White House Office of Records Management Subject Files: Foreign Affairs (FO)

A primary category containing information pertaining to international relations or in connection with the plans, policies, procedures and programs, regarding foreign countries or governments. Includes matters relating to the administration of foreign affairs; economic development; mutual security and foreign information and exchange activities.

Description of Secondary Subject Catagories

File Code Description Research

Buildings and Grounds, U.S. Embassies

FO002 Diplomatic Affairs – Consular Relations Partial
FO002-01 Personal – Special Rank of Ambassador or Minister Partial
FO003 Economic – Technical Development (0.3 l.ft)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to United States aid to specific foreign countries for specific needs (i.e. food for Poland, medical supplies for Costa Rica, earthquake relief for Italy, renewed aid for Tanzania, increased aid for Sierra Leone); general work economic development; readjusting of Title X family planning aid towards economic growth and personal liberties; multiple Congressional requests to reverse the decision against South Korea blended credit package for bying cotton; and support for aid to Central America and the Caribbean Basin Initiative.
FO003-01 International Waterways Partial
FO003-02 Mutual Security Partial
FO004 Financial Relations Partial
FO004-01 Balance of Payments None
FO004-02 Loans – Funds Partial
FO004-03 International Investments Partial
FO005 Information –Exchange Activities Partial
FO005-01 Educational Partial
FO005-02 Scientific – Cultural – Business Exchange Activity Partial
FO005-03 Publicity, International Partial
FO006 International Conference Partial

Economic Summit, Ottawa, Canada 07/19/1981-07/20/1981


Twenty-Two Nation Summit Conference, 10/22/1981-10/23/1981, Cancun, Mexico


Arms Reduction Talks, Strategic [START] (1.0 ft.)
A secondary subject category containing material pertaining to the START talks and other matters involving US-Soviet arms negotiations. Included are: correspondence with members of Congress, members of the public, public interest groups, and religious groups; material on US and Soviet nuclear and military strength; US Information Agency reports on foreign media reaction to the START talks; National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs) pertaining to START; letters and other materials pertaining to appointments to the START negotiating team, or to the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; and material on the 1984 deployment of Pershing II missiles in western Europe, the SALT I and SALT II Treaties, and the Administration’s 1986 decision to abandon SALT II arms levels.

FO006-04 Economic Summit – Versailles, France 06/05/1982-06/06/1982 Partial
FO006-05 NATO Summit, June 1982 None

Economic Summit, Williamsburg, Virginia, 05/29/1983-05/30/1983

FO006-07 Economic Summit, London, England, June 984 None
FO006-08 Economic Summit, Bonn, Germany 05/02/1985-05/04/1895 None

Gorbachev Meeting, November, 1985, Geneva, Switzerland (4.8 ft; boxes 1-12)
A secondary subject category containing material, primarily letters from the public and interest groups, relating to Soviet Jewry, Raoul Wallenberg, Helsinki Accords, human rights; international terrorism; captive nations; Afghanistan; Nunn-Warner Nuclear Risk Reduction Center; USIA; Refuseniks; Kaisa Ranpere; arms control; Hare Krishnas in the USSR; nuclear testing; SDI; S.Res. 257; Baltic States; joint statement by Reagan and Gorbachev; Worldnet coverage of  summit; summit communication themes; Geneva oversight group; Geneva schedules and agendas; report "Public Diplomacy Support by the USIA for the Geneva Meetings November 19-20, 1985"; and the summit press briefing book.

FO006-10 Economic Summit, Tokyo, Japan, 1986 Partial

Gorbachev – U.S.


Iceland, Reykjavik, 10/11/1986-10/12/1986

FO006-11 Pre-Summit, Iceland, 10/11/1986-10/12/1986 Open
FO006-11 US-USSR, Washington, DC 12/07/1987-12/08/1987 Open
FO006-12 Economic Summit, Venice, Italy, 06/09/1987-06/10/1898 Partial

Economic Summit, Ottawa, Canada, 06/19/1988-06/20/1988

FO006-14 US-USSR, Moscow, 1988 Partial
FO006-15 NATO, Belgium, Brussels, 03/02/1099-03/03/1988 Partial
FO007 International Law Partial

International Travel

FO008-01 Foreign Travel of Administration Officials Partial
FO008-02 Letters of Introduction, Travel Partial
FO008-03 Passports – Visas Partial
FO009 Treaties Partial

Research Availability:
Open - all records in the subject category have been processed and are available for research
Partial - some of the records in the subject category have been processed and available for research
None - no records in the subject category have been processed nor made available for research