/1981 Partial
TR024-01 Michigan, Grand Rapids, 09/17/1981-09/18/1981 Partial

Virginia, Richmond, 09/14/1981 (First Lady Went)

TR026 New Orleans, Louisiana, 09/28/1981 (92 p.) Open
TR027 Pennsylvania/New Jersey, 10/15/1981 Partial
TR027-01 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 10/15/1981 Partial
TR027-02 New Jersey, Whippany, 10/15/1981 Partial
TR028 Virginia, Richmond, 10/27/1981 Partial
TR029 New York, New York, 11/06/1981 Partial
TR030 Texas, Houston/San Antonio, 11/13/1981-11/15/1981 Partial
TR031 California/Ohio, 11/23/1981-11/30/1981 Partial
TR031-01 California, Santa Barbara Thanksgiving Holiday, 11/23/1981-11/30/1981 Partial
TR031-02 Ohio, Cincinnati, 11/30/1981 Partial

California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara/Palm Springs, 12/27/1981-01/03/1982

TR033 New York, New York City 01/14/1982 Partial
TR033-02 New York, Students Employed by New York Partnership Association, 01/14/1982 Partial
TR033-03 New York, United Nations, 01/14/1982 Partial
TR034 Maryland, Baltimore, 01/21/1982 (Cancelled) Partial
TR035 Minnesota/Iowa/Indiana, 02/08/1982-02/09/1982 Partial
TR035-01 Minnesota, Bloomington, 02/08/1982 Partial
TR035-02 Iowa, Des Moines, 02/09/1982 Partial
TR035-03 Indiana/Indianapolis, 02/09/1982 Partial
TR036 Wyoming/New Mexico/California, 03/02/1982 Partial
TR036-01 Minnesota, Bloomington, 02/08/1982 Partial
TR036-02 Iowa, Des Moines, 02/09/1982 Partial

California, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, 03/02/1982-03/09/1982  (0.1 l.f.)
This secondary subject category pertains to the President’s trip to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California.  Material includes a presentation by Frank Pachmayr to the President of a customized firearm; a meeting with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; dinner with Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson while in Los Angeles; and a barbecue and television production at Santa Ynez, California.   The barbecue was hosted by Mr. And Mrs. Stuart Gildred at the Gildred Ranch.  Entertainment was provided by Merle Haggard.  The performance was filmed for showing on PBS television.  Also included are thank-you letters to various people assisting with the barbecue and entertainment, schedules for the President, and welcoming remarks by Peter Schabarum for the arrival of the President in Los Angeles. 

TR037 Alabama/Tennessee/Oklahoma,, 03/15/1982-03/16/1982 Partial
TR037-01 Alabama, Montgomery, 03/15/1982 Partial
TR037-02 Tennessee, Nashville, 03/15/1982 Partial
TR037-03 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, 03/15/1982-03/16/1982 Partial
TR037-04 Indiana, Fort Wayne, 03/16/1982 Partial
TR038 Jamaica/Barbados, 04/07/1982-04/11/1982 Partial
TR038-01 Kingston, Jamaica, 04/07/1982-04/08/1982 Partial
TR038-02 Barbados, Bridgetown, 04/08/1982-04/11/1982 Partial

France/Rome/Belgium/London – June (Includes the Economic Summit), 06/02/1982-06/07/1982

TR039-01 Paris, Versailles, France, 06/02/1982-06/07/1982 Partial
TR039-02 Italy, the Vatican/Rome, 06/05/1982 Partial
TR039-03 London, England, 06/07/1982-06/09/1982 Partial
TR039-04 Bonn/Berlin, West Germany, 06/09/1982 Partial
TR040 New York, New York City, 03/23/1982 Partial
TR041 Tennessee, Knoxville, 05/01/1982-05/02/1982 Partial

California, Downey/Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 05/25/1982-05/29/1982


Illinois, Chicago, 05/09/1982-05/10/1982 (193 p.)

TR044 Pennsylvania, Landenberg/Philadelphia, 05/14/1982 Partial

Illinois, Peoria [Eureka College]/Chicago, 05/09/1982-05/10/1982 (116 p.)

TR045-01 Illinois, Peoria, 05/09/1892 (9 p.) Open
TR045-02 Illinois, Chicago, 05/09/1982-05/10/1982 (71 p.) Open
TR046 Texas, Houston, 06/15/1982-06/16/1982 Partial

New York, New York City, 06/17/1982

TR048 California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 07/01/1982-07/11/1982 Partial
TR049 Maryland, Baltimore, 07/13/1982 Partial
TR050 Missouri, St. Louis, 07/22/1982 Partial
TR051 Arizona/California, 08/20/1982-08/21/1982 Partial
TR051-01 Arizona, Phoenix, 08/20/1982 Partial
TR051-02 California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 08/21/1982 Partial
TR052 Iowa/Connecticut, 08/02/1982-08/03/1982 Partial
TR053 Montana, Billings, 08/11/1982 Partial

Kansas/Utah, 09/09/1982-09/10/1982

TR054-01 Kansas, Manhattan, Topeka, 09/09/1982 Partial
TR054-02 Utah, Ogden, Hooper Park, 09/09/1982-09/10/1982 Partial
TR055 New Jersey, Whitehouse/Flemington, 09/17/1982 Partial
TR056 Virginia, Richmond, 09/29/1982 Partial
TR057 Ohio, Columbus, 10/04/1982 (121 p.) Open
TR058 Nevada/California/Texas, 10/07/1982 Partial
TR058-01 Nevada, Reno/Las Vegas, 10/07/1982 Partial
TR058-02 California, Los Angeles, 10/07/1982 Partial
TR059 Illinois/Nebraska, 10/20/1982 Partial
TR059-01 Illinois, 10/20/1982 Partial
TR059-02 Nebraska, 10/20/1982 Partial
TR060 Louisiana/Florida, 11/16/1982-11/171/1982 Partial
TR060-01 Louisiana, New Orleans, 11/16/1982 Partial
TR060-02 Florida, Miami/Miami Beach, 11/16/1982-11/17/1982 Partial
TR061 California, Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, Thanksgiving Holidays Partial
TR062 Brazil/Colombia/Costa Rica/Honduras, 11/30/1982-12/04/1982 (0.3 l.ft.) Open

Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Brazil, 11/30/1982-12/03/1982 (137 p.)

TR062-02 Bogota, Colombia, 12/03/1982 (37 p.) Open
TR062-03 Costa Rica, San Jose, 12/03/1982-12/04/1982 (179 p.) Open
TR062-04 San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 12/04/1982 (35 p.) Open
TR063 Arizona/California/Louisiana, 12/27/1982-01/02/1983 Partial
TR063-01 Arizona, Phoenix, 12/27/1982 Partial
TR063-02 California, Santa Barbara/Palm Beach, 12/28/1982-01/02/1983 Partial
TR063-03 Louisiana, Monroe, 01/02/1983 Partial

Texas, Dallas, 01/11/1983


Illinois, Chicago, 01/19/1983

TR066 Massachusetts, Boston/Roxbury/Bedford, 01/26/1983 Partial
TR067 Missouri, St. Louis/Fenton, 02/01/1983 Partial
TR068 California/Oregon, 02/28/1983-03/05/1983 Partial
TR068-01 Oregon, Klamath Falls, 03/05/1983 Partial
TR069 Florida, Orlando, 03/08/1983 Partial
TR070 California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 03/30/1983 Partial

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 04/06/1983

TR072 New York, New York City, 04/27/1983 Partial
TR073 Texas, Houston, 04/29/1983-04/30/1983 Partial
TR074 Texas/Arizona/California/Ohio, 05/05/1983-05/09/1983 Partial
TR074-01 Texas, San Antonio, 05/06/1983 Partial
TR074-02 Arizona, Phoenix/Sun City, 05/05/1983-05/06/1983 Partial
TR074-02 Arizona, Sun City Sherriff’s Posse & Signing, 05/06/1983 Partial
TR074-03 California, Santa Barbara, The Ranch, 05/06/1983-05/09/1983 Partial
TR074-04 Ohio, Ashland, 05/09/1983 Partial
TR075 Virginia, Williamsburg [Economic Summit], 05/27/1983-05/31/1983 Partial

Florida, Miami, 05/20/1983

TR077 New Jersey, South Orange, 05/21/1983 Partial
TR078 Minnesota, Hopkins, Excellence in Education Forum, 06/09/1983 Partial
TR079 Tennessee, New Mexico, 06/14/1983-06/15/1983 Partial
TR079-01 Tennessee, Knoxville,-06/14/1983 Partial
TR079-02 New Mexico, Albuquerque, 06/14/1983-06/15/1983 Partial
TR080 Mississippi, Jackson, 06/20/1983 Partial
TR081 Illinois/Florida, 06/23/1983-06/24/1983 Partial
TR081-01 Illinois, Chicago, 06/23/1983 Partial
TR081-02 Florida, Cape Canaveral, 06/23/1983-06/24/1983 (Cancelled) Partial
TR082 Kentucky/Kansas/California, 0/29/1983-07/05/1983 Partial
TR082-01 Kentucky, Louisville, 06/29/1983 Partial
TR082-02 Kansas, Shawnee Mission, 06/29/1983 Partial

California/Whittier/Long Beach/Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 06/30/1983-07/05/1983

TR083 Florida, Hollywood, 07/18/1983 Partial
TR084 Indonesia/Philippines/Thailand/Japan and Korea, 11/08/1983-11/14/1983 Partial
TR084-01 Alaska, Elmendorf Air Force Base, 11/08/1983 Partial
TR084-02 Guam – Cancelled Partial
TR084-03 Philippines – Cancelled Partial
TR084-04 Indonesia – Cancelled Partial
TR084-05 Thailand – Cancelled Partial
TR084-06 Tokyo, Japan, 11/09/1983-11/11/1983 Partial
TR084-07 Korea, 11/12/1983 Partial
TR084-08 California – Cancelled Partial
TR085 Florida/Texas/Mexico/Louisiana/California/Washington, 08/12/1983-09/02/1983 Partial
TR085-01 Florida, Tampa, 08/12/1983 Partial
TR085-02 Texas, El Paso, 08/12/1983-08/14/1983 Closed
TR085-03 La Paz, Mexico, 08/14/1983 Closed
TR085-04 Louisiana, New Orleans, 08/15/1983-08/16/1983 Partial
TR085-05 California/Santa Barbara/Los Angeles/San Diego, 08/16/1983 Partial
TR086 Georgia, Atlanta, 08/01/1983 Partial
TR087 South Carolina, Columbia, 09/20/1983 Partial
TR088 Texas/Nevada/California, 10/27/1983 – Cancelled Partial
TR089 New York, New York City, 09/25/1983-09/26/1983 Partial
TR090 Kentucky, Louisville, 10/07/1983 Partial
TR091 Maryland, Baltimore, 10/11/1983 Partial

Georgia, Augusta, 10/21/1983-10/23/1983


North Carolina, Camp Lejeune/Cherry Point, 11/04/1983

TR094 California, Santa Barbara, 11/23/1983-11/27/1983 Partial
TR095 Indiana, Indianapolis, 12/08/1983 Partial
TR096 New York, New York City, 12/12/1983 Partial
TR097 California, Los Angeles/Palm Springs, 12/27/1983-01/02/1984 Partial
TR098 Washington/California/Hawaii/Guam/China and Alaska, 04/19/1984 Partial
TR098-01 California, Santa Barbara, 04/19/1984 Partial
TR098-02 Hawaii, Honolulu, 04/22/1984-04/23/1984 Partial
TR098-03 China, Beijing/Xi’an/Shanghai, 04/26/1984 Partial

Alaska, Fairbanks, 05/01/1982-05/02/1984

TR098-05 Guam, Agana, 04/25/1984-04/26/1984 Partial
TR098-06 Washington, Tacoma, 04/19/1984 Partial
TR098-07 Alaska, Fairbanks, [Meeting with Pope John Paul II], 05/02/1984 (21 pp.) Partial
TR099 Georgia, Atlanta, 01/26/1984 Partial
TR100 Illinois, Chicago, 01/31/1984 Partial
TR101 Illinois/Nevada/California, 02/06/1984-02/12/1984 Partial
TR101-01 Illinois, Dixon/Eureka, 02/06/1984 Partial

Nevada, Las Vegas, 02/06/1984-02/07/1984

TR101-03 California, Santa Barbara, 02/07/1984-02/12/1984 Partial
TR102 Iowa, 02/20/1984 Partial
TR103 Ohio/New York, 02/20/1984 Partial
TR103-01 Ohio, 02/20/1984 Partial
TR103-02 New York, 02/20/1984 Partial
TR104 New York, New York City, 04/05/1984 (75 p.) Open
TR105 Economic Summit, London, 06/07/1984-06/09/1984 Partial

Ireland/London/France – Economic Summit, 06/01/1984-06/10/1984


Ireland, Ballyporeen/Dublin/Galway/Shannon, 06/01/1984-06/04/1984

TR105-02 Economic Summit, 06/08/1984-06/09/1984 Partial
TR105-02 London, England, 06/04/1984-06/09/1984 Partial
TR105-03 Normandy, France – 06/06/1984 Partial

Missouri/Texas, 04/11/1984-04/12/1984


Missouri, Kansas City, 04/11/1984

TR106-02 Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, 04/11/1984-04/12/1984 Partial
TR107 Maryland, Baltimore, Memorial Stadium, 04/02/1984 Partial
TR108 Colorado, Colorado Springs, 05/29/1984-05/30/1984 Partial

New York, Nassau County, 06/17/1984

TR110 New Jersey/Connecticut, 06/20/1984 Partial
TR110-01 New Jersey, Oradell, 06/20/1984 Partial
TR110-02 Connecticut, Hartford, 06/20/1984 Partial
TR111 Florida/Alabama/Michigan/Texas, 07/04/1984-07/06/1984 Partial
TR111-01 Florida, Daytona Beach, 07/04/1984 Partial
TR111-02 Alabama, Decatur, 07/04/1984-07/05/1984 Partial
TR111-03 Michigan, Orion Township, 07/05/1984 Partial
TR111-04 Texas, San Antonio, 07/05/1984 Partial

California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 07/28/1984-08/15/1984

TR113 Maryland, Chesapeake Bay, Roosevelt Island, 07/10/1984 Partial
TR114 Kentucky, Bowling Green, 07/2/1984 Partial
TR116 South Carolina, Columbia, 07/19/1984 Partial
TR117 Texas/Illinois, 08/22/1984-08/24/1988 Partial
TR117-01 Texas, Dallas 08/22/1984-08/24/1984 Partial
TR117-02 Illinois, Chicago, 08/24/1988 Partial
TR118 New York, New York City, 09/23/1984-09/24/1984 Partial

California, Santa Barbara, Thanksgiving, 11/16/1984

TR120 California, Los Angeles/Palm Springs, 12/29/1984-01/02/1985 Partial
TR121 California, Santa Barbara, 02/13/1985-02/17/1985 Partial
TR122 Quebec City, Canada, 03/17/1985-03/18/1985 Partial

Germany/Spain/Portugal/France, 04/30/1985-05/10/1985


Economic Summit, Bonn, 05/03/1985-05/04/1985; Bonn, West Germany, 04/30/1985-05/06/1985 (3 l.f.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the President’s trip to West Germany for an Economic Summit. The majority of these materials pertain to the President’s acceptance of an invitation by Chancellor Helmut Kohl to attend a ceremony at a German military cemetery in Bitburg. The ceremony was meant to acknowledge the United State-West German relationship upon the fortieth anniversary of the end of World War II. The acceptance of this invitation was controversial among Jewish and other groups because members of the Waffen SS were buried in the cemetery. The records include correspondence from the general public that is negative and positive regarding the President’s attendance at the ceremony, schedules, planning memorandums, and speech drafts.


Strasbourg, France, 05/08/1985


Madrid, Spain, 05/06/1985-05/08/1985

TR123-04 Lisbon, Portugal, 05/08/1985-05/10/1985 Partial
TR124 California, Santa Barbara, (Easter), 04/05/1985-04/14/1985 Partial
TR125 New York, New York City, 03/28/1985 Partial
TR126 Virginia/Florida, 05/27/1985 Partial
TR126-01 Virginia, Arlington, 05/27/1985 Partial
TR126-02 Florida, Orlando/Miami, 05/27/1985 Partial
TR127 Maryland, Annapolis, 05/22/1985 Partial
TR128 Virginia/Wisconsin, 05/30/1985 Partial
TR128-01 Virginia, Williamsburg, 05/30/1985 Partial
TR128-02 Wisconsin, Oshkosh, 05/30/1985 Partial
TR129 Pennsylvania, Malvern, 05/31/1985 Partial
TR130 Oklahoma/Georgia/Alabama, 06/05/1985 Partial
TR130-01 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, 06/05/1985 Open

Georgia, Atlanta, 06/06/1985-06/06/1985

TR130-03 Alabama, Birmingham, 06/06/1985 Partial
TR131 New Jersey, Bloomfield, 06/13/1985 Partial
TR132 Maryland, Baltimore, 06/14/1985 Partial

Indian, Mooresville/Indianapolis, 06/19/1985

TR134 Texas, Dallas, 06/21/1985 Open
TR135 Illinois/California, 06/28/1985 Partial
TR135-01 Illinois, Chicago, Heights, 06/28/1985 Partial
TR135-02 California, Santa Barbara, Hostage, Cancelled, 06/28/1985 Partial
TR136 Virginia, Richmond, Cancelled, 07/30/1985 Partial

Switzerland /Belgium, Gorbachev Meeting, 11/16/1985-11/21/1985 (0.3 ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to: advance planning for Presidential and First Lady events in Geneva (11/16/1985-11/21/1985) and Brussels (11/21/1985); the lodging of the U.S. delegation in Geneva; correspondence with U.S. Government officials, and the general public regarding the trip; pre-trip briefings, speeches, and statements; and follow-up correspondence, such as thank-you letters to those who assisted with the trip.


USSR-US Summit, Geneva, Switzerland, 11/16/1985-11/21/1985 (1 folder)
This secondary subject category consists of invitations for President and Mrs. Reagan to attend two Geneva social events, hosted by the Soviets and the Swiss respectively; and a September 1985 memorandum on President Reagan’s upcoming Geneva trip.

TR137-02 Brussels, Belgium, 11/21/1985 Partial

California/Missouri, 03/111/1985-09/02/1985

TR138-01 Missouri, Independence, 09/02/1985 Partial

New York, New York City, United Nations Assembly, 10/23/1985-10/24/1985

TR140 North Carolina, Raleigh, 09/05/1985 Partial
TR141 Florida, Tampa, 09/12/1985 Open

New Hampshire, Concord, 09/18/1985

TR143 Tennessee, Athens/Knoxville, 09/24/1985 Partial
TR144 New Jersey, Parsippany, 10/04/1985 Partial
TR145 New York, 12/05/1985-12/06/1985 Partial
TR146 Idaho/Wisconsin, 10/15/1985 Partial
TR146-01 Idaho, Boise, 10/15/1985 Partial

Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 10/15/1985

TR147 Virginia, Crystal City, 10/09/1985 Partial
TR148 Texas, San Antonio, 10/101/1985 Partial
TR149 Ohio, Cincinnati, 10/03/1985 Open
TR150 Illinois, Deerfield/Chicago, 10/101/1985 Partial

California/Washington, 11/26/1985-12/02/1985

TR151-01 California, Santa Barbara/Burbank, 11/26/1985 Partial
TR151-02 Washington, Seattle, 12/02/1985 Partial
TR152 Maryland, Fallston, 12/04/1985 Partial
TR153 California/Mexico, 12/27/1985-01/03/1986 Partial
TR153-01 California, 12/27/1985-01/03/1986 Partial
TR153-02 Mexicalli, Mexico, 01/03/1986 Partial

Kentucky, Fort Campbell, 12/16/1985 (4 folders)
This secondary subject category contains: a copy of the Advance Office trip book that covered both the visit to Ft. Campbell, and the trip to the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington later that same day; support and thank-you letters sent to President Reagan after the trip to Ft. Campbell; and a few memos regarding advance planning for the trip to Ft. Campbell and the Rayburn Building.


California/Hawaii/Guam/Indonesia/Japan, 05/25/1986-05/07/1986

TR155-01 Bali, Indonesia, 04/29/1986-05/02/1986 Partial
TR155-02 Economic Summit, Tokyo, Japan, 05/02/1986-05/07/1986 Partial
TR155-03 California, Los Angeles, 05/25/1986-04/26/1986 Partial
TR155-04 Hawaii, Honolulu, 04/26/1986-04/28/1986 Partial
TR155-05 Guam, 04/28/1986 Partial

Grenada, 02/20/1986

TR157 Missouri/California, 02/12/1986-02/15/1986 Partial
TR157-01 Missouri, St. Louis, 02/12/1986 Partial

California, 02/12/1986-02/15/1986

TR158 Texas, Houston, 01/31/1986 Partial
TR159 California/Louisiana, 03/27/1986-04/06/1986 Partial
TR159-01 Louisiana, New Orleans, 03/27/1986 Partial

California, Santa Barbara, Easter, 03/27/1986-04/06/1986


New York, New York City 04/18/1986 (0.1 l.f.)
This secondary subject category contains material regarding the White House advance trip schedule; scheduling of a Presidential appearance at a fundraiser for Senator Alfonse D’Amato; and thank-you notes from President Reagan to those who assisted with the trip.

TR161 Maryland, Baltimore, 04/08/1986 Partial

South Carolina/North Carolina, 06/04/1986

TR162-01 North Carolina, Greensboro, 06/04/1986 Partial
TR162-01 South Carolina, Parris Island, 06/04/1986 Partial

New York, New York City, 07/04/1986

TR164 New Jersey, Glassboro, 06/19/1986 Partial
TR165 Nevada/California, 06/25/1986 Partial
TR165-01 Nevada, Las Vegas, 06/25/1986 Partial
TR165-02 California, Santa Barbara, 06/25/1986-06/30/1986 Partial
TR166 Alabama, Dothan, 07/10/1986 Partial

Texas/Florida/South Carolina, 07/23/1986-07/24/1986

TR167-01 Texas, Dallas, 07/23/1986 Partial
TR167-02 Florida, Miami, (Overnight), 07/23/1986 Partial
TR167-03 South Carolina, Columbia, 07/24/1986 Partial
TR168 Illinois, Chicago, 08/12/1986 Partial
TR169 California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara &Colorado, 08/16/1986-09/08/1986 Partial
TR169-01 Colorado, Denver, 09/08/1986 Partial

Georgia, Atlanta [Jimmy Carter Presidential Library Dedication], 10/02/1986 (2 folders)
This secondary subject category contains material regarding planning and scheduling for President Reagan's trip to Atlanta.

TR171 Louisiana/Alabama, 09/18/1986 Partial
TR171-01 Louisiana, New Orleans/Jefferson Parish, 09/18/1986 Partial
TR171-02 Alabama, Montgomery, 09/18/1986 Partial
TR172 New York, New York City, United Nations General Assembly, 09/22/1986 Partial
TR173 Michigan/Nebraska, 09/24/1986 Partial
TR173-01 Nebraska, Omaha, 09/24/1986 Partial
TR173-02 Michigan, Detroit, 09/24/1986 Partial
TR174 South Dakota/Missouri, 09/29/1986 Partial
TR174-01 South Dakota, Sioux Falls, 09/29/1986 Partial

Missouri, Kansas City, 09/29/1986


Gorbachev-Reagan Pre Summit, Reykjavik, Iceland, President Finnbogadottir, 10/09/1986-10/12/1986

TR176 North Carolina/Georgia, 10/08/1986 Partial
TR176-01 Georgia, Atlanta, 10/08/1986 Partial

North Carolina, Raleigh, 10/08/1986

TR177 Maryland, Baltimore, 10/15/1986 Partial

North Dakota, Grand Forks, 10/17/1986

TR179 California, Santa Barbara, 11/26/1986-11/30/1986 Partial

Economic Summit, Italy, Venice/Rome/Vatican City and West Germany, 06/03/1987-06/15/1987


Germany, West Berlin/Bonn, 06/12/1987


California, Los Angeles/Palm Springs, 12/27/1986-01/02/1987

TR182 Ottawa, Canada, 05/05/1987-05/06/1987 Partial

Missouri, Columbia, 03/26/1987


Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 04/01/1987

TR185 Indiana/California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 04/09/1987-04/20/1987 Partial
TR185-01 Indiana, West Lafayette, 04/09/1987 Partial
TR186 Tennessee, Chattanooga, 05/19/1987 Partial
TR187 New York, Ellis Island, 05/03/1987 Partial
TR188 Pennsylvania, York, 05/06/1987 Partial
TR189 Alabama/North Carolina, 05/10/1987 Partial
TR189-01 Alabama, Tuskegee, 05/10/1987 Partial
TR189-02 North Carolina, Fayetteville, 05/10/1987 Partial
TR190 New York, Rosslyn, 05/09/1987 Partial
TR191 Florida, Mayport, 05/22/1987 Partial
TR192 Florida, Melbourne, -06/22/1987 Partial
TR193 Connecticut, New Britain, 07/08/1987 Partial
TR194 Indiana, Danville/Indianapolis, 07/13/1987 Partial
TR195 Wisconsin, Hartford/West Bend/Port Washington, 02/27/1987 Partial
TR195 Wisconsin, Hartford/West Bend/Port Washington, 02/27/1987 Partial
TR196 Nebraska/California/Kansas, 08/13/1987-09/06/1987 Partial
TR196-01 Nebraska, North Platt, 08/13/1987 Partial
TR196-02 California, Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, 08/13/1987-09/06/1987 Partial
TR196-03 Kansas, Topeka, 09/06/1987 Partial
TR197 Florida, Miami, Pope John Paul II, 09/10/1987 Partial

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 09/17/1987

TR199 New York, New York City, 09/21/1987 Partial
TR200 New Jersey, New Brunswick/Parsippany, 10/13/1987 Partial
TR201 New York, West Point, 10/28/1987 Partial
TR202 Arizona, Phoenix – Death of Edith Davis, 10/27/1987 Partial
TR203 Arizona, Phoenix, 10/30/197-11/01/1987 Partial
TR204 California/Colorado, 11/24/1987-11/29/1987 Partial
TR204-01 Colorado, Denver, 11/24/1987 Partial
TR204-02 California, Santa Barbara, 10/24/1987-10/29/1987 Partial
TR205 Florida, Jacksonville, 12/01/1987 Partial

California, Los Angeles/Palm Springs/Santa Barbara, 12/26/1987-01/03/1987

TR207 Ohio, Cleveland, 01/11/1988 Partial

Indiana, South Bend, 03/09/1988 (199 pp.)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the President’s trip to Notre Dame University for the ceremonial unveiling of a Knute Rockne postage stamp. Material includes draft and final trip schedules, unsolicited recommendations for Presidential events during the trip, form thank-you notes to people who helped with the trip, and newspaper articles.

TR209 North Carolina, Durham, 02/08/1988 Partial
TR210 California/Mexico, 02/12/1988-02/17/1988 Partial
TR210-02 Mazatlán, Mexico, 02/13/1988 Partial
TR211 Finland/Moscow/London, 05/26/1988-06/03/1988 Partial
TR211-01 Moscow, USSR, 05/29/1988-06/02/1988 Partial
TR211-02 London, England “Beating the Retreat” Viewing, 06/02/1988 Partial
TR211-03 Helsinki, Finland, 05/25/1988-05/29/1988 Partial
TR212 Brussels, Belgium, NATO Summit, 03/01/1988-03/03/1988 Partial
TR213 Virginia, Richmond, 03/28/1988 Partial
TR214 California/Nevada, 04/01/1988-04/10/1988 Partial
TR214-01 California, Cato de Casa, Santa Barbara, 04/01/1988-04/10/1988 Partial
TR214-02 Nevada, Las Vegas, 04/10/1988 Partial
TR215 Massachusetts, Springfield, 04/21/1988 Partial
TR216 Illinois, Chicago, 05/04/1988 Partial
TR217 Connecticut, New London, 05/18/1988 Partial

Canada, Ottawa/Toronto (Economic Summit), 06/19/1988-06/21/1988

TR219 Virginia, Charlottesville, 06/26/1988 Partial
TR220 California, Santa Barbara, 07/17/1988-07/4/1988 Partial
TR221 Louisiana/California/Nebraska/Kentucky, 08/14/1988-09/06/1988 Partial

Louisiana, New Orleans, (Republican Convention) 08/14/1988- 08/16/1988

TR221-02 California, Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, 08/16/1988-09/06/1988 Partial
TR221-02 Edmund Morris Interview, Rancho Del Cielo, 08/17/1988 Partial
TR221-03 Nebraska, Hastings, 09/06/1988 Partial

New York, New York City (United Nations General Assembly), 09/26/1988-09/27/1988

TR223 Florida, Miami, 06/29/1988 Partial
TR224 Iowa/Illinois, 07/14/1988 Partial
TR224-01 Iowa, Davenport, 07/14/1988 Partial
TR224-02 Illinois, 07/14/1988 Partial
TR225 Ohio, Cincinnati, 08/08/1988 Partial

Arkansas/Missouri/California, 10/27/1988

TR227 California, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, 11/21/1988-11/27/1988 Partial

California, Bel Air/Ventura/Simi Valley (Library Groundbreaking), 12/23/1988


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